Cheer Tryout Packet 2012-2013 final


   Marcus High School Cheerleader
     Tryout Information Packet
Dear parents and students,

Thank you for your interest in the Marcus High School Cheerleading Program. We are excited that you are
trying out for a position on a Marcus Cheer Squad. It is important that you are aware of what is expected from
each candidate during the week of tryouts.

There will be a mandatory meeting on Monday February 6th at 6:00 pm in the Marcus High School library. It is
expected that each candidate wishing to tryout and at least one parent will attend. This will be a time to give
you additional information about the program and tryout process. All required paperwork should be returned to
the MHS cheer sponsors or front office no later than Thursday, March 1, 2012.

The tryout clinic for the MHS cheerleading squad will be Monday, March 5th through Wednesday, March 7th,
from 4:30 to 6:00 pm each day. Try-outs will be held Thursday, March 8th, beginning at 4pm with varsity.
Clinic and tryouts will be held in the red gym at Marcus High School. Tryout clinic is mandatory for all
candidates unless you are absent from school. Candidates missing clinic should contact the MHS Cheer
sponsor in advance. Candidates must attend at least half of the school day on clinic and tryout days to
participate on that day. At the clinic, the candidates will learn the tryout routines and procedures. Missing clinic
can significantly impact your performance at tryouts. On the day of tryouts, each candidate must stay for the
full tryout period in order to allow for judging callbacks if needed. Tryouts are closed to the public. Only the
MHS sponsors, administrators, and judges will be allowed in the gym. Cheerleaders for the 2012-2013 school
year will be posted on at the end of the tryout day. Results will also be posted on
exterior entrance to the gym area.

Cheerleading is a full year commitment. It involves significant time outside the school day, hard work, and
financial expenditures. Dedication and enthusiasm from all cheerleaders and parents are what make for a
successful, positive experience for all participants. Be sure that you undertake the tryout process only if you are
willing to make this commitment. Good luck!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


Rebecca Clark
                        MHS Cheerleading Tryout Information

                  Thursday, March 1st, 2012

    Application
    Current Physical
    Copy of most recent report card
    MHS Cheerleading Contract signed by parent and student


1.   Anyone who meets the set qualifications will not be discriminated against because of race, creed,
     education, or handicap.
2.   Prospective candidates shall be entering grades nine (9) through twelve (12).
3.   All required forms should be turned in by Thursday, March 1, 2012.
4.   To be eligible for tryouts, candidates must:
           a. Must have forms turned in prior to start of clinic
           b. Have passed all classes for the last grading period as verified by a copy of the most recent report
           c. Candidates must reside with their parent/guardian(s) within the Lewisville Independent School
               District or show proof of future LISD residency and must reside within the MHS attendance
               zone, unless they are cleared with LISD and an approval transfer request is on file with the MHS
               principal. LISD residency rules apply.
5.   All candidates must attend school half a day on the clinic and tryout dates in order to be eligible to

TRYOUT CLINIC March 5, 6, 7 - 4:30-6:00 pm each day in the MHS Red Gym

1.   Attendance is required.
2.   Each candidate will learn the required cheer and dance routine. Jumps and tumbling are determined by the
3.   All candidates need to wear appropriate workout clothes and tennis shoes. Hair will be worn in a ponytail.
     No jewelry will be allowed.
4.   The tryout clinic is closed to all spectators.
5.   Gum, canned/bottled beverages and food are not allowed in the gym or dance studio. Candidates can bring
     a water jug and towel.

TRYOUTS March 8 – starting at 4:00 pm with varsity in the MHS Red Gym

1.   Tryouts are closed to all spectators. Those eligible for attendance include the coaches, judges, MHS
     administrators, and designated MHS staff.
2.   Each candidate must wear a plain white t-shirt, plain black shorts (no short shorts), ALL white tennis
     shoes, plain white socks, hair in pony tail, and a white ribbon. No jewelry will be allowed.
3.   Each candidate will be issued a tryout number on the last day of clinic. This will be their order number for
     tryouts. Assignment of numbers is random.
4.   See LISD Constitution for tryout scoring process.
5.   Tryout results will be posted on and on the exterior doors by the red gym on
     March 8th after the conclusion of tryouts.
6.   Parents and students wishing to see their tryout scores should turn in a self-addressed, stamped envelope with their
     tryout paperwork.
7.   Any other requests for scores should be made in writing within 10 days of tryouts to the school principal. By law,
     all other student scores are protected and cannot be shared with anyone except the coach, principal, or school
     administration. The original judges score sheets will not be release to parents or students.
8.   The judges’ decisions are final!

