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					                                                                        20th November 2012
Dear Parents and Guardians,

The PTA has had two meetings this year and we are currently established and ready to work on
new developments at RIS. We have now elected a PTA president and school teacher
representative. Our president it Anna Hansen, she has two children at RIS in first and second

The objective this year is to help the school build an enjoyable and fruitful educational
environment by facilitating a cooperative relationship between the parents and the school. The
PTA is essential in school growth and development because it facilitates the teacher - student -
parent relationship. Without parent involvement, feedback and opinions the school can not move
forward in its development.

This school year the PTA will plan several activities such as ESL workshops for parents,
technology courses for parents, book club, assistance with extra curriculuars and a parent
professional development day.

Our PTA is currently made up of the following members.
        Anna Hansen                      Jennifer Yoon                    Murat Balci

     Otabek Tojahmedov                   Mandy Chang                   Khurshid Sharipov

         Mrs. Talupuri

We are looking for more parents to become part of the PTA in order to help improve the student
environment at RIS and everyone’s input counts. If you are not able to join our meetings but
would like to participate in the PTA you can contact Ms. Hansen, our PTA president, about our
events and ways you can assist.

Our first event with RIS will be our Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation dinner.
RIS, already accredited by WASC, is looking to expand their base and be accredited by CIS. CIS is
a global non-profit community committed to quality international education whose goal is to
equip schools and students with an ongoing assurance process to enhance student learning. CIS
is the premier worldwide accreditation organisation for international schools. Accreditation
ensures that our certification practices are acceptable and a CIS accreditation will ease the
admittance of our students to a larger number of secondary institutions across the globe.

There are two CIS events that we would like parents to attend.
   • Tuesday November 27th @ 17:45 - 18:30 - Dinner with CIS (5:45p - 6:30p)
   • Thursday November 29th@ 8:30 - 15:00 - Self Study Improvement Workshop with CIS
If you have concerns about not being able to attend because you do not have childcare, RIS will
provide an area with teacher supervision where you can leave your children during these times.
For the dinner on Tuesday November 27th, we will also provide the children with a meal.

It is very important that we attend these events as they will talk about school improvement and
parent involvement.

If you plan on attending either of these events please email us, also include if you intend on
bringing your children with you.

We can be reached at:

Ms. Hansen                                            Ms. Maher
Email:                          Email:
Phone: 010-8583-3341                                  Phone: 02-571-2917

This years PTA Meetings will be held on the following Thursdays at 7pm in the Library.
       • December 13th 2012
       • January 17th 2013
       • February 14th 2013
       • March 14th 2013
       • April 18th 2013
       • May 16th 2013
       • June 5th 2013 (Wednesday Meeting)


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