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					      SMS: The Short
                                                                                            accepted cell phone network specifica-
                                                                                            tion the European Telecommunications
                                                                                            Standards Institute created. Presently,

      Message Service
                                                                                            the 3rd Generation Partnership Project
                                                                                            maintains the SMS standard.
                                                                                               SMS messages are handled via a
                                                                                            short message service center that the
                                                                                            cellular provider maintains for the end
      Jeff Brown, Bill Shipman, and Ron Vetter                                              devices. The SMSC can send SMS
      University of North Carolina Wilmington                                               messages to the end device using a
                                                                                            maximum payload of 140 octets. This
                                                                                            defines the upper bound of an SMS
                                                                                            message to be 160 characters using
                                     Although it is a widely used                           7-bit encoding. It is possible to specify
                                                                                            other schemes such as 8-bit or 16-bit
                                     communication mechanism for cell                       encoding, which decreases the maxi-
                                     phone users, SMS is far more than                      mum message length to 140 and 70
                                                                                            characters, respectively.
                                     just a technology for teenage chat.                       Text messages can also be used for
                                                                                            sending binary data over the air.
                                                                                            Typically, specific applications on the
                                                                                            phone handle messages that contain

                                                                                            binary data—for example, to down-
                ell phones have become an         interest in the thumb-driven phenom-      load ring tones, switch on and off ani-
                integral part of the modern       enon has only recently skyrocketed.       mation, exchange picture messages,
                world, providing human con-       Consider these statistics from the        or change the look and feel of the
                nectivity in a way never be-      Cellular Telecommunications & Inter-      handset’s graphical user interface.
                fore possible. A recent United    net Association (CTIA), the interna-      The system can segment messages
      Nations report (www.cellular-news.          tional association for the wireless       that exceed the maximum length into
      com/story/25833.php) estimated that         telecommunications industry:              shorter messages, but then it must use
      the total number of mobile phone sub-                                                 part of the payload for a user-defined
      scribers in the world now exceeds 2.68        • In 1995, roughly 13 percent of the    header that specifies the segment
      billion. Around 80 percent of the               US population had cell phones; by     sequence information.
      world’s population has mobile phone             June 2007, it was 80 percent.            SMSCs operate in either a store-
      coverage, with 90 percent coverage            • In 2000, 14.4 million text mes-       and-forward or a forward-and-forget
      forecast by 2010 (            sages were sent per month; by June    paradigm. In the store-and-forward
      textually/archives/2006/10/013841.              2007, the number had increased to     paradigm, the system resends the mes-
      htm).                                           28.8 billion per month, which rep-    sage for some period of time until it is
        While most cell phones are used for           resents a 130 percent increase over   successfully received. In a forward-
      their original intent—making tele-              June 2006.                            and-forget paradigm, the system sends
      phone calls wirelessly—these devices          • In the second quarter of 2007,        the message to the end device without
      are also loaded with other features             Verizon Wireless alone says it han-   assurance of receipt or an attempt to
      that are often little used or even              dled 28.4 billion text messages.      redeliver in the case of failure.
      ignored. One feature that users have                                                     The SMS protocol stack comprises
      begun to fully exploit in recent years is     Based on these numbers, it is           four layers: the application layer, the
      the short message service or text mes-      evident that SMS messaging is becom-      transfer layer, the relay layer, and the
      saging. This basic service allows the       ing a widely used communication           link layer. Table 1 provides an exam-
      exchange of short text messages be-         mechanism for cell phone users. The       ple of a transfer protocol data unit.
      tween subscribers. According to Wiki-       “Typical SMS Applications” side-
      pedia, the first commercial short text       bar lists the variety of uses for this    SMS CONCEPTS AND
      message was sent in 1992 (http://en.        technology.                               SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE                                                       To fully understand how the various
      service).                                   THE SMS SPECIFICATION                     components in the SMS system archi-
        Although the popularity of text             SMS technology evolved out of the       tecture interact, it is worthwhile to first
      messaging is well established in many       Global System for Mobile Communi-         discuss a few SMS concepts and the role
      countries, in others, such as the US,       cations standard, an internationally      of several independent system entities.

