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Teen's Decoration Ideas


How to decorate for your children if they are teen

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									                     Teen's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Facing the task of remodeling a teens bedroom

The most whimsical and volatile class of human beings, anywhere in the world, are the teens. They are
not easily satisfied by anything. And when it comes to decorating their bedrooms, they could be doubly
fastidious. Bedroom remodeling being no cakewalk as it is, their caprices make the job doubly difficult.
Anyway, there are certain standard bedroom models that cater perfectly to the needs of the teens.
Good solutions for decoration could be found if parents and their teens can put their heads together
and take some decisions.

Choosing a color scheme

Since teens are in a unique age and stage, things cannot be left fully to their choices. Still, they should
have their say where that free choice is unlikely to create any complications. Color is one such and
paints have myriad shades these days to choose from. Guidance in color choice can be given to the kids,
saying that bright colors and solid neutrals do go well. Whatever the final choice, involvement of both
generations in decision making is advised for better selection. The neutral shades, often called 'non-
colors' are always best for teenagers. Such colors may not be very trendy, but then those are stable
colors and the youngsters are unlikely to be disgruntled with it when fads change. Shades of pink are
good for girls who love to give their rooms a feminine look. Greens which are not very bright, and navy
blue, suit the bedrooms of both girls and boys.

Choosing your furniture

Furniture is an important part of bedroom decoration, but complete furniture replacement may not be
necessary. A bed is likely to be there in all bedrooms. A desk is the necessary addendum in most cases.
Teens are grown up enough to handle their homework themselves and in their new-found individuality
might prefer to do it in the privacy of their own rooms. Dining table might have been fine for doing
homework when they were smaller. Also it was a place where parents could have an eye on them. Those
parameters no longer apply because of the type of assignments teens have to do. So, the important job
is to find pieces of furniture that match what the room already contains.

If metal dominates the room as frames and other trimmings, it is definitely better to go in for a desk also
with a metal frame. The same reasons go for choosing a wooden desk. Complementing the existing stuff
and the extent of the requirement eventually become the deciding criteria.
Choosing accessories for the room

Wall hangings are important in enhancing the appearance of all bedrooms. Teens abound with ideas
about whom they would like to see staring from their walls. The Jonas Brothers, as they appeared on
Hannah Montana, could be a picture they would love to have there. So are the many other posters that
represent the craze of the times. All that is fine, but guidance from adults can always be helpful.

Artworks and crafts of lasting value are always ideal as a good bedroom background. Teenage fads
disappear from the scene as fast as they appear. If the whole bedroom decor is done based on a current
craze it will look awkward after a time. They can have a fancy corner for themselves that can be
frequently modified. But guide them to do the rest of the room in a stable way.

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