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									 Maximizing Online Effectiveness with Facebook Metrics

Social media’s online networking sites have today become the favorite place where one can interact
with friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and others with similar interests. Being web-based the
social media is defined as interactive platforms through which individuals and communities create
and share user-generated content through chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file-sharing,
blogging and discussion groups. With high levels of engagement inherent within social media, this
has become one of the preferred channels for brand and consumer interaction for the corporate
sector too. The popularity of the social media and social networking sites such as Facebook is
showcased by the way this has become a part of everyday online activities.

Though technological innovations has made social media scalable and accessible through any device,
the networking platforms like facebook has made social media a powerful source for news updates
too. With statistics of approximately 1 Billion global consumers accessing this site and 93% of
businesses using it for marketing, social media analytics are considered important tools to measure
and increase the online effectiveness. The rapid growth of facebook market brings in the need to
understand how these new-age communications tool can change the way businesses operate.
Understanding the facebook metrics will help enterprises with new insights and key performance
indicators (KPIs) that can be used to maximize marketing results.

Understanding customer behavior is the basic requirement for a successful business strategy. In e-
commerce industry, intelligence social provides an essential gateway into customer behavior and
Facebook metrics provides the enterprises with an entirely new paradigm for measuring interactive
marketing. Put together, these paves way for expansion of organizational reach, increasing customer
retention and revenue generation.

Leading service providers who help enterprises in handling customers with social analytics and
advanced analytics have designed and developed solutions to effectively measure facebook metrics.
Such facebook analytic solutions will help enterprises with ability to track web data, measure social
media metrics such as volume, reach, engagement, reach and share of voice or comparison with

Consistency and preparation is a vital factor for effective social media. By paying attention to these
facebook metrics will provide enterprises with immediate feedback of the content performance and
help them understand the impact of effectiveness of the social media activity. Further, this will pave
way for generation of newer methods to optimize products, features, content and campaigns for
faster and better interactions. The easy-to use facebook metrics solutions acts as visualization
interface to faster insights and key performance indicators that help enterprises with smarter
operating decisions.

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