       I.   Spring – Tryouts, captain nominations, preparation for camp, Marquette Spring show,
            baseball games, conditioning, EXCITE gymnastics and fundraising.
       II.  Summer – Fundraising, middle school camp, summer practices and camp.
       III. Fall – Practices, pep rallies, decorating for Mound and Axe games,
            football/volleyball/basketball,, EXCITE gymnastics, Homecoming (carnival, pre-
            game activities, game, etc.), mini-camp, conditioning and fundraising.
       IV.  Winter – Practices, pep rallies, cheer at basketball games, support all sports, clubs and
            academics, conditioning, cheer banquet, fundraising and preparation for tryouts.

    See attached order forms with due dates on them.
    Team moms will collect money for meals and other incidentals. This amount will be determined by the
     needs of the team.
    While we have attempted to predict all expenses for the year, there may be other unexpected costs. We
     will try to keep these to a minimum.
    See calendar in tryout packet for payment due dates.
    Cheerleaders who have not paid for camp prior to the deadline will not be allowed to attend and will
     forfeit their spot on the squad.
                           MARCUS HIGH SCHOOL
                                                Candidate for:

 Varsity Cheerleader (junior/senior only)
 Junior Varsity Cheerleader
 Freshman Cheerleader
 Candidate will be a Junior 2012-2013 and will accept a JV spot if she/he does not make Varsity but
   scores are high enough for JV.

Student Name:________________________________________________________________________

Grade:_______          Age:________           T-Shirt Size__________


Student Cell Phone ________________________ Email: ______________________________________


Parent Name/s:_________________________________________________________________________

Student’s primary residence is with _____ mother _____ father _____ both

Mother’s contact phone ______________________ Father’s contact phone _________________________

Mother’s email:______________________________ Father’s email:______________________________

Other emergency contact: ________________________________________________________________

Clubs, organizations, extracurricular activities in which you participate or plan to participate in the upcoming
school year:
                                      Marcus High School
                            CHEERLEADING CONTRACT

  1. Participation in the MHS cheerleading organization is a privilege, not a right. In order for the
     cheerleader or mascot to retain this privilege, the policies and procedures contained in the LISD
     High School Cheerleading Constitution, MHS Campus Cheerleading Guidelines, LISD
     Extracurricular Code of Conduct must be adhered to. The LISD High School Cheerleading
     Constitution and the LISD Extracurricular Code of Conduct may undergo revision prior to the start
     of the 2012-2013 school year. Cheerleader and parent will be required to sign the new documents
     when available in order for the cheerleader to remain on the squad. Your signature below
     indicates that you have received, read, and understand these documents and agree to the
     conditions stated. Parent signature below also indicates permission for your child to participate in
     tryouts for Marcus High School 2012-2013 Cheerleading Squad.
  2. Release – School staff will use reasonable precautions to avoid injury. However, there are
     inherent risks involved in some cheerleading activities and injury may occur. The sponsors,
     school, and district assume no responsibility for accidents or injuries that might occur. Your
     signature below indicates that you understand the risks involved and give permission for
     yourself/your child to participate in cheerleading activities. Parent signature below gives
     permission for the sponsors to make decisions in the best interest of your child’s health, including
     transportation to any place necessary for medical treatment.
  3. Trainer - LISD will provide an athletic trainer to be present during cheer tryouts. The trainer
     will assess any injuries/illnesses that occur or become obvious during tryouts. If at any time, in
     the professional opinion of the trainer it is unsafe for a candidate to proceed, that candidate’s
     tryout will be terminated and no additional tryout opportunities will be allowed. Additionally,
     trainers may be used during practice and performances. Your signature below indicates your
     consent to assessment and treatment by the athletic trainer.
  4. Commitment – Cheerleaders are expected to set a positive example for the Marcus High School
     student body, follow all expectations in the documents referenced above as well as the LISD Student
     Code of Conduct and MHS Student Handbook, participate in all cheerleading activities for the entire
     year, give their best effort with a positive attitude at every practice and performance, and demonstrate
     respect for sponsors, fellow cheerleaders, staff, and officials at all times. Participation in cheerleading
     involves a significant investment of time outside of school as well as a financial investment as outlined
     in the tryout packet. Candidates who make the squad must attend all summer camps and practices. Your
     signature below indicates your commitment to this expectation.

Student Name

__________________________________________                        _______________
Student Signature                                                 Date

__________________________________________                        _______________
Parent Signature                                                  Date

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