Fundraising Letter to Parents by xuyuzhu


									                                 Fundraising Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Petersburg Academic Sports League (PASL) is a non-profit organization. As a non-profit
organization we are ran by volunteers and funded by registration fees, fundraisers, gate fees,
and any donations that we may get. In order for us to outfit players and cheerleaders in the
safest equipment and provide the proper training for their respective sport, we must raise
funds. In the event that those funds aren’t raised we must increase the fees to compensate for
that. The average fee for a tackle football player is $100 or more. The average registration fee
for a cheerleader is $120, and in most cases that only covers the uniform. On the back you will
find a sample breakdown for a typical youth league.

We understand as parents you want to know where the money that you pay goes. In effort to
do so we have provided this detail break down. This will also stress the importance of
fundraising. The fundraisers that we do are designed to raise the funds needed to run the
program for the year. In effort to provide a smoother process, we are providing this registration
packet complete with all forms and fundraisers.

In addition to the enclosed fundraisers we will do other activities to include; car washes, yard
sales, fairs, and 3 on 3 tournaments to name a few. Your support is important not only to the
league but to your child. Think of how many times you’ve heard a negative comment about the
children of our city. Programs like this help to motivate the children to do well not only on the
field but in the classrooms and at home. Parents we have hard your voices and we are asking
for your support to help make our program the best that it can be.


                                                             Petersburg Academic Sports League
                                 Sample Expense Break Down

The following covers a list of expenses that youth leagues encounter every year.

      League Registration Fees- $200.00
      Insurance Fees-$135.00 per team (we currently have 14 & look to have 20)
      Referees-$35 per game per official (4 officials/8 reg. season games)
      Security-$18 per hour per game
      Transportation-$0.00 per driver per hour
      The average cost to outfit a tackle player $193.00
      The average cost to outfit a cheerleader $120.00
      Football/cheer camps as well as coaching clinics
      Concession stand budget
      Administrative/clerical budget

   These are just a few of the expenses that a league may encounter. There are other things
   that play a part in what a league spends. Something that we as parents tend to forget is that
   the people who run and coach leagues put a lot of their time and sometimes their own
   money into running a league. You may $50 for a registration fee, where a coach may spend
   $60 to buy football socks or cheer socks for 6 kids. Fundraising comes into play to allow the
   participants to have what they need and keep registrations fees down to a minimal.


                                                        PASL Administrators and Coaching Staff

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