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					Adventures in Nutrition with the Show Me Chef

Lesson 1 – Land of the Germbusters
Students know germs make us sick and that good sanitary practices can keep germs from

Lesson 2 – Show Me Chef Introduces MyPyramid
Students recognize MyPyramid, know food comes from a variety of sources, cultures, and
in a variety of forms, and know physical activity helps keep the body strong.

Lesson 3 – Land of the Farmers (Grain Group)
Students know that bread comes from grain, can identify several grain foods and know that
grains help us have energy to run and play.

Lesson 4 – Land of the Rabbits (Vegetables)
Students recognize a variety of vegetables and know that they help us grow, keep us
healthy, and help us see in the dark.

Lesson 5 – Land of Rainbows (Fruits)
Students recognize a variety of fruits and know that fruit keeps us healthy, helps us grow
and helps heal cuts.

Lesson 6 – The Cow Gives Us Milk (Milk Group)
Students identify cows as a source of milk and other milk products like cheese and yogurt.
They help us grown, help our bones and teeth become strong.

Lesson 7 – Land of Green Eggs and Ham (Meat Group)
Students know where a variety of meat and bean foods come from, and know that foods in
the Meat & Beans Group help us grow, keep us healthy, and help us have strong muscles.

Lesson 8 – Adventures in Healthy Eating
Students know that food comes from a variety of sources and in a variety of forms and
shapes. Eat a variety of foods each day.

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