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Weddings And

a Funeral

STARRING KIM Dong-yun, RYOO Hyoun-kyoung, SONG Yong-jin, JUNG Ae-



A Generation Blue Films PRODUCTION


PRODUCERS LEE Sun-mi, LEE Ji-yeon, KIM Jung-young




SOUND LEE Sung-jin, HAN Myung-hwan RECORDING CHOI Min-ho



You can’'t say anything about our marriage.

Keep it secret till death do us part!
Min-su (KIM Dong-yun), a homosexual, wants to live a life free from his parents, while Hyo-

jin(RYOO Hyoun-kyoung) wants to adopt a baby and raise him with her partner. Doctors

working together at the same hospital, Min-su and Hyo-jin decide to have a fake marriage

for their respective wish. They seem to be a perfect couple, but they enjoy a secretive

newlywed life—.with their own partner. But Min-su’s parents who barge in without warning

and Hyo-jin’s dual life with her partner living next door jeopardize their fake marriage and

their respective romantic


Hush! Please let us keep our love as secret.
About Movie 1
KIMJHO Kwang-soo’s first feature film!

The third story about homosexuality following

< Boy Meets Boy >,< Just Friends?>
Director KIMJHO Kwang-soo made a spectacular debut by releasing his short film <Boy

meets boy> in theaters on its own, a rare achievement for a short film. He went into the

limelight once again when his second film <Just Friends?> won an award at the Amsterdam

Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Three years later, he is ready to release his first feature film <Two Weddings and a Funeral>,

the third of his queer romance series and Korea’s first queer romantic comedy of its kind.

With a story about homosexuals in their thirties who choose a sham marriage rather than

coming-out, <Two Weddings and a Funeral> won Audience Award and Artreon Award in the

section of Feature Film Pitch at the 12th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, only

with its planning and synopsis. Director KIMJHO has been recognized for his successful

career as a producer of

commercial movies and director of two short films. Now, his first feature film <Two

Weddings and a Funeral> is about to bring a refreshing experience to Korean audience.

About Movie 2
A fake marriage of a gay and lesbian!

Here comes Korea’s first queer romantic comedy!
Having portrayed the stories of same-sex couples as lovely and lively, director KIMJHO

Kwangsoo is now ready to capture the audience’s heart with <Two Weddings and a Funeral>,

the first queer romantic comedy of its kind introduced in Korea so far. Min-su, a gay who

wants to stay out of his parents’ reach, and Hyo-jin, who cannot adopt a baby because she is

a single lesbian, decide to get a fake marriage to solve their own problem. In reality, most

homosexuals in their thirties might have to tackle difficult challenges they face in terms of

marriage. But the director added a healthy dose of liveliness and humor to create Korea’s
first queer romantic comedy. This seemingly rare combination of the two genres, queer and

romantic comedy, will provide a whole new experience of fun and heart-moving emotions,

inviting the audience to feel more comfortable with the queer films.

About Movie 3
Korea’s one and only gay chorus G-VOICE!

Now exclusively available on the screen!
<Two Weddings and a Funeral> is about a gay and a lesbian who start their sham marriage,

which leads to all kinds of twists and turns. In addition to the fun story itself, however, there

is one more thing that the audience cannot miss: the scene in which actors perform with the

members of G-VOICE, Korea’rs one and only gay chorus group. Created as a subgroup of the

Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group in 2003, G-VOICE started its first performance in

December 2006 and has since held annual event to stage its performances. However, its

regular performances have not been open to the public because filming is not allowed at the

performances. That makes the performance scenes in the film all the more special. Real G-

VOICE members make a cameo appearance, and they complete the ending scenes with their

splendid performance and outstanding singing ability. G-VOICE and the actors have also

worked on a special performance for the film for a few months, which will show different

charms than in the chorus group’s past performances.

Production Note 1
Unique and eye-catching settings!

Cover the ordinary place with personality!
Director KIMJHO wanted to show the reality of gays and lesbians, but did not want to lose

cinematic charms in his first feature film. So, he chose places and props full of extraordinary

tastes and personalities.

