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									TQHA State Qualifiers for AQHA Novice Championship Show
Exhibitor Number   Exhibitor Name             Number
        1702275    Shelley Grissom               4671655
        2059201    Kimberly Roark                4986101
        2325485    Hannah Gelbs                  3878672
        1688214    Ami Klingsporn                4871743
        2401356    Teresa Hanson                 4767730
        2431183    Lindsay Davis                 4265520
        3433419    Karla Seale                   4777745
        3648330    Melissa Land                  4960562
        3382761    Karon Murff                   4316646
        2748322    Kristin Crawford              4912658
        1029230    Mary White                    4967900
        2431183    Lindsay Davis                 4265520
        0560035    Lynn Arceneaux                5007873
        3371975    Rob Rivait                    4203657
        2325485    Hannah Gelbs                  3878672
        1029230    Mary White                    4967900
        0375227    Janet Settles                 4992718
        0298148    Michelle Crawford             4351418
        3522644    Kathryn Durkee                4686562
        2759356    Lacee Keller                  5092470
                   Rebecca Sayre
      1654633      Lisa Ford                     3729328
      298148       Michelle Crawford             4351418
      2431183      Lindsay Davis                 4265520

      3682865      Emma Verplank                 5026138
      3196053      Taylor Helms                  4676446
      3290983      Rheagan Bryant                3977670
      3682865      Emma Verplank                 5026138
      3509096      Sydney English                4976050
                   Carlee Purcell
      3598042      Lauren Bergman                4690207
      3648328      Samantha Land                 4960562
      3573385      Kennedy Bryant                4316642
      3682865      Emma Verplank                 5026138
      3300370      Jessie Leach                  4316642
      3327883      Angie Watts                   4578889
      3327883      Angie Watts                   4578889
      3290983      Rheagan Bryant                3977670
      3172894      Jaclyn White                  4346621
      3406490      Kelsie Holman                 5050132
3196053   Taylor Helms       4676446
3044564   Jordan Davis       4313698
3506057   Brenden Lee        4497280
3584249   Josee Monvoisin    4883916
3429058   Carolyn Day        4883951
3312563   Alexandra Marlow   3792783
2967139   Jordan Soechting   4383418
3172894   Jaclyn White       4346621
                       State or Province
Horse Name             Affiliated
SEE MY SHINY HINEY     Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
ACCEPT IT IM GOOD      Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
SO SO GOOD             Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
CHOOSEN WISELY         Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
REALI ON ME            Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
ABSOLUTELY WATCH ME    Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
SEE DA CHEX            Texas               Reining
TWO GUN NIC            Texas               Reining
VALOR DEL CIELO        Texas               Reining
IM TOO HOT TO TOUCH    Texas               Showmanship at Halter
ABSOLUTELY FOR ME      Texas               Showmanship at Halter
ABSOLUTELY WATCH ME    Texas               Showmanship at Halter
OLD GOLD N FORTUNE     Texas               Trail
CLASSICAL VERSION      Texas               Trail
SO SO GOOD             Texas               Trail
ABSOLUTELY FOR ME      Texas               Western Horsemanship
PF HUNTIN AROUND SLO   Texas               Western Horsemanship
RL TALK ABOUT SUDDEN   Texas               Western Horsemanship
INVEST BY INVITATION   Texas               Western Pleasure
RAGEOUS BLAZE          Texas               Western Pleasure
SURELY IM SULTRY HOT   Texas               Western Pleasure
FLASH MAN ZIP          Texas               Western Riding
RL TALK ABOUT SUDDEN   Texas               Western Riding
ABSOLUTELY WATCH ME    Texas               Western Riding
COUNTING THE MINUTES   Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
BLAZING BLISS          Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
ZIPED WITH POTENTIAL   Texas               Hunt Seat Equitation
COUNTING THE MINUTES   Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
BOOGIE BAK TO TEXAS    Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
CL TWO DIPS OF ZIP     Texas               Hunter Under Saddle
PEPPYS GIN DRIFTER     Texas               Reining
TWO GUN NIC            Texas               Reining
CAPTAIN STAR CRUISER   Texas               Reining
COUNTING THE MINUTES   Texas               Showmanship at Halter
DUNITAGAIN NATURALLY   Texas               Showmanship at Halter
GOOD ADDICTION         Texas               Showmanship at Halter
GOOD ADDICTION         Texas               Trail
ZIPED WITH POTENTIAL   Texas               Trail
JOE SUDDEN             Texas               Trail
RANGE AGENT            Texas               Western Horsemanship
BLAZING BLISS         Texas   Western Horsemanship
AMBLIN GOOD N EASY    Texas   Western Horsemanship
DON’T SKIP COURTNEY   Texas   Western Pleasure
CERTAINLY IMA ZIP     Texas   Western Pleasure
DONTSKIPMYGOODIMAGE   Texas   Western Pleasure
RITZY INVESTMENT      Texas   Western Riding
MIDNITE COWGIRL       Texas   Western Riding
JOE SUDDEN            Texas   Western Riding

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