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									  “Proactive Creative Thinking isn’t just
  a paradigm shift…It’s a whole new way
              of thinking.”

 Do you need NEW,
 innovative ideas for
 making your business
 more efficient, more
 competitive &
 more profitable?

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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from
implementing a successful INNOVATION Strategy. Answer each of the
questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
                                                                                          YES NO
Do you have an innovation policy?
Do you have an innovation strategy document or “Master Plan”?
Do you have staff with the correct innovative skills, talent, knowledge & experience?
Do you have processes, procedures & methods in place to capture/create ideas?
Do you invest in training in areas like innovation, problem solving, marketing?
Do you recruit staff from other countries?
Do you perform research and development (R&D) within your organisation?
Do you have external organisations perform research & development on your behalf?
Do you know what the latest Trends, Needs & Frustrations are in your industry?
Do you purchase or licence patents, copyrighted materials or other knowledge?
Do you invest in training & support in innovative areas?
Have you acquired new plant, machinery, equipment or software?
Is your USP - the development of new unique products, services & processes?
Is your USP - the development of new business models & ways to market?
Is your USP - the reduction of costs in existing products and services?
Within your organisational structure, is it free from duplication of tasks or effort?
Are your business processes free from bottlenecks or delays in execution?
Are your business processes automated and as efficient as possible?
Have you designed (or purchased) new graphics, packaging, processes, or products?
Have you applied for NEW patents, copyright, business names or trademarks?
Have you protected your existing intellectual property?
Do you outsource tasks (or work) to companies in other countries?
Do you invest in other companies in other countries?
Do you market test your products in other countries?
Do you supply customers only within a local/regional or national geographical area?
Do you supply customers within the EU and countries like Norway or Switzerland?
Do you supply customers globally (outside of the EU)?
Have you created any collaborations/strategic relationships with other companies?
Have you created any partnerships/collaborations with research institutes?
Have you created any strategic relationships/partnerships with educational institutes?
Are you aware of the latest tax developments in the area of innovation or R&D?
Are you aware of the latest public financial support in the area of innovation or R&D?
Have you identified an increased demand in energy efficient or sustainable products?
Have you identified an emergence of new technologies that could be exploited?
Have you identified NEW export opportunities in any newly emerging countries?
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