Exploding Toilet Causes Severe Wounds

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                                   Exploding Toilet Causes Severe Wounds
                                   Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 19, 2012 - As funny as it sounds at first flush, it was an
                                   extremely serious incident.

                                   “This case is definitely strange,” said Darren Monroe of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan. “And not only
                                   strange, it makes you chuckle, until you find out that the extent of this man’s penetrating wounds required more
                                   than 25 stitches.”

                                   The back story of this $5 million lawsuit is about a supposedly unique toilet, called the Flushmate III. Apparently,
                                   the Flushmate III is designed to use water and air to create a more powerful flush, and while it may well flush
                                   powerfully, it apparently also sometimes explodes. While there is no count of how many toilets failed on their
                                   own, without an occupant on-board, there are currently 14 reports of impact and laceration injuries caused by the
                                   toilet exploding. This looks to be a defective product lawsuit seeking class-action status. “Overall, more than 300
                                   of these biffies have burst,” added Monroe.

                                   Of interest, the Flushmate III toilets were part of a recall; the company that made them has offered to send
                                   customers free repair kits. Unfortunately, it appears that the kits do not address what makes the toilets explode,
                                   which left customers fixing the toilets themselves or hiring outside help to do so. The badly injured individuals,
                                   the ones requiring stitches and suffering painful wounds from shattered porcelain piercing their buttocks and
                                   other private parts, now face serious medical bills.

                                   “How will they pay the bills and their other regular financial obligations if they cannot work? The perfect
                                   solution would be to apply for a lawsuit loan through a litigation funding company. A lawsuit loan is an
                                   emergency loan to help plaintiffs get on their feet financially, while they wait for their case to be resolved. It’s
                                   easy to apply for, user friendly and worth making a call to check it out,” added Monroe.

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Description: Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 19, 2012 As funny as it sounds at first flush, it was an extremely serious incident.