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            April 2002
          American Society
                                                 ASSE Connections
         of Safety Engineers                                                              April Breakfast Meeting on
                                       From the President’s Desk                                 Tuesday, 9th:
        Chattanooga Chapter
        Region 7, Chapter 53            Ethics: Our Response When No One Is
                                                       Looking                         Our next meeting will be held at
            PO Box 6002                                                                Wally's Restaurant at I-75 and
       Chattanooga, TN 37401          Sometime when I consider the ethically
                                                                                       Ringgold Road.
         Volume 1, Issue 7            challenged state of the world today, many
       CHAPTER OFFICERS               safety professionals are saying, “what’s the
                                      use”? In the context of our profession, the      Breakfast: 7:30 am to 8:00 am
     George Moody, CSP– President     decline in ethical business conduct is           Cost: $7
             423.752.3821             especially distressing.
                                                                                       Meeting: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
     Bill Kuzniak – Vice President    In today’s competitive environment, the          Speaker: The speaker for the April
             706.275.4340             drive for corporate success too often seems      meeting will be Jim Kirk from the
                                      to outweigh the morality of providing            Knoxville office of TOSHA.
         Dan Scott – Secretary        adequate safety measures.             Safety
                                                                                       Note: We will be electing officers
            706.370.5965              professionals like me sometimes have to
                                      struggle with distressing management             for next year at this meeting.
        Mike Lucas – Treasurer        statements such as, “If that stuff is so
            423.510-0010              hazardous, where are the bodies?" ”Today         Hope to see you there!
                                      we are more likely to hear, “When it comes
                                      to safety, we’re going to do just what the
  CHAPTER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL           law requires and not anything more!” Even
                                      worse, following the tooth extraction, which
          All Chapter Officers        Congress has done on OSHA, more
                                      employers are not even doing what the law
                   &                  requires.

     Janet Burnet- Communications     I have a dog that loves to eat the cat’s food.
            & New Members             He does not feel any sense of wrongdoing,
             423.954.3305             of course – unless he is caught. It was only
                                      wrong if he was caught, and that philosophy      WE HAVE A WINNER
             Jeff Tanner              seems to prevail throughout society today.
            423. 825-5247             It’s only wrong if it’s illegal and we are        We are happy to announce the Regional
                                      caught. Never mind ethics or the right thing        Science Fair Winner for this year.
              Jeff Romine             to do.                                             Timothy Brown was selected to win a
             423.892.5802                                                              $200 savings bond from our chapter. His
                                      Nevertheless, even in these trouble seas,
                                      there are anchor points. ASSE members             project was Highway Safety – Visibility
                                      are urged to provide their profession                     of Vehicle Tail Lights.
                                      according to the ASSE Code of                          Congratulations to Timothy!
                                      Professional Conduct. Further, Certified
                                      Safety Professionals (CSP) and Certified
Let’s all contribute to the success
                                      Industrial Hygienist (CIH) are bound by
 of the Chattanooga Connections
 ASSE Newsletter and send your
                                      solemn codes of ethics.                          ASSE Calendar
             articles to:             Let’s all remember that we must set an
                                      example to all of the work force where each      March 31           one of us works. Let’s make sure that we
                                      all as Safety Professionals practice what we     -End of the fiscal year.
    Chattanooga ASSE Chapter          From your President,
           PO Box 6002                                                                 -Rosters of Chapter members sent
     Chattanooga, TN 37401
                                      George Moody MS, CSP                             to Chapter Secretaries and
                                                                                       Membership Chairs.
April 1                                                 and adjust any respirators worn
                                                        according to the manufacturers'
                                                        instructions.                       ASSE COURSE SCHEDULES:
-Deadline for submitting
recommendations for Charles V.                     5.   Allow the employees an                 Certificate In Safety Management
Culbertson Volunteer Service                            opportunity to practice these    
Award to the Executive Committee                        procedures.
                                                                                             Certification Preparation Workshops
and submitting petitions for the                                                           
                                                   6.   Provide user seal check
MSA Safety Scholarship Award.                           instructions.                          At-A-Glance Education Schedule
                                                   7.   Fit test each employee to be
-Deadline for receipt of Society                        assigned a respirator.                        SeminarFest 2002
election ballots.                                                                     
                                                   8.   Instruct the employees in the
                                                        procedures for the maintenance        2002 PDC & Expo in Nashville, TN
May 31                                                  and storage of the respirators
                                                        being used.
- Deadline for receipt by Area
Director/RVP and at Society                        9.   Inform the employees how to
Headquarters of the previous                            recognize medical signs and
                                                        symptoms that may limit or
year's annual Chapter and Region
financial statements.
                                                        prevent the effective use of the
                                                                                            We need your IDEAS!
June 1                                             10. Document the successful             If you have any ideas about ways
                                                       completion of training and fit          our chapter can help in our
                                                       testing for all employees wearing   community, please speak up and
- Deadline for submitting incoming
Officer Report Form to                                                                                let us know.
Headquarters, which much include
the names of Chapter Delegates.
                                                                                               OFFICER NOMINATIONS
June 30
- Deadline for submitting updated                                                          Our Nomination Committee
Three-year Long Range Plan to                                                              is    recommending    the
Area Director/Regional Vice                                                                following as officers for
President.                                                                                 the chapter year
-Transfer all Chapter                                                                      2002 – 2003
administration materials to
incoming Chapter officers.                                                                 President - Bill Kuzniak
                                                   Professional Development
RESPIRATORY PROTECTION                                     Meetings                        Pres. Elect- Dan Scott
OSHA regulations require employers to            “All meetings are held on the
train and fit test employees who use                                                       Secretary - Mickey Davis
respiratory protection during the course of        second Tuesday of each
their workday. OSHA requires that each                      month.”                        Treasurer - Tim Stroth
employee must be medically evaluated
before the employee is fit tested. In
summary, employers must:

     1.   Maintain a written respiratory
                                                4.9.02 - Wally’s Restaurant, 8 am
                                                                                             Brake Failures
          protection program with worksite      TOSHA Issues – TOSHA Speaker
          specific procedures for fit testing                                                 Cause Death
          and training.                         5.14.02 - Wally’s Restaurant, 8 am                       (From MSHA)

     2.   Provide instruction on the            Steel Erection Standard                       STATIC + DYNAMIC = TRAGIC
          respiratory hazards to which the
          workers are potentially exposed       6.11.02 – Wally’s Restaurant, 8 am
          during routine and emergency                                                     TRAGIC
                                                Science Fair Winner

     3.   Provide instruction on the uses       “We guarantee that you will                   Since October 2001, seven
          and limitations of all respirators
          worn in the work area.
                                                enjoy a great meal and learn                  miners have been fatally
                                                  something new at each                       injured in accidents involving
     4.   Instruct and demonstrate to                    meeting!”                            mobile equipment.
          employees how to properly don
STATIC                                approaches.
                                                                              The business community is also
    Two accidents happened when       • Equipment should be operated in       anticipating the appropriations
                                      lower gears conducive to safe           process, particularly in the Senate.
    mobile equipment moved while
                                      travel on steep grades.                 There is a strong possibility that an
    parked. The parking brake was
                                                                              attempt will be made to add
    not fully set.
                                      • Seat belts should be provided         language to the FY 2003 Labor-
                                      and worn whenever mobile                HHS Appropriations bill telling
DYNAMIC                               equipment is being operated             OSHA that they need to
                                                                              promulgate a new regulation.
    Five accidents occurred when
    equipment operators lost          Ergonomics Plan… Promise to                AMERICAN SOCIETY OF
    control of mobile equipment.      Focus on Results, Not                       SAFETY ENGINEERS
    Defective brakes were a factor    Requirements                            OFFERS ERGONOMIC TIPS FOR
    in four of the five accidents.                                                BUSINESSES, HOME
Best Practices                        On Friday, March 22, Assistant               DES PLAINES, IL (March 28,
• Mobile equipment brake systems      Secretary of Labor for                  2002)      -     With       workplace
should be maintained to the           Occupational Safety and Health          musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
original equipment manufacturer's     John L. Henshaw spoke before the        being      the      single      largest
specifications.                       National Coalition on Ergonomics.       occupational safety and health
                                      He said that the Occupational           problem in the U.S. according to
• Original equipment                  Safety and Health Administration        the      National      Institute     of
manufacturer's load limits should     (OSHA) is still working on its          Occupational Safety and Health,
not be exceeded.                      comprehensive ergonomics plan           the American Society of Safety
                                      and that it would be revealed           Engineers         (ASSE)         urges
                                      “soon.” He said that the plan would
• Regularly scheduled brake                                                   employers      to     develop      and
                                      not be a one-size-fits-all proposal,    implement now an effective
system examinations should be
                                      but that it would take the diversity    ergonomic system to reduce those
                                      among businesses into account.          injuries. An initial investment in
                                      He also said that it would address
• Mobile equipment brake systems      the science issues of ergonomics,
                                                                              ergonomic programs removes
should be tested before the                                                   barriers to quality, productivity and
                                      economic impacts of any                 human performance by fitting
equipment is placed into service to   measures and the feasibility of the
assure that they are operational                                              products, tasks, and environments
                                      solutions. He said that he was          to people and in the long run will
and capable of stopping the           extremely concerned about the
equipment.                                                                    save millions later.
                                      Clinton Administration regulation
                                      that Congress overturned through        "Increased productivity, reduced
• Mobile equipment should not be      the Congressional Review Act            workers' compensation and health
left unattended unless the controls   because it took resources away          claims and a decline in the number
are placed in the park position and   from businesses rather than             of lost work-days are just a few of
the parking brake is set.             assisting them in improving worker      the benefits realized," Eddie Greer,
                                      safety. He said that objective of the   ASSE president, said today.
• When parked on a grade, the         new proposal will truly be to           "Efficient ergonomic systems are a
wheels of mobile equipment            reduce injuries and that the plan       valuable asset for business and
should either be chocked or turned    will focus on results, not              increases the U.S.' ability to
into a bank.                          requirements.                           compete in a rapidly changing
                                                                              global market."
• Roadways should be maintained       Senator John Breaux (D-La.) is
in a manner conducive to safe         preparing to introduce a new            Last year Congress overturned the
travel.                               version of his legislation to require   federal Occupational Safety and
                                      OSHA to promulgate a new                Health Administration's (OSHA)
