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Suite 420 1367 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6H 4A7

December 12, 2008

Chartwell Technology Inc.
Suite 400, Chartwell House
750 – 11 Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 3N7

To Whom It May Concern,

This Certification Letter pertains to Technical Systems Testing (TST)’s evaluation of the Chartwell
Technology Incorporated (Chartwell) Random Number Generator (RNG).
TST’s evaluation of the Chartwell RNG was performed with the aim of identifying and detailing system
weaknesses and potential issues of non-compliance with any applicable requirements from the following
sets of standards and specifications:
     1. Generally-accepted industry standards for highly-regulated jurisdictions, and
     2. Chartwell’s technical specifications for their RNG.
TST has verified through mathematical and statistical analysis that the Chartwell RNG distributes
numbers with sufficient non-predictably, fair distribution and lack of bias to particular outcomes. TST’s
Final Outcome Distribution Tests were performed using a confidence interval between 95% and 98%,
which are documented intervals of confidence for such statistical analysis. The evaluation has shown that
the Chartwell RNG produces a statistically acceptable source of random numbers for the following games
/ applications:

                       Application / Game Name                Degrees of Freedom (DoFs)
                             All American                           Fifty-One (51)
                         Amazon Adventures                 One Hundred and Ninety-Nine (199)
                          American Roulette                       Thirty Seven (37)
                            Arthur’s Quest                         Forty-Seven (47)
                               Baccarat                     Four Hundred and Fifteen (415)
                               Blackjack                    Four Hundred and Fifteen (415)
                       Blackjack Stand or Bust                      Fifty-One (51)
                            Bonus High Lo                            Twelve (12)
                           Bull’s Eye Bucks                        Forty-Seven (47)
                             Card Sharks                            Fifty-One (51)
                              Cash Grab                             Thirty-One (31)
                             Cash Inferno                          Forty-Seven (47)
                          Casino Stud Poker                         Fifty-One (51)
                             Casino War                             Fifty-One (51)
                           Challenge Poker                          Fifty-One (51)
                     Common Draw Euro Roulette                      Thirty-Six (36)
Chartwell Technology Inc. - RNG Evaluation Certification Letter v1.1.doc
December 12, 2008
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                Application / Game Name                     Degrees of Freedom (DoFs)
                           Craps                                        Five (5)
                           Darts                                   Sixty-One (61)
                       Deuces Wild                                  Fifty-One (51)
                         Dragon 8’s                               Forty-Seven (47)
                      Euro Blackjack                      Four Hundred and Fifteen (415)
                   European Roulette                               Thirty-Six (36)
                         Fast Track                               Forty-Seven (47)
                        Fan Cashtic                     One Hundred and Ninety-Nine (199)
                        Final Score                     One Hundred and Ninety-Nine (199)
                         Fruit Party                              Forty-Seven (47)
                  Golden Bonanza Keno                            Seventy-Nine (79)
                         Gooooal!!!                         One (1) and Forty-Seven (47)
                           Hi Lo                                  Forty-Eight (48)
                    Hi Lo Game Show                                 Fifty-One (51)
                   Hold’em Showdown                    Twenty-Three (23) and Thirty-Four (34)
                        Hole in One                      Two Hundred and Fifty-Five (255)
                     Hollywood Reels                    Thirty-One (31) and Forty-Seven (47)
                          Hot Race                                      Nine (9)
                     Jackpot Holiday                      One Hundred Ninety-Nine (199)
                      Jacks or Better                               Fifty-One (51)
                        Joker Poker                                 Fifty-One (51)
                      Jump for Gold                               Sixty-Three (63)
                       Krazy Kubes                                      Nine (9)
                      Lady’s Charms                               Forty-Seven (47)
                        Lot o’ Balls                                    Five (5)
                    Lucky 7 Blackjack                     Four Hundred and Fifteen (415)
                       Lucky Cherry                               Sixty-Three (63)
                     Mad Matterhorn                                Seventeen (17)
                       Monkey Love                                Forty-Seven (47)
                     Neptune’s Gold                               Forty-Seven (47)
                        Oktoberfest                               Forty-Seven (47)
                       Paigow Poker                                 Fifty-One (51)
                     Pinball Roulette                              Thirty-Six (36)
                     Pirate Treasure                     Two Hundred and Fifty-Five (255)
                   Play4 All American                                   Four (4)
                   Play 4 Deuces Wild                                   Four (4)
                  Play 4 Jacks or Better                                Four (4)
                    Play4 Joker Poker                                   Four (4)
                       Polar Riches                               Forty-Seven (47)
                        Pot o’ Gold                      Two Hundred and Fifty-Five (255)
                          Red Dog                                   Fifty-One (51)
                  Single Deck Blackjack                             Fifty-One (51)
                     Space Invasion                               Sixty-Three (63)
                         Spin n Win                      Two Hundred and Fifty-Five (255)
                    Three Card Poker                                Fifty-One (51)
                       Viva Venezia                               Forty-Seven (47)
                       Wild Mummy                                 Forty-Seven (47)
                         Wild West                                       Six (6)
Chartwell Technology Inc. - RNG Evaluation Certification Letter v1.1.doc
December 12, 2008
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Subject to the inherent confines of a laboratory compliance evaluation of this type, TST certifies that the
Chartwell RNG meets or exceeds any applicable technical requirements from the set of standards and
specifications listed above. Accordingly, TST certifies the RNG supplied by Chartwell, for operation within
highly-regulated jurisdictions.
TST’s evaluation of the Chartwell RNG was limited to the laboratory environment, and was based on
specific information and materials including, but not necessarily limited to, source code, software,
hardware, configurations, documentation and general correspondence, as submitted to TST from August
5, 2003 to August 21, 2008. For verification purposes, TST has maintained a control version (or the
means of verifying the control version) of all submitted information and materials.
Should you have any questions or comments regarding TST’s evaluation of the Chartwell RNG, please
do not hesitate to contact us at our Vancouver office on +1 (604) 873-5833.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Noah Turner
Laboratory Manager

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