106     Computer
Short codes
   A short code is an abbreviated num-
ber (four, five, or six digits) that is used
                                                         Typical SMS Applications
as an “address” for text messages.                       CONSUMER APPLICATIONS
Individual carriers can use short codes                    •   Person-to-person messaging: (chat with friends)
that are valid only on their network or                    •   Interactive information services: (text to get today’s weather forecast)
are interoperable across network car-                      •   Entertainment services: (download a ring tone)
riers (known as a common short code).                      •   Location-based services: (restaurant suggestions based on handset location)
For example, a carrier might need to
send a text message to a subscriber                      CORPORATE APPLICATIONS
concerning changes in policy or phone                      • Notification and alert services: (emergency broadcast messages)
configuration, and it probably would                        • Managing contacts, correspondence, and appointments: (SMS
send such a message from a short code                        integration with Microsoft Outlook)
only that carrier uses. On the other                       • Vehicle location: (bus tracking)
hand, common short codes can be
used to send messages to and from                        CELL OPERATOR APPLICATIONS
users on multiple cellular networks.                       • Subscriber identity module updates—network operators can remotely
   In the US, one entity, the CTIA                           update data stored on a mobile phone’s SIM card: (remotely update cus-
(www., adminis-                            tomer service profiles or address book entries)
ters common short codes. Content                           • WAP push—push a URL of the content to be displayed, and a browser on
providers can lease a common short                           the mobile phone presents the content to the subscriber: (push a media-
code, thereby allowing subscribers to                        rich advertisement to a user and automatically display it within the mobile
text a keyword to the provider’s short                       phone’s browser)
code, and the provider can respond
with information specific to the key-
word used. For example, texting the                     Because short codes also have pre-                  E-mail gateways
word “movie” to short code 90947                        mium billing capabilities, wireless                   In the US, most messages sent to
might result in a text message being                    subscribers can send text messages to               applications or services are addressed
returned to the sender that contains                    short codes to access and pay for a                 to a short code instead of a standard
a list of movies showing at a local                     variety of mobile content and services.             phone number. It’s possible to offer a
theater.                                                For example, if a user sends a text to              service through a cellular modem,
   Google offers a variety of interactive               get a daily horoscope, a charge for                 which is, in effect, a cell phone hooked
SMS applications through its short                      the content will appear on the next                 to a computer. However, cellular
code 466453 (                    phone bill.                                         modems are quite slow and not

 Table 1. Transfer protocol data unit: 07917283010010F5040BC87238880900F10000993092516195800AE8329BFD4697D9EC37

 Octet(s)                       Description

 07                             Length of the SMSC information (in this case, 7 octets).
 91                             Type-of-address of the SMSC (91 means international format of the phone number).
 72 83 01 00 10 F5              Service center number (in decimal semi-octets). The length of the phone number is odd (11), so a trailing F has been
                                added to form proper octets. The phone number of this service center is “+27381000015.”
 04                             First octet of this SMS-DELIVER message.
 0B                             Address length. Length of the sender number (0B hexidecimal = 11 decimal).
 C8                             Type-of-address of the sender number.
 72 38 88 09 00 F1              Sender number (decimal semi-octets), with a trailing F (“+27838890001”).
 00                             Protocol identifier (00 = SME-to-SME protocol—implicit).
 00                             Data coding field (00 = 7 bit, 01 = 8 bit, 10 = 16 bit, 11 = reserved).
 99 30 92 51 61 95 80           Time stamp (semi-octets) in order (YY, MM, DD, HH, MM, SS, TIMEZONE in relation to GMT in units of 15 minutes). So,
                                0x99 0x30 0x92 0x51 0x61 0x95 0x80 means 29 Mar 1999 15:16:59 GMT+2.
 0A                             User data length: length of message. The data coding field indicated 7-bit data, so the length here is the number of septets
                                (10). If the data coding field were set to indicate 8-bit data or Unicode, the length would be the number of octets (9).
 E8329BFD4697D9EC37             Message “hellohello,” 8-bit octets representing 7-bit data.

