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Color Scheme for Home Decoration


									 Home Decoration - Color Scheme for Your Living Room

Home decorating is a major undertaking and not just about the living room color scheme. Before you
start, make sure you have totally de-cluttered the room and thrown out all the unnecessary
accumulations of the previous decor. All your furniture and carpets will need to be protected and whilst
in an ideal world you would all have the room empty, in reality you probably spend time moving the
furniture around the room to access all areas.

If you imagine you are professional home decorators it will help you to think about how to prepare your
room. Tape around the floor at the edges of the skirting boards to ensure no paint creeps onto your
beautiful flooring, and if it does happen to you must clean it immediately, do not leave it for later on, or
it will probably be there forever. Using tape to ensure you get straight well defined edges where colors
meet in the corners will ensure a professionally finished look, also use this tip when painting ceilings to
ensure you do not inadvertently paint the walls.

So when you have washed and rinsed all the paint work down and stripped any old paper off the walls
you will be ready to begin the decorating. You will have spent hours at the local DIY store collecting
color charts to make sure that the colors you choose are right for the room and you almost certainly will
have a number of empty tester pots that you have used to paint one foot square samples of color
dotted about the walls. You will want to ensure the finished look when the paint is dry is to your
satisfaction so the tester pots are a good idea.

The lighting in a room will vary the shade on the walls and often the biggest challenge is selecting a
scheme that compliments the natural light the room has to offer. Creating a board known as a mood
board is a great way to actually see how the colors look together and visualise the finished room. It
allows you to really see which colors clash or complement each other and avoids expensive mistakes.
When you are selecting accessories to compliment the scheme make sure you have your mood board at
hand, a miniature handbag sized version is a good idea for shopping trips.

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