• Mobile equipment should be          ergonomics regulation. It is a bit      ergonomic      standard.     ASSE
operated at speeds compatible         more onerous than the bill, H.R.        supported the adoption of a federal
with road and weather conditions.     598, he introduced last year. The       standard, but did not agree with all
                                      business community is urging Sen.       of the components of the OSHA
• Signs warning equipment             Breaux to hold off on introduction      standard (see ASSE ergonomic
operators of road hazards and safe    of this legislation until OSHA          policy at However,
speeds should be posted at all        releases its plan.                      ASSE and its 30,000 members
who are occupational safety,             angle for the sit/stand and the         electrical system and upgrade it if
health      and       environmental      standing                       user.    necessary to assure the current
professionals, acknowledge that          * For lighting and glare the            protection and load will meet
many industries, but not enough,         characters on the computer screen       demands.
long ago foresaw the positive            should be brighter than the screen
benefits for their workers and their     background. Bright light sources in
bottom line and implemented              the peripheral field of the computer    * Develop a fire evacuation plan
successful ergonomic programs.           screen should be avoided. The           (such as installing a ladder as an
                                         computer screen should be               escape route if your office is on the
ASSE recognizes that there is no         positioned to avoid glare. By           second                         floor).
one-size-fits all approach to            adjusting the window shades and
ergonomics, but recommends the           moving or tilting the terminal can
following tips to increase safety        help avoid glare and screen             * Move desks closer to power
and comfort in the workplace:            reflections.                            outlets and phone jacks --- or
                                                                                 install new outlets. Make sure
* A chair should have a five point       * For posture the head should be        installed fire extinguishers are
star base for stability, an              tilted 15° forward or less to           acceptable for multiple exposures.
adjustable backrest (angle, height,      maintain a vertical position. The
and depth) that provides lumbar          elbows should be kept close to the
support and an adjustable seat           body or supported. The lumbar           Notes from our Chapter Meeting
pan       (height,    forward     and    curve of the back should be
backward, and tilt angle). Armrests      maintained. Feet should never be                     3.12.2002
should be padded, adjustable up          allowed to dangle and should            Our President, George Moody, called
and down, in and out and swivel          always be supported.                    the March meeting to order at 8 am.
(e.g., like a wrist rest). The edge of
                                         * Dry eye can occur because             The minutes of our previous meeting
the seat pan should be at least
                                         people tend to blink less when          were approved as published in the
four inches from the soft tissue
                                                                                 chapter newsletter. George Moody
area behind the knee.                    viewing monitors. Due to this,
                                                                                 provided the Treasurers report since
                                         fatigue   can     also set  in.
                                                                                 Mike Lucas was out of town. There
* The top of a computer display          For the home office:
                                                                                 were 18 members of our chapter
screen should be slightly below                                                  present for the meeting.
eye level (20°).                         * Be wary of falls that could occur
                                         when reaching high shelves and          All the members agreed with the
* A document holder that is the          storage, and tripping on cables,        Executive                 Committees
same height and distance from the        wires, ironing cords, toys, fans,       recommendation to provide Aquarium
user as the display screen should        etc.                                    admission tickets to the ASSE
be provided when the primary task                                                Foundation for use at the Professional
is data entry.                           * Floor surfaces should be in good      Development Conference in Nashville.
                                         condition -- carpets not torn or        George reviewed the list of proposed
* Keyboards should be detachable         frayed and be affixed to the floor or   officers for the new chapter year.
and      adjustable     to    allow      have     slip   resistance      pads
straight/parallel     hand-forearm       underneath them.                        George advised the membership of the
posture.       This    is     often                                              membership promotion sponsored by
accomplished using a wrist rest.         * Avoid having heated surfaces          ASSE National. They have agreed to
ASSE experts recommend that the          such as coffee makers, hot plates       waive the $25 registration fee for any
height of the wrist rest should          and portable heaters in the office      new members through May 31.
equal the home row key height.           as they could trigger a fire.           Dan Scott reviewed a letter from the
Fingers on the home row of a                                                     Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health
keyboard should be approximately         * Be aware that in older homes,         Department        expressing      their
0 to +1.5 inches above the elbow         the existing electrical circuits may    appreciation for the donation provided
rest height. The keyboard slope          not be able to handle the additional    by our chapter
should be no greater than 15°            electrical load from fax machines,
                                         computers, scanners and other           Janice Horn of TDEC then provided an
                                                                                     entertaining overview of the
* A desk or tabletop should allow        office equipment as well as air
                                                                                     Tennessee     Department       of
legroom for posture adjustments          conditioning units used explicitly in       Environment and Conservation.
for the seated worker while also         the office.
providing a 90° angle of the elbow
and the work surface. The same is        *    Have      a   licensed/bonded       WEBSITE OF THE MONTH
also true regarding the elbow            electrician   inspect the home 

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