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					Israel's Business Community Celebrates Birth of Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger's
Second Newborn

In Sunday, November 11th 2012, Israel's business community gathered to
celebrate alongside with family and friends the birth of Noa Maya
Weinberger, the second daughter of Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Chairman and
CEO of IWC Limited, and his wife, Mor Lurie-Weinberger.

Tel-Aviv, Israel, November 20, 2012 -- The prestigious event to celebrate
the birth of little Noa Maya Weinberger took place, as done before with
her elder sister Abigail Rachel Weinberger, at "El-Hamam" halls in the
ancient city of Jaffa, which is a part of the city of Tel-Aviv.

The hall is uniquely located in an 18th century Ottoman building
constructed on the remains of a Crusader fortress, and provides a magical
atmosphere for the arriving guests.

The building was originally used to host the most luxurious Turkish bath
of the Middle East.

A delicious gourmet menu was set to provide guests with the best culinary
experience available in the region, the guests were welcomed by huge
balloon figures portraying Disney's famous characters, various screens
have shown multimedia presentations of the pregnancy and the newborn, and
guests were given as gifts special hand crafted candy shaped as lovely
pink teddy bears.

The guests were also greeted by huge dark and white chocolate fountains,
and were served with Belgian Waffles made in front of the guests on the

Alongside many family members and friends, some of Israel's most
prominent businessmen, members of the Israeli legal community, members of
parliament, heads of chambers of commerce and foreign dignitaries
attended the event to honor both the proud mother Mor Lurie-Weinberger
and her husband, Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, who is one of Israel's most
successful hi-tech entrepreneurs, Chairman and CEO of IWC Limited ( ) and a leading attorney with Eitan S. Erez &
Co. law offices ( ) in Tel-Aviv.

Itzhaki-Weinberger Consultants (IWC) Ltd
P.O. Box 102, Givataim
Israel 53100

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