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The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), a member of the President’s Higher
Education Honor Roll for community service, is an urban-serving university located in a
vibrant metropolitan area. UMKC seeks creative, productive scholars whose enthusiasm
and intellectual curiosity will challenge and inspire our diverse population of more than
15,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
All positions advertised below are tenured or tenure-track positions unless otherwise noted (NTT = Non-Tenure-Track).

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES                                    SCHOOL OF LAW
The College of Arts and Sciences fosters advances               Ranked by National Jurist magazine among the
in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences           top 25 best values in legal education; integrating
through its missions of teaching, research and                  theory, practice and values to produce
service.                                                        outstanding lawyers.
 Dean, College of Arts & Sciences                               Assoc. Professor - Law (4)
 Professor, Architecture, Urban Planning +                                Emphasis Areas Include Health,
      Design                                                               Constitutional Law, Environmental
 Assoc./Professor, Latina(o)/Chicana(o) Studies                           Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law,
                                                                           Entrepreneurship, and Urban Issues
 Asst. Professor, Art & Art History (2)
 Asst. Professor, Foreign Lang. & Lit. (Spanish)
 Asst. Professor, Mathematics & Statistics (2)                 HENRY W. BLOCH SCHOOL OF
 Asst. Professor, Political Science                            MANAGEMENT
                                                                Ranked by The Princeton Review among the Top
 Asst. Professor, Psychology                                   25 Entrepreneurial Colleges and Business
                                                                Schools in the nation, delivering education to
CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC AND                                       nurture innovative, entrepreneurial leaders.
DANCE                                                            Assoc./Professor, Strategic Management
Nationally and internationally recognized for
performance, composition, dance, teaching and
scholarship, the Conservatory of Music and Dance                SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
attracts top talent from around the world.                      The UMKC School of Medicine was founded in
                                                                1971 as an innovative combined degree program.
 Asst./Assoc./Professor, Violin (Open Rank)                    From its baccalaureate/MD curriculum to a
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Horn                                  docent system that emphasizes small group
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Music Theory                          learning, the school has remained a trendsetter in
 Asst. Professor, Dance                                        medical education and research.
 Asst. Professor, Musicology                                    Vijay Babu Rayudu Endowed Chair of
                                                                      Patient Safety
SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND                                          Assoc./Professor & Chair, Pathology
ENGINEERING                                                      Asst./Assoc./Professor, Basic Medical
Located in Kansas City — one of the country’s                         Sciences (Ophthalmology)
largest engineering cities — SCE is the city’s                   Asst./Assoc. Professor, Basic Medical
engineering school, delivering education and                          Sciences
research that serves the world.                                  Asst. Professor, Biomedical & Health
 Asst. Professor, Software Engineering                               Informatics (2)
 Asst. Professor , VLSI & Embedded Systems                      Asst. Teaching Professor, Basic Medical
                                                                      Sciences (NTT)
SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY                                              Asst. Teaching Professor, Human
The School of Dentistry offers a varied and complete                  Therapeutics (NTT)
range of experiences for dentistry and dental hygiene
students, and for graduate and continuing education             SCHOOL OF NURSING
students.                                                       The recent completion of a state-of-the-art
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial                research and instructional building on the
     Pathologist                                                Hospital Hill campus at UMKC, places the School
                                                                of Nursing at the center of Life and Health
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION                                             Sciences education and research. Research
With a national reputation in urban education, the              expertise at the School of Nursing spans the
school provides leadership for equitable schools and            translational continuum from basic science to
thriving communities by preparing quality teachers,             direct patient care, along with community action
administrators and counseling professionals.                    research which addresses urban health issues,
                                                                cardiovascular health as well as women’s health.
 Assoc./Professor, Urban Teacher Education/
       Elementary Education & Integrated Arts                    Asst./Assoc. Professor, Nursing
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Counseling Psychology
       or School Counseling
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Urban Teacher
       Education/Language Arts & Secondary English
 Asst./Assoc. Professor, Urban Teacher
       Education/Social Studies
 Asst. Professor, Counseling Psychology
 Asst. Professor, Urban Teacher Education/
       Reading & Literacy Education

It is the fundamental policy of UMKC to provide equal opportunities regardless of race, creed, color, sex,
sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status, in all educational, employ-
ment and contracting activities. UMKC is an Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer
that is fully committed to achieving a diverse faculty and staff. All final candidates will be required to pass a
criminal background check prior to beginning employment.

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