First, the gay bar is one of the most important places in the film because it is where gay

sisters gather up and Min-su and Seok meet for the first time. So the film was shot in
Valentino, a real gay bar located in Insa-dong. No woman is allowed to the bar in reality, so

it was easier for actors to concentrate on the filming. And the audience will notice special

items in all corners of the place, from rainbow symbols signifying homosexuality, to light

bulbs symbolizing men’s private parts to the sign on the toilet door.

The director and his crew used a variety of colors in a single space to conjure up colorful

atmospheres and highlight each character’s personality. The houses of Min-su and Hyo-jin,

who live next door with their own partners, have the same structure, but different colors

used make whole different characters. Min-su’s house with cold blue tone explains the lonely

character who has to hide his sexual identity because he cannot disappoint his parents, while

the house of Hyo-jin, who is affectionate and outgoing, has a lot of orange colors to magnify

her warm-hearted personality. These delicate considerations have made a small yet

significant difference, contributing to the film’s higher degree of integrity.

Production Note 2
Movie fans become producers!

Supporters complete this interactive film!
Since the film <No Regret> he produced, KIMJHO Kwang-soo has made “interactive films”

in which his fans participate by giving donations for production or donating their talents as

playing as extras. An interactive film refers to a process in which the audience participates in

the production of a film by donating money or volunteering. This new concept is receiving

constant support in that producers can overcome realistic difficulties in the movie production,

while fans can have a special experience of completing a film with their own effort. For <Boy

meets boy>, as many as 256 people supported the film in the name of “Boy Scout” for

director KIMJHO’s debut. In response to the fans’ support, he published a newsletter titled

“White Paper for Love of Boys & Boys” to bring the recent news to movie fans and made the

longest credit lines in the history of Korean films for “Boy Scout.” The supporters became

once again the supporters of <Just Friends?> and helped another interactive film to be

completed. For the director’s first feature film, they made donations again and played as

extras in the scenes in the gay bar,

swimming pool and streets.
Made with the fans’ lavish support, <Two Weddings and a Funeral> will become the best

interactive film.

Production Note 3
The best crew joins the director!

Harmony truly makes the best outcome!
The best crew with a fantastic harmony joined KIMJHO Kwang-soo for his first feature film

<Two Weddings and a Funeral>. Director of photography KIM Myeong-joon is the director’s

20-yearlong friend, who also worked on <Boy meets boy> and <Just Friends?>. KIM

Myeong-joon captured a wide variety of scenes from the sham marriage between a gay and a

lesbian and the splendid performance in the ending. Music director KIM Dong-uk, whose

filmography includes <Boy meets boy>, <Just Friends?> and <Pain>, livened up the film with

merry and pleasant music. JEON Seong-ho, head of the set decoration team, showed a great

degree of perfection in various films including <Love Fiction>, <War of the Arrows> and <All

about my wife>, and completed Mise-en-scene in this film with props and spaces that

embrace each character’s personality and gay symbols.

<Two Weddings and a Funeral> is a creation of the best crew who have put all their passion

and effort in photography, lighting, production design, and many other fields, based on their

trust with the director.

Character & Cast
“Let’s go live in a foreign country.”

A perfect gay who risks a sham marriage

/ Min-su (KIM Dong-yun)
They say every nice guy is either married or gay.

And Min-su proves just that.

Min-su has everything he wants and one thing he has to hide: that he loves men. Being afraid

of coming out, Min-su gets married to his colleague Hyo-jin to stay out of his parents’ reach

and to plan to get a divorce a while later. Then he falls in love with Seok and decides not to

let go of his love.

The director has found a jewel—ctor KIM Dong-yun!
After KIM Hye-seong and LEE Je-hun in <Boy meets boy> and <Just Friends?>, respectively,

director KIM JHO chose KIM Dong-yun for his new movie. Given that the leading characters

in the director’s previous films won fame and became successful in their career, KIM Dong-

yun is receiving much attention as well. Throughout his acting career from modern dramas to

epic dramas including <Dong-yi>, he established a solid standing as a serious actor and

revealed his

talent. With his signature cute smiles, he now plays a good-looking doctor in <Two Weddings

and a Funeral>. With his new character as a perfect gay, he will once again step into the


Character & Cast
“How about you? Don’t you have someone?”

