Practised by both men and women, Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACRO) is among the oldest known
disciplines since already practiced at the ancient Egyptian period, as evidenced by certain frescos.
Its name comes from the Greek acrobateo, meaning to rise or go forth. Acrobatics was prevalent
in Georgia as folk physical art, as well as one of the types of a physical education of

In Georgia in the development of Sports Acrobatics great contribution were made by: Giorgi
Egnatashvili, Kotso Badridze and brothers Konstantine and Pavle Gromovs. Kotso Badridze

established and developed Pairs and Group exercises in Georgia. Later on Sport Acrobatics
introduced in different regions and cities of Georgia, such are: Abkhazia, Adjara, Kutaisi,
Tckhinvali, Gurdjaani and Marneuli, which is contributed to the development of this sport.

The first Championship in Sport Acrobatics in Georgia took place in 1938.

From 1980 till now, Georgian sportsmen regularly competing at the World and European
Championships and international tournaments.

Georgia has 13 World and European champions and medalist in Sport Acrobatics.

   1. Women’s Trio: Kikalishvili Nana, Mnatobishvili Manana and Shalikadze Maia
      1980- - World and European Champions, and twice took 2nd place.
      1981—World Cup 2nd place, and twice Champions in Individual Exercises
      (Coaches: Vladimir Gurgenidze, Dali Tavartkiladze)

   2. Women’s Pair: Svetlana Mkrtichian-Peikrishvili and Ludmila Glazunova
      1982—World Champions
            World Champions In Team competitions
      (Coaches: Vladimir Gurgenidze, Dali Tavartkiladze)

   3) Women’s Trio: Giorgobiani Inga, Anisimova Natalia, Makaricheva Svetlana
      1988--- World and European Champions
      1990-- World and European 2nd place Silver Medalists
             World and European Champions In Team competitions
            (Giorgobiani Inga, Anisimova Natalia, Ovoiani Ira)
   4) Men’s Groups: Buziashvili Ramazi, Abuashvili Emzari, Kartozia Dimitri                and
      Paposhvili Ivane.
      1994—European 3rd place Bronze Medalists
      (Coach: Tamaz Buziashvili)

        In Sport Acrobatics World and European Championships are being held in three AGE
        1) 11-16 Age group (Youngsters)
        2) 12-19 Age group (Juniors)
        3) 15 and Higher (Siniors)

In official competitions, Acrobatic Gymnastics offers five different possibilities of partnerships to
the athletes:

   1)   Women’s Pairs;
   2)   Men’s Pairs
   3)   Mixed Pairs
   4)   Women’s Group (3 gymnasts)
   5)   Men’s Groups (4 gymnasts).

The exercises presented in competitions by the pairs/groups must not exceed 2:30 minutes, have
to include a certain number of required collective (partnership) and individual elements and are of
three different types: static (balance), dynamic, and combined.

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