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									                                             Chandler, Inc.
                                            Job Description
Position Title: CNC Operator
Department: Production Shop
Supervisor:     Production Shop Manager/Supervisor

Setup and operate CNC machines. Observe machine operation to verify accuracy of machine settings and to detect
malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining using precision measuring instruments. Adjust machine control part process.
Inspect cutting tools for sharpness and usability. Verify “first piece” inspection. Complete records such as time sheets,
materials used, inspection forms and machine maintenance. Maintaining cooperative relationships with all internal and
external customers, as well as completing projects with the highest level of quality, productivity, and safety is essential.

       Education:        High School degree or equivalent. Post-secondary education/training is beneficial.

       Experience:       Minimum 2 years CNC machine operating experience in a woodworking/manufacturing setting.
                         Experience working with drawings.

              Skills:    Knowledge of CNC machines.
                         Good working knowledge of machining and PC software.
                         Good working knowledge of wood materials and tools.
                         Exceptional attention to detail.

Physical Demands:        Standing more than 67% of the workday.
                         Reaching 33 to 67% of the workday.
                         Climbing less than 33% of the workday.
                         Pushing and/or pulling, and at times lifting, up to 100 lbs. less than 33% of the workday.
                         Working conditions are well lit and heated.
                         Flexible work schedule including some seasonal overtime less than 33%.

  Machine Operation/Production
      Load and unload parts
      Load tools, inspect for usability
      Observe machine operation/performance for accuracy of settings, tolerances
      Post edits to CNC program to optimize machine performance
      Be able to use material handling equipment
      Assist to keep machine, tooling and parts in good working order

    Machine Set-up
       Review set-up for tooling
       Install tools into machine
       Load machine program
       Run “first piece”, inspect, for quality, tolerances and adjust as necessary

    Other Shop Duties
        Assist in other departments of the shop as directed
        Help maintain a clean, safe work environment.

Perform other duties as assigned or apparent to ensure success of Chandler Exhibits.

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