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									Benefits of an IVA
                          IVA Benefits
•An IVA is a legally binding agreement. This benefits the creditors too.

•An IVA can help protect your property from repossession. This benefits the whole

•An IVA avoids the social stigma of bankruptcy and embarrassment.

•If you set an IVA up via Money Advice Direct there will be no costs in advance to
set up the IVA.

•With an IVA you can remain a company director. This benefits all involved in the
company too.
      IVA Benefits: For the creditors
•The costs of administering an IVA are considerably lower than in
bankruptcy, enabling a higher return and benefits to creditors.

•IVA's operate as an insolvency procedure and creditors can as a
consequence of this, still reclaim tax and VAT relief as a bad debt.
                    Other IVA benefits
•We may well be running a small business which would be difficult to keep
going if we were bankrupt.

•We may be a profession where we could lose our job if we go bankrupt such
as accountancy/police/armed forces.

•We may have access to a large lump sum and want a formal arrangement with
our creditors to accept the lump sum and write off the rest of the debts.

•We may have a very high monthly available income to make payments.
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