Israel's Business Community Celebrates Birth of Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger's Second Newborn by kalai7


In Sunday, November 11th 2012, Israel's business community gathered to celebrate alongside with family and friends the birth of Noa Maya Weinberger, the second daughter of Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Chairman and CEO of IWC Limited, and his wife, Mor Lurie-Weinberger.

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									Finnish Director Opens Movie Sourcing

Small time indie producers around the globe will have a chance to use
free footage from a documentary road movie called Escaping Cold. First in
the loose menu will be some 13 European countries. One individual
producer-director is willing to share footage with small time indie

Helsinki, Finland, November 20, 2012 -- Online world is changing fast and
one of the latest proofs of that is the simultaneous global release of a
full feature indie film called Escaping Cold. It is a brain child of a
Finnish born director, producer, videographer and inventor Pekka Kossila
who chose not to attend any film festivals, get video distribution from
main protagonists nor organize immense press party to present his

Independent production called Escaping Cold was shot in 14 countries with
whatever assistance of friends and bystanders who would pick up the
camera and shoot some of the situations while director would get some his
'acting' on the screen. All of the footage shot in this road movie was
originally shot in 3D which version will come out at fall 2013.

What makes this road movie feature documentary rattling is that the
director-producer, as owner of all the rights, has promised to provide
the scenic footage for open source use for indie producers in certain
countries world wide. This means that starting from year 2016 indie movie
producers can use the footage shot in this film for free (with some
discretion's) and all the scenic shots from these countries will be
available for use in their productions without charge. Normally copyright
ownership of the movie footage lasts at least 50 years after the death of
the rights holder.

Whatever is the success of the first movie, sequel has been planned and
set to start from Chile next fall. Random person from somewhere in the
world will be chosen as a co-pilot and co-star. More details on how to

Escaping Cold movie premieres globally online on Tuesday 26th November at and costs 2,99 Euros / 4,39 USD to watch.

Pekka Kossila
Witty Future Productions OU
Jõe 5, Tallinn
10151, Estonia
+358 41 749 3173

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