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					                   IC based TV transmitter circuit
TV transmitter circuit.

High quality and very simple transmitter remote, IC-MC374 pursuant to this article.
MC1374 is TV modulator circuit can be integrated and used by the various TV channels.
MC1374 TV modulator is a circuit responsible for his necessary oscillator, FM, two
inputs RF modulator audio modulator, and So on and So forth. IC full of interesting
features like the high dynamic range, simple, low-distortion variable-gain RF modulator
power as little distortion of the agents real estate + or sync, etc. External IC components
are necessary and (5) 12V DC operation be used for voltage. Below is a chart of using the
MC1374 TV station.

MC1374 TV transmitter circuit

Description of the circuit court.
Video section.
The input circuit signal can be positive or negative. The output is approximately equal to
zero, if pin 1 and 11, the voltage is the same RF output increases linearly when the
voltage is the difference between the. Resistors R1, R2, and R3 is District Q factor, these
values are chosen so that approx. 15 is the Q, is the value of the IC. Associated with the
PIN 12 and 13 R8 modulator set strength gain. Output of the RF, which is 9-pin, the
source in fact, the causes of line 9 is connected to the truck with the positive input. RF
oscillator frequency monitors the tank circuit includes the L1 and C2 pins 7 and 6 L1 and
C2 RF-frequency oscillator is 105 MHz. controls of the L3 of the net present value, L4,
C11, C12 and C13 is the constant PI, low-pass filter which filters the second harmonic
frequency. The occurrence is one of them usually at high frequency the device very low.
Resistors R9 R11 has a video input circuit bias. The switch S1 TV3 or Channel 4 election
Audio part.
Transmission equipment for audio signal transmission frequency modulation. Inductor L2
pins 2 and 3 and the capacitor C3, 3 PIN, necessary for the circuit is connected the
reservoir sections Resonance FM ground. Focus on the resistance of the R12 and 13 R
form a network pin (pin14). The C6 is that a capacitor decoupling is the removal of the
capacitor C10 audio video input. Available on the IC PIN 3 connected to the resistance
pin (1) to the FM signal and capacitor C4 IC-R6 modulate and take then the signal is
modulated by according to the. The capacitor C9 suppressor filter depending on the need.
R4 and R5 in the network IC PIN 1. The noise is a B + % x IC (pin14) bypass capacitor
C14. This PIN may at the time of the closure of adapting to the most used as a sound
Specified in the annex.
• A collection of high-quality PCB circuit.
• Use the installation of door-IC.
• The circuit can be supplied to approximately 5-12 v DC.
• Use battery power supply circuitry reduces noise and improves.
• If the power of the domain controller is not used, then it must be regulated.
• L1 up to 4 wire # 22 0.25 inch of the plastic of the old.
• L2 40 turns of enamelled copper wire # 36 0, old 18 cm plastic.

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