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					Worksheet (Ch. 10)

   SPORT             EQUIPMENT          SPORTSWEAR             PLACE/VENUE
                        towel                    gloves           boxing ring
 people, verbs,         stool                    shorts           hall
 vocabulary for
   CRICKET              bat
                                           whites
                        ball
                                           shin pads               pitch
 people, verbs,         stumps
                                           box
 vocabulary for         wicket
                        bat
                        table                                      sports hall
 people, verbs,                         normal sportswear
                        ball
 vocabulary for
 (known as field
                                           tee-shirt
    hockey in
                        hockey stick      shorts
    America)                                                        hockey field
                        ball              hockey boots
                                           shin pads
 people, verbs,
 vocabulary for
                        hockey stick
                                                                    ice rink
 ICE HOCKEY             puck

                        1 metre & 3       swimming costume
    DIVING               metre spring       (female) (slang:
                         boards                                     pool
 people, verbs,         diving board      swimming trunks
 vocabulary for                             (male)
     diving                                swimming cap

                        cue
                        9 balls           casual clothing         pool hall
                        pool table

                                           swimming costume
                        ear-plugs          (female) (slang:
                        nose-clip          'cossie')
                        armbands          swimming trunks         pool
 people, verbs,         floats             (male)
 vocabulary for
                        goggles           swimming cap
   SPORT                 PEOPLE       ACTION VERBS
                                         to box
                                         to punch
                                                                         an uppercut
                                         to jab
   BOXING                                                                a southpaw
                                         to duck
                        boxer                                           a knockout
                                         to parry
   equipment,           referee                                         the count
                                         to dodge
clothes, place for                                                       a round
                                         to knock s.o. out
     boxing                                                              the bell
                                         to be knocked down
                                         to come round

                                         to play table-tennis           a rally
                                         to play doubles                a leg
                                         to serve                       a match
                                         to chop                        service
TABLE-TENNIS                             to loop                        sidespin
                        player          to return a serve
    equipment,          umpire          to do topspin          SCORES
clothes, place for                       to do
   table-tennis                           forehand/backhand              0-0 = love all
                                         to bounce                      2-0 = two/love
                                         to double-bounce               20-20 = deuce
                                         to score a point               21-11= game/eleven

                                                                         team
                                                                         the circle
                                                                         the penalty corner

                                                                 TO BE ......
   HOCKEY                                to play hockey
                                         to do a ........
                                                                         offside
                                         to tackle
                                                                         disqualified
                        player          to block
                        goalkeeper      to cross sticks
   equipment,                                                    TO DO ......
                        umpire          to push the ball
clothes, place for
                                         to flick the ball
                                         to score (against..)           a reverse stick
                                         to blow the whistle            a flick
                                                                         a push
                                                                         a slapshot
                                                                         a bully
                                                                         a side hit
                                                                         a cross

   CRICKET                               to play cricket                leg before wicket
                        cricketer
                                         to bat                         a century
                        umpire
   equipment,                            to win/lose the toss           runs
clothes, place for                       to bowl
     cricket                                      to hit the ball for six
                                                  to be caught out
                                                  to have (10) runs

                                                  to dive                   TO DO:
    DIVING                                        to enter the water
                                                   (like a dart)                     a forward 1½ somersault
                        a diver
   equipment,                                     to create too much                 with 1 twist
clothes, place for                                 splash                            a back .... with ......
     diving                                       to do a belly-flop                a reverse ..... with ....

                        a pool player            to play pool                      chalk

                                                  to swim
                                                  to float                          a gala
                                                  to do backstroke                  a belly-flop (slang for
                        a swimmer                to do the                          doing a horizontal dive
   equipment,                                      butterflystroke/the                and landing on your
clothes, place for                                 crawl/the                          stomach)
   swimming                                        breaststroke

                                                                              


        Do you prefer playing with feet or hands? Football soccer and basketball games are very
interesting, good for the body, and health, but they are also so different. I am going to show you
some differences between soccer and basketball games.

       The first difference is related to the parts of the body that are involved in the game. In
basketball you can touch the ball with the hands. Players need to bounce and pass the ball
away from them. On the contrary, in soccer, only the goal keeper can touch the ball with the
hands, in the majority of the games, the players play with the hands inside of the court, it is fault.

        Other difference is the number of players that play in each game. The basketball game
only has 5 players that include pillars, wings, and frontiers. In that, the players can change the
position and everybody can score points. On the other hand, a soccer game has 11 players that
include one goalkeeper, defenses, midfielders, and strikers. Each one has a position in the court
and is difficult that the goalkeeper or defenses score points.

        Finally, the form of scoring points is different too. Basketball’s players can have three
different forms to score points called baskets. The firs and more common is when a player
throws inside of the small area, it counts two points. The second form is when the players throw
outside of the small area, and they can get three points the other is when they can have a free
throw, and it counts only one point. Unlike basketball, in a soccer game, all the throws have the
same point, but it only counts one point and this is called goal.

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