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									Hello! Welcome to Weston Supernovas!

Head Coach Lois Miller, Asst Coach Jo Temlett. Captain Izzy Cocking. Lois’ mobile 07814 535 261

Weston Supernovas now has 3 competitive teams. ‘Youth’ ages 8-11, ‘Junior’ ages 12-15 and ‘senior’
age 16 and above.

We are a non-profit squad, which means all of the coaches volunteer their time to train the teams.
Subs (£36-cheques or cash) are due every six weeks (cheques made payable to Weston Supernovas
please). Or alternatively you can set up a direct debit to pay the subs. Some parents choose to pay
additional amounts each month to cover the cost of them coming to the competitions too. We take
a small percentage of the subs to pay insurances and to cover the hire of the gym, and the rest will
go towards your cheerleaders competition fees.

We train over the summer to create routines to take to competitions three times a year. Parents etc
are welcome to come along to the competitions with us. For the younger cheerleaders (under 16), it
is essential they have at least one parent/guardian that attends, as the coaches cannot be solely
responsible for everyone.
The competitions we are attending over the next year are:

The Northern Classics (Blackpool) Fri Nov 30th –Sun Dec 2nd

The Western Classics (Cheltenham) Sat 23rd Feb- Sun 24th Feb 2013

The Midland Classics (Telford) Fri March 29th- sun 31st. (Easter weekend) OR North East Classics
(Newcastle) Fri May 10th-Sun 12th. ** Please let us know If you would rather go to the Telford comp
or the one in Newcastle. Please be aware that Telford is over EASTER WEEKEND and If we choose
Newcastle, it would probably be cheaper for us to fly up.**

For the comps in Blackpool & Telford/Newcastle, we leave on the Friday night, and stay over in a
hotel near the venue for 2 nights and return home late on the Sunday evening. For Cheltenham, as it
is closer to home, we just get a coach up and back both days. All cheerleaders MUST travel up and
back on the coach. We travel as a team. Parents are welcome to travel on the coach also, or you can
drive up if you wish.

If your cheerleader decides to commit to cheer, please be aware that you are making a personal and
financial commitment and are agreeing that your cheerleader will only miss a practice if it
paramount. You are committing for one whole year, and as the routines are made for a specific
amount of people, if one person leaves, the whole routine would have to be changed and we just do
not have the time. Please please understand the level of commitment that you are getting involved
in, with the squad, we are a serious competitive squad and need 100% from both the cheerleaders
and parents.

Cheer Kit – approx. £150 (one off cost)

Dance Kit (inc Poms) approx. £40 (one off cost)


Northern Classics £150

Western Classics £60

Midland Classics £150

Parents cost per comp approx. £90 (one parent) £110 (2 parents)

So overall you are looking at around £550 per year to compete (approx. £45 per month. These costs
can either be paid by you, or your cheerleader can take part in fundraising activities to help reach
these targets. We have bag packing, where each cheerleader can get on average £10per hour. We
also hold a raffle/auction once a year, where you sell raffle tickets etc. At our last one, a few
cheerleaders raised over £100 each towards their total from just tickets sales alone, and we raised
over £600 for our auction, so these targets aren’t out of reach if you put in the time. If you have any
fundraising ideas, or know of any business that may be able to help us out with sponsorship, then
please pop in and see us. I am thinking about hosting a fundraising ball, where we have a big party,
an auction, live music, possibly try and get a comedian etc… if everyone helps, this could potentially
raise us a lot of money. If you have any ideas for this, please get in touch.

To make these costs easier, we have broken it down into manageable payment blocks. Please be
aware that as we are non-profit we do not have a pot of ‘spare’ money to use if we don’t raise
enough. If people don’t reach their targets and/or pay on time, we cannot compete.

The first thing we need to sort is Kit, so we will need approx. £150 for this. The kit is made to
measure, so it belongs to your cheerleader and is your responsibility with regards to keeping it clean
and having any alterations made (if needed). We will be ordering kit around Aug time, so will need
the payment to be made for kit before the 1st Sept. By then, you will have already have £100 from
your subs money, so will need to add an extra £50 (approx.). You can either pay an extra £20 each
term, or you can pay it all before the final date. Obviously, if you pay too much, it will roll over and
go towards the comp fees.

Bag packing is booked for July 8th at Asda 10-4pm. We work these in 2 hour slots for everyone. We
do need parents to supervise cheerleaders in the ‘youth & Junior’ age groups. So if you can help out,
please let us know.
We have 4 Facebook groups. One for each of the age groups, and one for the full squad. This is
where we can all communicate and discuss things that are cheer related. Possible kit designs are
posted on there so that people can post their views as well as any information regarding training. It
is important that you have your notifications on for the groups that that you are aware of any new
posts as they could be important/urgent, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I can’t call/text 50 parents
each week.

Training Kit.

All cheerleaders need shorts, Cheer trainers (can be purchased online at and jazz
shoes Both jazz shoes and cheer trainers are essential, as they cannot compete without them. The
sooner they can wear these to training the better.

Training tops will be available shortly and can be purchased directly from the t-shirt emporium on
orchard street in Weston. The Novas logo can be put onto any other items of clothing you would
like. We will also arrange hoodies, zip up hoodies (ideal for comp as you don’t mess up your hair
taking it on and off) and tracksuit bottoms which can be worn to comp.

Please ensure your cheerio arrives approx ten minutes early for training each week, as we need
cheerleaders to be in the correct shoes/kit etc and ready to start on time. It isn’t helpful if training
starts at 6, and your cheerio arrives at 6 or later!

I think that is about everything you need to know, please remember that the prices on here are
approximate, and we will do our best to keep costs as low as possible!

Think that is everything you need to know, if there is anything else, please pop in and see us or send
us a facebook message!

Lois & Jo xx

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