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									            Reason to choose Jammu Kashmir as honeymoon destination

                                                             Grant a bright start to your married life
                                                             by spending the most precious and
                                                             romantic days of your life at a paradise,
                                                             which is incomparable to any other
                                                             destinations -Jammu and Kashmir.
                                                             Blessed with intrinsic beauty, luxuriant
                                                             valleys, snow clad mountains, stunning
                                                             landscapes and exotic climate; Spend
                                                             your Jammu Kashmir honeymoon tour
                                                             with these beauties to make it the most
                                                             colorful and fabulous one. Millions of
                                                             honeymooners visit Jammu and Kashmir
                                                            to celebrate their love life amid the
                                                           nature and lush greenery. During your
honeymoon tour, you can explore the other attractions of Jammu and Kashmir to make your overall trip
wonderful, marvelous and beguiling.

Have a glance below at the major attractions of Jammu and Kashmir:

Visiting the most popular lakes of Kashmir will let you discover the breathtaking beauties and majestic
mountains amid the astounding river. You can relish irresistible Kashmir honeymoon tours by getting
submerged in the inconceivable adventures activities like kayaking, shikara rides and many others on the
sea. Don’t forget to visit the most renowned Dal Lake of Kashmir; it is surrounded by scenic beauty,
mountains and charming lush greenery.

One of the most vital features of Jammu and Kashmir is Houseboats, which let you have the real fun and
experience of the life. This journey is the most excellent approach to sense the glory of beautiful sea and
nearby surroundings. Taking a houseboat ride will make your honeymoon romantic and let you come
closer to your special one in the chilling ambience. These boats are designed to perfection and offer a
luxury to bestow you the overwhelming experience.

There are quite a number of magnificent gardens in Kashmir gorge. Most of the gardens have been
constructed according to the Mughal structural designs. Shalimar garden, Chashm-e-shah and Nishant
Bagh are the three most famous gardens, which are visited every year by the tons of tourists and

There are a total of 25 mammal species, 225 species of insects and 60 collections of birds at the Jammu
and Kashmir wildlife sanctuaries. Each wildlife sanctuary nurtures every wild creature and feed the best
for their good spirit. Couples can capture the pictures of the wild animals on their camera so that they
can remember the beautiful times spent at the wildlife sanctuary with their loved ones for a long time.

Spiritual tour
Honeymooners can organize a religious tour to the peak temple goddess Vaishno Devi to take blessing
from the deity for a good start and future. Being considered as one of the holiest destination of the
world, it should be visited once in everybody’s life.

Apart from exploring the real and natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, newly wedded couples can
engage themselves in the assortment of exciting and enthralling activities. Few of the adventure
activities relished by the travelers at this destination are parasailing, angling, cycling, jeep safari, sky
diving, cave exploration and many more.

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