A considerate, good-hearted lesbian

/ Hyo-jin (RYOO Hyoun-kyoung)
A cheerful ob/gyn doctor Hyo-jin. Since it is difficult for a legally single person to adopt a

baby, Hyo-jin decides to get a fake marriage with the gay guy Min-su, and her adorable

character looks perfect for a newlywed woman. But she enjoys her real newlywed life with

her 10-yearlong partner living right next door.

Jack-of-all-trades RYOO

Hyoun-kyoung now becomes

a cheerful lesbian!
Starting her acting career as a child, RYOO Hyoun-kyoung is now revealing her presence in

many films. Particularly, she played a unique character in <The Servant> and <Petty

Romance>, and showed a different aspect of her character in TV drama <Midnight Hospital>.

She does not limit her career as leading or supportive characters and tries to show whatever

she can play in a range of works. In <Two Weddings and a Funeral>, she plays a cheerful

lesbian Hyo-jin. Her real personality is very similar to that of Hyo-jin and this will surely

allow her to capture the heart of the audience.

Selected Filmography

2011 <Boy>

2010 <Petty Romance>, <Cyrano Agency>, <The Servant>

Character & Cast
“I want to live with you and play music here.”

A romantic gay who wants to proudly reveal his love
/ Seok (SONG Yong-jin)

After coming out, Seok has left his family and come to Korea and lives alone.

As a G-VOICE member with great ability to play instruments and talent as an excellent

singer, Seok comes across Min-su and falls in love with him. The two men start living

together, but they soon get into a conflict when Min-su asks him to go to a foreign country

for a free life.

Musical star SONG Yong-jin is

the first cast among all the

Director KIMJHO casted SONG Yong-jin before he started casting anyone else. Known as a

musical star who started as a rock singer, SONG has proved his talents in the past decade in

many works. The delicate inner workings of his character in the musical ‘tHedwig’coupled

with powerful performances gave him a nickname “Songwig,”and he also showed realistic

acting as the famous detective in the musical ‘Sherlock Holmes’. In the original musical

‘Looking for a Cheer girl’, he even participated in directing, scenario, music and composition

with his versatile talents. In <Two Weddings and a Funeral>, SONG plays the character Seok,

a romantic guy with tender voice and performing ability.

Selected Filmography

2012-2011 ‘Sherlock Holmes’

2005-2011 ‘Hedwig’

2010 ‘Radio Star’ ‘All shook up’

2008 ‘Rocky Horror Show’
Character & Cast
“That’s why I opposed. If not the adoption, I’l just..”h

A tough, single-hearted lesbian

/ Seo-yeong (JEONG Ae-youn)

Seo-yeong has been in a relationship with Hyo-jin for the past ten years.

Because Hyo-jin has desperately wanted to adopt a baby, Seo-yeong consents to her fake

marriage with Min-su, but she is not happy with Min-su’s unfaithful attitude and his mother’s

unexpected visits. Nevertheless, she takes care of her

loving partner Hyo-jin and endures everything just for her.

JEONG Ae-youn, sexy and

boyish, has charms to appeal

to both sexes!
With her Western face and tall, slender figure, JEONG Ae-youn has gained attention since

her debut and developed a wide range of career in theater plays, television dramas and films.

For her lesbian character Seo-yeong in <Two Weddings and a Funeral>, she cut her hair to

appeal mannish and city-girl images to the audience. As Hyo-jin’s partner, Seo-yeong will

also reveal her sweet charms hidden behind her boyish look.

Selected Filmography

2010 <Lady Daddy>
2009 <More Than Blue>

Character & Cast
G-VOICE sisters look tough,

but they have warm hearts.
The big sis without any date since coming-out / PARK Su-yeong
Called a big sis, he really has an excellent leadership in taking care of the G-VOICE

members. He also lectures about other people’s love life, but in fact he has not had any date

since he came out.

Short-tempered Gyeong-nam & his lover Yeong-gil / LEE Seung-jun & HAN

Gyeong-nam can act charming all he wants, but he cannot keep himself from turning into a

fighting chicken whenever he comes across people who ignore gays. His lover Yeong-gil

always calms down Gyeong-nam saying that his pretty face does not go along with bad

languages. They are just made for each other.

