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Chamber Choir Contract 1 by xuyuzhu


                                                                              Haver ling High School
                                                                              25 Ellas Avenue
                                                                              Bath, New York 14810
                                                                              (607)-776- 4107
            Neil J. Bryson, Conductor                                         nbr yson@bathcsd.or g

                         Chamber Choir Contract
                        2006–2007 Academic Year
          Chamber Choir is an auditioned 9-12 mixed vocal group of soprano, alto,
          tenor, and bass. Music will be studied and rehearsed from a variety of musical
          styles and will include texts that are both sacred and secular. Students will
          participate in activities that include sight singing, basic vocal technique, reading
          music notation, singing individual parts, and expression. Chamber Choir will
          also contribute to the musical life of the Bath community through concert

    1. Rehearsals
          a. Room 166 (Choir Room)
          b. Day 2: 11:36-12:15 (Block 4A)

    2. Expectations
          a. Be to rehearsal on time.
          b. Maintain an organized music folder.
          c. Rehearsal is to be productive and can only be that way without talking and
          d. Work hard to improve yourself as a musician.
          e. No food or gum allowed during rehearsal

    3. Purpose
          Chamber Choir is a group of auditioned singers who have an interest in
          furthering their musicality and taking part in a higher achieving vocal ensemble.
          It is also a place for the above average singer to have the opportunity to perform
          music that cannot be performed in the Concert Choir.

    4. Music
          Music from all time periods that contain both sacred and secular text will be
          rehearsed. The purpose for all music chosen, regardless of the text it contains,
          is to teach the historical significance in the scope of musical development, and
          to provide an opportunity to sing great music by great composers that have
          greatly affected our musical history.
5. Concert Attendance and Dress
      a. All members of Chamber Choir are required to attend concerts. Concert
         performances are the time for the members of this select group to showcase
         their hard work and dedication to the group. Due to the small size of this
         select group every member is an extremely important part to the entire
      b. If there is a conflict that inhibits you from attending a concert, written
         excuse from a parent/guardian must be submitted to Mr. Bryson with-in 5
         school days after the performance. Legal excuses are illness, death in the
         family, ISS or OSS, or absence from school.
      c. Concert Dress for all members of Chamber Choir is WHITE top and
         BLACK bottom. If this is a problem please contact me in school at 776-
         4107 or on email at You have until November to
         acquire the proper dress. Those members that do not have black and white
         concert dress will not be permitted to perform, thus hurting the entire

6. Grading
      Grading will be given through your Concert Choir grade. You are receiving 1
      credit for your participation in this group and in Concert Choir. If you are a
      band member, you are receiving ½ credit for choir participation and ½ credit
      for band participation.

7. Breech of Contract
      If for any reason this contract is not followed a member will be removed from
      the group. Please remember that it is an honor to a member of this ensemble
      and you are replaceable.

8. Concert Performances
      Chamber Choir will perform on all of the same concerts that Concert Choir
      performs on. Attached to this form is a current schedule of the performances
      for the school year. It is also possible that Chamber Choir will do some extra
      performances out in the community. As soon as any engagements are made
      that are not on the schedule you will be notified.

   Date                 Concert                           Time        Place

   November 2, 2006:    Pops Concert                      7:30 pm     HS Auditorium
   December 6, 2006:    Holiday Concert                   7:30 pm     HS Auditorium
   March 8, 2007:       Music in Our Schools Concert      7:00 pm     HS Auditorium
   May 17, 2007:        Senior Choral Awards Concert      8:00 pm     HS Auditorium
9. Commitment

     By signing below I am agreeing to be a member of the Haverling Chamber
     Choir and to abide by the provisions of this syllabus. I also understand that if
     any part of this agreement is breeched, I can be removed from the group.

            Student Signature

       Chamber Choir Conductor                                 Date

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