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									The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic
project management concepts and your proficiency in using project
management software to produce project charts and reports. In
particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management
knowledge areas in the PMBOK: project integration management,
project scope management, project time management and project cost

You are required to complete selected tasks in Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the
Additional Case 1: Green Computing Research Project case found in pp.
C1- C.6 of Appendix C of the Schwalbe 6ed textbook. These selected
tasks are detailed in the table below.

Use Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet software) and Microsoft
Project to produce the charts and reports required in the assignment. You
can download a free trial version of Microsoft Project from Microsoft’s
web site.

Before you begin the assignment ensure that you first:

• Read Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Additional Case 1: Green Computing
Research Project in Appendix C of the Schwalbe 6ed textbook to fully
understand the context of the case. Do not attempt the assignment before
you have done this.

• Complete the Microsoft Project tutorial (at least those portions
pertaining to project scope, time and cost management) that is found in
Appendix A of the Schwalbe 6ed textbook, and

• Read the marking criteria for this assignment to appreciate how marks
are allocated to each question.

Clearly state all assumptions you make in each part of the assignment.

 Parts in the    Page(s) in    Selected tasks to be completed in this
    case         Schwalbe                   assignment
Part 1: Project   C1 – C3   1. Prepare the financial section of a
integration                 business case for the Green Computing
management                  Research Project. Assume this project will
                            take six months to complete (done in Year
                            0) and cost $500,000 and costs to
                            implement some of the technologies would
                            be $2,000,000 for year one and $600,000
                            for years two and three. Estimated benefits
                            are $500,000 the first year after
                            implementation and $2.5 million the
                            following two years. Assume a 7 percent
                            discount rate. Refer to Figure 4-5: JWD
                            Consulting net present value example in
                            p.141 of the Schwalbe 6ed textbook to
                            guide you in completing this task.
                            2. Prepare a project charter for the Green
                            Computing Research Project. Assume the
                            project will take six months to complete
                            and the budget is $500,000. Use the project
                            charter template and examples of project
                            charters in Chapters 3 and 4 as guidelines.
                            Assume that part of the approach is to
                            select the project team as quickly as
Part 2: Project   C3 – C4   3. Develop a work breakdown structure
scope                       (WBS) for the project. Break down the
management                  work to level 3 or level 4, as appropriate.
                            Use Figure 5-4 (p.188) and Table 5-4
                            (p.191) in the Schwalbe 6ed textbook as
                            guidelines. Print the WBS in list form as a
                            Word file. Remember to include the work
                            involved in selecting the rest of your
                            project team and outside resources as well
                            as coordinating with the Environmental
                            Technologies Program. Use the project
                            management process groups as level 2
                            WBS items or include project management
                            as a level 2 WBS item to make sure you
                            include work related to managing the
                            4. Using the WBS you developed in Q3 to
                            create a Gantt chart for the project in
                            Microsoft Project. Use the outline
                            numbering feature to display the outline
                            number. Do not enter any durations or
                            dependencies. Print the resulting Gantt
                            chart on one page and be sure to display
                            the entire Task Name column.
Part 3: Project   C4 – C6   5. Identify additional activities and
time                        milestones (at least four) for this project.
management                  Then, using the Gantt chart created for Q4,
                            and the new activities and milestones you
                            have identified, estimate the task durations
                            and enter dependencies as appropriate.
                            Remember that your schedule goal for the
                            project is six months. Print the Gantt chart
                            and network diagram.
                            6. Write a one-page paper summarising
                            how you would assign people to each
                            activity. Include a table or matrix listing
                            how many hours each person would work
                            on each task. These resource assignments
                            should make sense given the duration
                            estimates made in Q5 above.
                            7. Assume that your project team starts
                       falling behind schedule. In several cases, it
                       is difficult to find detailed information on
                       some of the green computing technologies,
                       especially financial data. You know that it
                       is important to meet or beat the six-month
                       schedule goal, but quality is the most
                       important. In about 500 words describe the
                       contingency strategies for making up lost
                       time and avoiding schedule slips in the
Part 4: Project   C6   8. Prepare and print a one-page cost
cost                   estimate for the project, similar to the one
management             provided in Chapter 7. Use the WBS
                       categories you created earlier, and be sure
                       to document assumptions you make in
                       preparing the cost estimates. Assume a
                       burdened labour rate of $100/hour for the
                       project manager, $90 for Teresa, James
                       and Le, and $80/hour for Matt. Assume
                       about $200/hour for outsourced labour.
                       9. Using the cost estimate you created in
                       Q8, prepare a cost baseline by allocating
                       the costs by WBS for each month of the
                       project. Use Figure 7-4: Surveyor Pro
                       project cost baseline in p.271in the
                       Schwalbe 6ed textbook as a guide.
                       10. Assume you have completed three
                       months of the project and have actual data.
                       The BAC was $500,000 for this six-month
                       project. Also assume the following:
                       PV = $160,000; EV = $150,000; AC =
                       Using the figures provided, write a short
                           report that answers the following
                           (a) What is the cost variance, schedule
                           variance, cost performance index (CPI)
                           and schedule performance index (SPI) for
                           the project?
                           (b) Use the CPI to calculate the estimate at
                           completion (EAC) for this project. Use the
                           SPI to estimate how long it will take to
                           finish this project t. Sketch an earned value
                           chart using the above information,
                           including the EAC point. Use Figure 7-6 in
                           the Schwalbe 6ed textbook as a guide.
                           Explain what this chart shows.
                           (c) How is the project doing? It is ahead of
                           schedule or behind schedule? Is it under
                           budget or over budget? Should you alert
                           your sponsor or other senior management
                           and ask for assistance?
                           11. You notice that several of the tasks that
                           involve getting inputs from consultants
                           outside of your own company have cost
                           more and taken longer to complete than
                           planned. You have talked to the
                           consultants several times but they say they
                           are doing the best they can. You also
                           underestimated travel costs for this project.
                           In about 500 words describe the corrective
                           action you could take to address these

Marking criteria for assignment 3

Marking Criteria                     Maximum       Marks
                                         Marks   Obtained
A P    Q1. Financial section of business 15
  a    case for project.
N r    Spreadsheet calculations are
  t    correct.
  1 Q2. Project charter for project.   15
W Details provided should be
    correct and consistent with the
E   case.
R P    Q3. WBS for the project.         5
  a    WBS should be appropriate and
S r    consistent with the case.
  t    Q4. Skeletal Gantt chart for the 5
  2    project in MS Project.
       Gantt chart is correct and
       consistent with the case.
   P   Q5. Task durations estimation    15
   a   and dependencies.
   r   The Gantt chart and network
   t   diagram are reasonable and
   3   consistent with the case.
       Q6. Assignment of people to      5
       each activity.
       Assignment of people is correct
       and consistent with the case.
       Q7. Development of               5
       contingency strategies.
       Contingency strategies should be
       correct and consistent with the
   P Q8. Cost estimate for the project. 10
   a Cost estimate is consistent with
  r the WBS and assumptions made
  t are reasonable.
  4 Q9. Preparation a cost baseline.   10
    Cost baseline is reasonable and
    consistent with the case.
    Q10. EV calculations.              (a) = 2
    EV calculations and                (b) = 5
    interpretation of results should   (c) = 3
    be correct.
    Q11. Development of corrective     5
    Corrective action should be
    correct and consistent with the
   Total (I) =                      100          0.0
P      Evidence of plagiarism or
E       collusion (max: -100 marks)
A      Poor English (incl.
L       grammatical & spelling
T       errors)
E Total (II) =                      (Max. -      0.0
S                                   100)
Final marks (I) – (II) =

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