Planning the Funeral Service of a Loved One

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					Planning the Funeral Services of a Loved One
Coping with the passing of a loved one is one of life’s hardest challenges. When a beloved family
member or other individual passes away it can be very difficult for the surviving family members to
perform a few necessary tasks such as planning the funeral services for the deceased individual.

This can be sometimes unpleasant or heart wrenching as the prospect of dealing with such business like
decisions can feel to some as being insensitive to the memory of the deceased but rest assured that
proper planning of a funeral service in Salt Lake City is, in fact, a responsible and necessary act that
needs to be managed by the next of kin. It is important to here remember, however, that the family
members of the deceased will not be left to themselves through this process if the services of an
established funeral home are retained.

The Staff is There to Help
Funeral home staff members are trained professionals who will assist in any way the carrying forth of
the funeral services, including advising and helping with the planning phase of the services. Still, it is
important for the family members themselves to know how to plan for a service and what types of items
concerning funeral services need to be taken care of following the death of a loved one.

Firstly is to consider and decide when funeral services for the deceased will take place. Services to
                                                            honor and remember the deceased can take
                                                            place before or after the burial or cremation
                                                            but the timing of the services will greatly
                                                            affect the other proceedings and should
                                                            therefore be agreed upon soon after the
                                                            person passes.

                                                        Akin to when the funeral should take place is
                                                        where the funeral services will take place.
                                                        Most funeral homes will have a specious room
                                                        in which the family can choose to hold the
                                                        funeral services or a block of time at a local
church or other house of worship may also be requested and reserved for the holding of funeral

Planning the Proceedings
After the time and location of the funeral services have been decided upon the family, with the support
and help of the funeral home, can begin to plan out the proceedings of the funeral service. If the
deceased was a member of the military or a fraternal or societal group, those organizations may be
contacted to provide their distinct commemorative services such as the presentation of the American
flag by the military to its deceased veterans.
                                                 Some aspects of a traditional funeral service may be
                                                 omitted by the family of the deceased if so desired but
                                                 usually a gathering of individuals to a funeral will come
                                                 to remember the individual and commemorate the
                                                 deceased’s life. This means that a family should provide
                                                 a eulogy or eulogies to be spoken or read during the
                                                 service by individuals, such as other family members,
                                                 who were close to the deceased or who had cherished
                                                 relationships with them.

                                                The services themselves can be much altered and
arranged by the family of the deceased to fit the needs, both financially and practically, of that family.
Perhaps the most important aspect to remember when planning a funeral is the wishes of those
individuals who have passed away through examination of their will or other documents that will offer
suggestions on how they wish their funeral services to be orchestrated.