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									 On the Move
              John                        vider of cost-
              Boland,                     advantaged
              Silicon                     processes for
              Valley                      the produc-
              Leadership                  tion of biofu-
              Group                       els, bio-based
                The San Jose              and pharma-
nonprofit organization       ceuticals named David
that represents employ-      O’Toole senior vice presi-
ers on issues, programs      dent and chief financial
and campaigns that affect officer. Recently, he served
the economic health and      as vice president and
quality of life appointed    chief financial officer at
John Boland to its board of Response Genetics.
directors. Currently, he is
president and chief execu-                 Mohammad
tive officer at KQED.
              The San
              Francisco                       The San
              provider of       Jose nonprofit organiza-
              mobile park-      tion that represents em-
              ing payment       ployers on issues, pro-
tools named Sukanta             grams and campaigns
Ganguly chief technology        that affect the economic
officer. Recently, he served    health and quality of life
as CTO and head of prod-        appointed Mohammad
ucts at TakingPoint.            Qayoumi to its board of
                                directors. He serves as
                                president of San Jose
              Paul              State University.
              Rocket                           Terry Rosen,
              Lawyer                           Silicon Val-
              The San                          ley Leader-
              Francisco                        ship Group
              online legal
              service ap-                      The San Jose
pointed Paul Hollerbach                        nonprofit
chief financial officer.                       organization
Previously, he served as                       that repre-
CFO at Current TV.              sents employers on issues,
                                programs and campaigns
                                that affect the economic
              Ravi Jagan-       health and quality of life
              nathan,           appointed Terry Rosen to
              Certain           its board of directors. Cur-
              The San           rently, she serves as a vice
              Francisco         president at Amgen.
              provider of
              software-                        Vijay Ullal,
              as-a-service                     Fairchild
technology tools for the                       Semicon-
global meetings and                            ductor
events industry named
Ravi Jagannathan vice                         The San
president of product                          Jose
and technology strat-                         provider of
egy. Recently, he was an                      high per-
executive consultant on         formance power and
products and solutions          mobile products named
working with companies          Vijay Ullal president and
such as Jaspersoft and          chief operating officer.
NetBase.                        Previously, he spent 22
                                years at Maxim Integrat-
                                ed Products.
                                               Mike Wall,
              Big Switch
                                              The Red-
              The Palo Alto                   wood City
              platform-                       object-based
              independent                     storage
software-defined network-                     technol-
ing company appointed                         ogy provider
Jason Matlof vice presi-        named Mike Wall chief
dent of marketing. He was       executive officer. He is
vice president of market-       former president and CEO
ing at Neoteris.                at Atempo.
              Mark Moore,                      Michael
              Recommind                        Zagorsek,
              The San                          Leap Motion
              provider of                    The San
              predictive                     Francisco
              information                    motion-con-
management and analysis                      trol software
software appointed Mark                      and hard-
Moore senior vice presi-        ware company appointed
dent of products. Previ-        Michael Zagorsek vice
ously, he held positions at     president of product
Oracle.                         marketing. Recently, he
                                served as a director of
                                marketing communica-
David O’Toole,                  tions at Apple.
The Redwood City pro-

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