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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and
preventing you from becoming self employed. Answer each of the questions
below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
                                                                                            YES NO
Does your product/service/business serve a presently un-served need?
Does your solution serve an existing market where demand exceeds supply?
Is your solution competitive because of an original & unique commercial advantage?
Have you determined the resources you will need to start up the business?
Have you determined what your “survival” income is for the next 12 months?
Have you determined what your monthly expenses will be for the next 12 months?
Have you protected the name and intellectual property of your business?
Have you decided on the legal form of your business? (company, partnership, sole pop)
Have you created a Business Start-up Plan & a business plan for your business?
Do you know what/which components should be included in your business plan?
Do you have an exit strategy for your business?
Do you know who your competitors are?
Have you aligned your ideals/values with those of your potential customers?
Are you willing to invest a large amount of your savings to get the business started?
Do you know of 7 different methods of financing you can use to start your business?
Do you know the size of your market and whether its expanding or declining?
Have you registered your domain name and created your website?
Do you know how many prospective “customers” there are in your local area?
Do you know how many leads you need to give you the revenue you want?
Do you know how much website traffic you need to give you the revenue you want?
Do you know how many referrals do you need to give you the revenue you want?
Do you know what hardware, software, pinkware and netware you require?
Do you know how you will generate traffic and signups via your website?
Are you happy with the number of qualified leads generated via your website?
Have you secured the level of investment or funding you require for the business?
Do you have sufficient funds to survive 6 months without income/revenue?
Do you know your suppliers’ sales, payment and credit terms?
Does your website have an automated lead generation and follow-up process?
Do you know which statutory, mandatory requirements you need to meet?
Do you have your accounting, administration policies, procedures & systems in place?
Have you assembled your team of staff and business advisers?
Have you agreed how they will get compensated, motivated or incentivised?
Have all the necessary legal documentation & agreements been prepared/completed?
Are you satisfied that your pricing and costs are set correctly and at fair market value?
Have you selected a business location, and lease/rent/freehold mortgage terms?
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