Tina’ only love is Min-su / PARK Jeong-pyo
Tina is a green grocer who always creates a lively atmosphere in G-VOICE with his bright

mood and positive energy. He tantalizes many other men with his excellent singing, but the

only man he loves is Min-su.
A filmmaker comes out as a director

Director KimJho Kwang-soo
The year 2011 was a heyday for KIMJHO Kwang-soo as a producer with the consecutive hits

of <Detective K> and <The Client>. This year, he makes a debut as a director of his first

feature film <Two Weddings and a Funeral>. Director KIMJHO, also CEO of Generation Blue

Films, a film company, says that he decided to direct his own movie when he found that,

when he produced <No Regret>, there has been no queer movies in the Korean film industry.

With rich experience in production and aspirations for directing, the director made a

spectacular debut with <Boy meets boy>, a short film based on his own experience. His

second film <Just Friends?> featuring two Korean young men and the mandatory military

service in Korea drew many audiences who liked its bold and frank story, and won an award

at the Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Acclaimed for both cinematic quality and

popularity for his two short films, KIMJHO Kwang-soo presents his first feature film <Two

Weddings and a Funeral> with a story about a sham marriage between a gay and a lesbian.

Based on its unique story and settings, the film won

Audience Award and Artreon Award in the section of Feature Film Pitch at the 12th

International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, a promising sign for the film’s commercial




2010 Love, 100 ℃

2009 Just Friends?

2008 Boy meets boy

Q. What’s this movie about?
A. Many queer films, particularly those made in Korea, talk about how hard it is for

homosexuals to live in a heterosexual-dominated society, so they are all gloomy and heavy.

The reality is tough, of course, but <Two Weddings and a Funeral> is a pleasant movie that

shows that gays can live a happy life too.

Q. Why did you have to make this movie?
A. I planned this movie because I wanted to talk about gays in their 30s, coming out of the

experience in their teens and 20s. That’s why I took the same name Min-su and Seok as in

the previous films to link the stories together. And I added singing and dancing to all my films

to invite the audience to enjoy the film together.

Q. And how’s this movie different from your two previous short films?
A. My short films had a sort of fantasy with good-looking gays, but <Two Weddings and a

Funeral> shows may gays and lesbians and G-VOICE members, from a more realistic


I think this would make the audience empathize more with this story.

Q. How was it to direct your own first feature film?
A. A feature film was absolutely different from a short film. A short film has a running time of

30 minutes, so I thought I should work four times harder to make a 120-minute film. But it

turned out a hundred times harder than that. But whenever it got so difficult and frustrating, I

kept thinking about what I should do to make a film that would please the audience.

Q. Any word to the audience waiting for your movie?
A. After wrapping up the filming, I couldn’t sleep because I thought I should have done better.

I feel anxious waiting for the release, but at the same time I’m very curious how the audience

would think about my film. I hope everyone will enjoy the movie.
Korean Independent Film <Two Weddings And A Funeral> Screening Invitation

Indieplus is inviting foreign residents to a Korean independent film screening night !!

Title : Two Weddings And A Funeral

(korean title : 두 번의 결혼식과 한 번의 장례식)

schedule : July 24th(Tue) 8pm

*** Q&A session between the directors and audience will follow after the

screening(with English).

For the first 10 people who contact the person in charge will get the free tickets. If

you would like to go, send an email to Kwon Mi-hui at or call at

(02) 3447-0654.

(Each person can have up to 2 tickets each.)

indieplus : exit #1 of Shinsa Station (Line #3), walk straight about 50m, and look for the Broadway

Cinema building (sign is in English) on your right. The Indie-plus Theater is theater number 3 in that



Independent Movie Screening “Two Weddings And A Funeral”

Indie-plus, a theater in the Gangnam area that screens Korean independent films, now showing a film

called “Two Weddings And A Funeral” (Korean title 두 번의 결혼식과 한 번의 장례식) with English

subtitles in July. This film will be shown with English subtitles at 8pm on the following Tuesdays : July

3th, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31th(Please check the more screening dates in our website

*** July 24th, 8PM - showing movie and Q&A with director.

tickets : 7,000won

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