 More details can be found at

                                                                                                                                            December 2007      107
                                                                                                Figure 1 shows. An aggregator is a
                                                                                                business entity that negotiates agree-
                    SMS                                                                         ments with network providers to act
                                                                                                as a middleman providing access to a
                                                                                                cellular network for messaging ser-
                                                                                                vices to third parties who have no
                                                                                                direct relationship with the cellular
                                                                                                network. The message aggregator uses
                                                                                                the SMPP to maintain connections
                    SMS                             SMPP                 API                    with carrier networks. Aggregators
                                                                                                typically provide access to their
                                                                                                servers either through SMPP or using
                                                                                                custom APIs written in Java, PHP,
                                                           SMS broker            Content
                                                                               server and       Perl, and so on.
                                                                                software           Most aggregators will also manage
                                                                               applications     the rental of the common short code
                                                                                                for clients who do not want to deal
                                                                                                directly with the CTIA. Another
                                                                                                important function of the aggregator
                                     SMSC                                                       is to assist with provisioning of the
        Mobile users            Service providers          Aggregator      Content provider     short code on the various carriers.
                                                                                                Before a carrier allows the use of a
      Figure 1. SMS system architecture. Rather than communicating directly with the various    short code on its network, it requires
      SMSCs, content providers go through a message aggregator.The message aggregator           a complete description of how the
      uses the SMPP to maintain connections with carrier networks.                              code will be used, including how sub-
                                                                                                scribers will opt in and opt out of sub-
      intended for production environments          This is a store-and-forward operation.      scription services. The provisioning
      requiring any significant volume.             The SMSC usually has a configurable          process can take eight weeks or more.
      Most carriers provide e-mail-to-SMS           time limit for how long it will store the
      gateways that receive e-mail messages         message, and users can usually spec-        Content providers
      and convert them to SMS messages.             ify a shorter time limit if they want.         A mobile content provider is an
      For example, an e-mail addressed to              Figure 1 depicts the general system      entity that provides value-added con- could               architecture for sending and receiving      tent and applications for mobile
      trigger an SMS message for 1123-              SMS messages. Each service provider         devices. For example, when a mobile
      5551234 on mycarrier’s network.               operates one or more SMSCs. Mobile          phone user sends an interactive text
         Some companies offer bulk SMS              users’ SMS messages are sent through a      message to retrieve information, the
      services and deliver their messages           wireless link via a cell tower to the       content provider returns the informa-
      through e-mail-to-SMS gateways.               SMSC. The SMSC access protocols             tion (in this case, a text message back
      However, not only are these e-mail            enable interactions between two SMSCs       to the user) through the aggregator.
      gateways one-way and unreliable, but          or interactions between external short-     The aggregator is responsible for
      carriers also actively monitor them           message entities (SMEs) and an SMSC.        transmitting the message to the end
      and can block them at any time. Some          SMEs are software applications on net-      user. This second transmission actu-
      gateways automatically block mes-             work elements (such as a mobile hand-       ally masks two transmissions: first a
      sages originating from an IP address          set) or hardware devices that can send      transmission from the aggregator to
      when volume reaches a certain                 and receive short messages. The SMS         the cellular provider, and then a trans-
      threshold. This could cause serious           Forum has adopted the Short Message         mission from the cellular provider to
      problems in the event of mass text            Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol to enable      the mobile handset.
      messages being sent for emergency             interactions between external SMEs and
      notification purposes.                         service centers that the different manu-    BUILDING APPLICATIONS
                                                    facturers maintain and operate.               We have established the hardware,
      SMS centers                                                                               software, and network infrastructure
        When a user sends a text message to         Message aggregators                         necessary to build and deploy ad-
      another user, the phone actually sends          Typically, content providers do not       vanced SMS applications. We have
      the message to the SMSC, which                communicate directly with the vari-         registered a short code and established
      stores the message and then delivers it       ous SMSCs, but instead go through a         a new company, Mobile Education, to
      when the recipient is on the network.         broker, or message aggregator, as           develop two-way SMS-based applica-

