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Job search checklist


The job search checklist from Fraser Hay of www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk is a checklist to help users find the job they want

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									   “ I was shocked at how much my knowledge,
skills and experience are really worth. I’m worth far
 more than I ever expected, and I bet you are too. ”

Are you being paid
what you’re really
Get paid well in a job
you want and love.
• Hate your boss? Hate Your Job?
• Feel unappreciated or under valued?
• Looking for a new job?
• Fed up commuting to & from work?

  Answer the questions on page 2

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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back
and preventing you from finding the job that you want. Answer each of
the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
                                                                                             YES NO
Are you interested in becoming self employed and/or working for yourself full time?
Do you feel great about yourself and your current circumstances?
Do you feel valued, appreciated & well compensated for the job you do at the moment?
Do you know how much you need to earn each month to meet all your outgoings?
Are you working full time at the moment?
Do you feel your income matches the skills, knowledge & experience you have to offer?
Do you know the Job Title or Role that you would like to do?
Have you defined specific Job Criteria (Salary, Benefits, Rewards, Industry) you want?
Do you know the industry average for someone working in that Role industry?
Have you conducted a personal SKILLS Audit in the last 12 weeks?
Have you conducted a personal VALUES Audit in the last 12 weeks?
Have you conducted a personal ATTRIBUTES Audit in the last 12 weeks?
Do you have a current, up-to-date CV?
Have you written a personal mission statement or personal objective?
Does your CV contain a list of your achievements you’ve generated for employers?
Does your CV contain a list of the soft skills you offer prospective employers?
Does your CV contain a list of the competencies you offer prospective employers?
Does your CV contain at least 10 Power Verbs?
Do you know which Specific Employers you wish to target?
Do you know how many potential Employers (need your skills) in your local area?
Do you know the top 8 skills these employers are looking for?
Do you have a University / Higher Education. Qualification?
Do you have a Diploma / Further Education Qualification?
Do you have a National Certificate or Vocational Qualification?
Are you regularly receiving notifications of job opportunities meeting your criteria?
Do you have people actively working FOC on your behalf finding you job opportunities?
Do you have a written Career, Job or Development Plan for getting the salary you want?
Do you have at least 3 people you could use as referees for your CV / Job Applications?
Do you know of at least 12 methods of /researching perfect job opportunities for you?
Do you know of at least 17 people who could refer you job opportunities regularly?
Do you have a prepared elevator pitch/30 Second Commercial for using on the phone?
Do you have personalized, proven and responsive covering letters to send out?
Have you prepared a portfolio of your achievements to show prospective employers?
Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment?
Do you want next year to be the same as last year and to face the same challenges?
Would you like a free confidential Chat to discuss your score & your available options?

   Your Score:
Score more than 5 NOs? Get in touch.

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