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									Florida K of C Charities, Inc.
         Membership is everyone business
               so are Charities!

          Florida K of C Charities, Inc.
The only registered 501c3 Charity within the Florida Jurisdiction

    •   Council and Assemblies are 501c8, Fraternal benefits societies/lodges
    •   Home Corp are 501c2 hold Title or c7 social club
    •   All must file a IRS Form 990N, 990EZ or 990

         - IRS Form to be filed is based on gross revenue receipts
                    Mission Statement
   Mission Statement
    •   To support Life, Vocations, and the Disabled, keeping with the
        theme, “I Am My Brother's Keeper" and following the Catholic
        teaching of “from Conception to natural death”, furthering the
        mission of Hope.
   How do we do this?
    •   Florida K of C Charities, Inc. identifies and cultivates potential
        donors, solicits and administer gifts to agencies which supports
        citizens with disabilities, abused families, senior citizens, and the
        unborn. Additionally, it supports those individuals who seek to
        serve their communities in service to our Lord and God as priests
        and religious. By its charter, the corporation exists solely to further
        the charitable mission of the Florida Knights of Columbus.
    Florida K of C Charities, Inc.

   Incorporated in Florida - a Florida Corporation
   Has a Board of Directors
     •   State Deputy
     •   State Secretary
     •   State Treasurer
     •   State Advocate
     •   FL K of C Charities Director
   Meets on a quarterly basics
Florida K of C Charities, Inc. Funds
     Three Major Funds
      •   Helping Life Fund – Harry Kimball
      •   Vocations Fund – Chris Grant
      •   Citizens with Disabilities Campaign Fund – Ron Llewellyn

     Additional Funds
      •   Citizens with Mobile Disabilities - Lou Cimaglia
      •   Run for Life East Coast - Charles Roessner
      •   RSVP - Joseph Coicou
      •   Memorial & Healing “Mass Card” - Tommy Thompson
Designated Donations Chairman
          Don Vettorel
          Designated Donation Chairman
          5271 NW 90th Terrace
          Coral Spring, FL 33067

         Note: Your request must include the
         recipient’s name, address, telephone
         number, EIN number and the name,
         address, telephone number and email
         address where the check is to sent for
         presentation (yours for presentation of

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