108     Computer
tions. We have formed this company         Fees and the                                short code. This means that you can
with the expressed intent of develop-      provisioning process                        send messages that come from the
ing and marketing intellectual prop-          The fee to lease the common short        demo code, and if a message sent to
erty that we are creating in partnership   code simply guarantees that no one          that code starts with a special key-
with the University of North Carolina      else can use that code. A carrier must      word established for you, then the
Wilmington.                                provision a code before the code can        message is routed to your server.
   Mobile Education (www.mymobed.          be used on its network. The provi-          However, some aggregators do not
com) currently hosts the following         sioning process is complicated, expen-      allow any testing with their servers
SMS-based applications for UNCW            sive, and takes up to eight weeks.          until you have signed a contract.
students:                                     During the provisioning process, the
                                           carriers examine how their users will       Message sending rates
  • a subscription service for daily       interact with the applications associ-        There are also vast differences in the
    campus activities and events;          ated with the short code. They are par-     rate at which you can send messages.
  • an interactive system to request       ticularly interested in applications that   Some plans allow only two messages
    and receive real-time shuttle bus      involve users subscribing to receive        per second, and some claim rates of
    information;                           messages on a regular basis. They           up to 100 per second. Some aggrega-
  • an application that integrates with    require double opt-in, which means          tors allow you to send a message to
    the student Banner system to allow     that the user requests the subscription     users knowing only their phone num-
    students to request and retrieve a     and then confirms. Users must be able        ber, while some require that you also
    grade for a particular course;         to send a message with the keyword          know their service provider.
  • an interactive service to get campus   “stop” to indicate that they do not
    activity and event information,        want to receive any more messages.          Carrier rules and restrictions
    specifically movie dates and times                                                    Another important aspect of com-
    at the campus theater; and                                                         mon short codes is that the mobile
  • a broadcast text-message-based            Maintaining a common                     content providers who register them
    alert system for campus-originated      short code is an expensive,                must agree to a long list of network
    emergency information.                                                             operator rules and restrictions. For
                                             long-term commitment                      example, the following is a statement
  We have learned some valuable                    and should be                       for text message content from a typi-
lessons while establishing this new          thoroughly researched.                    cal short code registration agreement:
                                                                                          The following content is not
Vanity code or random code                   The cost of provisioning a short             allowed: adult (swimsuit pictures
   The process of obtaining a short        code will generally be between $2,000          are ok), or any unlawful, harmful,
code is different from country to coun-    and $4,000, including aggregator and           threatening, defamatory, obscene,
try. In the US, obtaining a short code     carrier setup fees. The monthly fee to         harassing, or racially, ethically or
requires choosing between a “vanity”       maintain service with an aggregator is         otherwise objectionable content.
and a “random” code. Short codes that      generally between $1,000 and $1,500.           Services that facilitate illegal activ-
spell a name, such as Google = 466453                                                     ity, gambling, promote violence,
or Hawks = 42957, are known as van-        Working with aggregators                       promote discrimination, promote
ity short codes. Vanity codes cost           There are significant differences            illegal activities, or incorporate any
$1,000 per month. Random short             between aggregators, and you should            materials that infringe or assist oth-
codes, which might or might not spell      look closely at more than one before           ers to infringe on any copyright,
a word, generally cost $500 per month.     choosing. Several companies that sell          trademark, or other intellectual
Being only five- or six-digit numbers,      aggregator services do not actually            property rights are prohibited.
random short codes are still fairly easy   maintain SMPP connections with car-
to remember, so it might or might not      rier SMSCs, but go through another            In many cases, network operators
be worth the extra $500 per month          aggregator instead.                         even provide lists of inappropriate
cost to get a vanity code.                   The custom APIs that aggregators          words that cannot be used within the
   You can find out who has registered      provide differ widely—some require a        content that traverses their networks.
many of the short codes assigned in the    constant socket connection, while oth-      They can decide to shut down your
US via the Common Short Code               ers use XML over HTTP and do not            short code if you breach the agree-
Administration Directory (www.             rely on a constant connection. Some         ment you signed to gain access or the US Common         aggregators have relatively inexpen-        to their network. These restrictions
Short Code WHOIS Directory (www.           sive testing programs and allow you         are considerably different from the                    to test their API on a demonstration        Internet.

                                                                                                                   December 2007    109
     One more reason to become an
     IEEE Computer Society member                                       Policy issues
                                                                           Maintaining a common short code
                                                                        requires working very closely with an
          IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY                                         aggregator and being bound by the

    e-learning campus
                                                                        limitations of its policies and software.
                                                                        It’s an expensive, long-term commit-
                                                                        ment and should be thoroughly
     Advance your career and improve your knowledge
                  with online resources

                                                                              he short message service has
                                                                              emerged as one of the most pop-
                                                                              ular wireless services. SMS is far
 Further your         Online Courses
                      Over 1,300 technical courses available
                                                                        more than just a technology for teenage
                                                                        chat. Mobile marketing campaigns are
career or just        online for Computer Society members.              already a very profitable business and
                                                                        growing rapidly. Next-generation SMS
increase your         IEEE Computer Society Digital Library             applications will incorporate location-
                                                                        based capabilities that are now being
   knowledge          The Digital Library provides decades of
                      authoritative peer-reviewed research at your
                                                                        incorporated into mobile handsets.
                                                                        This will enable a new set of innova-
                      fingertips: Have online access to 25 society       tive services that are targeted and per-
                      magazines and transactions, and more than         sonalized, further refining mobile
    The e-Learning    1,700 selected conference proceedings.            advertising models and driving revenue
                                                                        growth for carrier operators, aggrega-
 campus provides                                                        tors, and mobile content providers. ■
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