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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

          Analysis of Avalanche Effect in Plaintext of
                   DES using Binary Codes
                                   Akash Kumar Mandal1, Mrs. Archana Tiwari2

                                        Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
                               Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology,,Durg,Chhattisgarh,India
                                          Department of Electronics and Instrumentation
                               Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology,,Durg,Chhattisgarh,India

Abstract:With the fast progression of digital data exchange      and understood is called plaintext or clear text. The
in electronic way, information security is becoming more         method of scrambling the plaintext in such a way that
important in data storage and transmission. Cryptography         hides its substance is called encryption. Encrypting
has come up as a solution which plays a vital role in            plaintext makes the information in unreadable
information security system against malicious attacks. This
security mechanism uses some algorithms to scramble data
                                                                 information called cipher text. The process of converting
into unreadable text which can be only being decoded or          cipher text to its original information is called decryption.
decrypted by party those possesses the associated key. These     The complexity of encryption process depends on
algorithms consume a significant amount of computing             algorithm used for encryption, software used and the key
resources such as CPU time, memory and computation time.         used in algorithm to encrypt or decrypt the data. Security
In this paper a most widely used symmetric encryption            of any encryption system depends on the security
technique i.e. Data Encryption Standard (DES) have been
                                                                 principle proposed by Kirchhoff. According to the
implemented using MATLAB software. After the
implementation, this encryption technique was analyzed           Kirchhoff, the security of the encryption system should
based on a parameter called Avalanche effect, using binary       depend on the secrecy of the encryption /decryption key
codes. Avalanche Effect due to one bit variation in plaintext    rather than encryption algorithm. [3]
keeping the key constant after mapping it in a binary code,      After extensive survey of various research papers it is
Experimental results shows that the proposed algorithm           observed that an encryption algorithm should produce
exhibit significant high Avalanche Effect which improves the     significant change in the encrypted message when a small
level of the security.
Keywords: Data Encryption Standard (DES), Encryption,
                                                                 change is made in original message.
Decryption, Ciphertext, Secret key, Avalanche Effect.

Transmission of sensitive digital data over the
communication channel has emphasized the need for fast
and secure digital communication networks to achieve the
requirements for integrity, secrecy and non reproduction
of transmitted information. Cryptography provides a
method for securing and authenticating the transmission
of information across insecure communication channels.
                                                                             Figure.1 Overview of the field of cryptography
It enables us to store sensitive information or transmit it
over insecure communication networks so that                     In research papers [8] and [9] authors analyzed various
unauthorized persons cannot read it. [1] Cryptography is         cryptographic algorithms using a parameter called
an indispensable tool for protecting sensitive information       Avalanche Effect. In this paper we proposed an
in computer systems. Cryptography makes the message              enhancement in DES algorithm using binary codes. This
unintelligible to outside the world by various                   proposed algorithm is expected to provide significant
transformations. Data Cryptography is method of                  high Avalanche Effect.
scrambling the content of digital data like text, image,
audio and video to make it unreadable or unintelligible          2. CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHMS
for others during transmission. The main goal of
                                                                 Depending upon the number of keys used, cryptographic
cryptography is to keep the data secure from unauthorized
                                                                 algorithms can be classified as asymmetric algorithms
access [2]. Data containing information that can be read
                                                                 (public key) and symmetric algorithms (secret key). In

Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                                                                   Page 166
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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

Symmetric keys encryption or secret key encryption             Data can be recovered from cipher only by using exactly
identical key is used by sender and receiver. Data             the same key used to encipher it. Unauthorized recipients
Encryption Standard (DES), 3DES, and Advanced                  of the cipher who know the algorithm but do not have the
Encryption Standard (AES) are the example of                   correct key cannot derive the original data
Symmetric key encryption algorithms. In asymmetric             algorithmically. However, it may be feasible to determine
keys encryption two different keys (public and private         the key by a brute force “Exhaustion attack” Also, anyone
keys) are used for encryption and decryption. Public key       who does have the key and the algorithm can easily
is used for encryption and private key is used for             decipher the cipher and obtain the original data. A
decryption Rivest-Shamir-Adelman (RSA) and Elliptic            standard algorithm based on a secure key thus provides a
Curve Cryptosystem (ECC) are the example of                    basis for
asymmetric key algorithms.[4]A symmetric cryptosystem
has five ingredients:
  2.1 Plaintext
This is the original data or message to be transmitted that
fed into the algorithm as input.
  2.2 Encryption Algorithm
The algorithm performs various transformations and
substitutions on the plaintext.
  2.3 Secret key
This is another input to the algorithm and the value of
secret key is independent of the plaintext. Depending on
the specific key the algorithm will produce a different
  2.4 Encryption Algorithm
This is the scrambled or encrypted message produced as
output. This output depends on the plaintext and the
                                                                  Figure 2 DES (Data Encryption Standard) process
secret key.[5]
  2.5 Decryption Algorithm                                                  Input plaintext             Encryption key
This is essentially the encryption algorithm operate in
reverse. It takes the ciphertext and the secret key as input
and produces the original plaintext as output.
                                                                             Binary Codes                Binary Codes

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) designed to encrypt
                                                                         Encryption Algorithm
and decrypt blocks of data consisting of 64 bits under
control of a 64-bit key. Encrypting data converts it to an
unreadable cryptorgaphic security of the data depends on
the security provided for the key used to encipher and
decipher the data. [4]form known as cipher. Decrypting                        Ciphertext
cipher converts the data back to its original form known
as plaintext. Both encryption and decryption operations
                                                               Figure 3 DES process when input plaintext and input key
are performed using a binary number called a key. A DES
                                                                             are mapped in binary code
key is a 64 bit binary number of which 56 bits are
randomly generated and used directly by the algorithm.
                                                               exchanging encrypted computer data by issuing the key
The remaining 8 bits, which are not used by the
                                                               used to encipher it to those authorized to have the data.
algorithm while encryption, can be used for error
                                                               Data that is considered sensitive by the responsible
detection. The 8 error detecting bits are set to make the
                                                               authority, data that has a high value, or data that
parity of each 8-bit byte of the key odd, i.e., there is an
                                                               represents a high value should be cryptographically
odd number of "1"s in each 8-bit byte. Authorized users
                                                               protected if it is vulnerable to unauthorized disclosure or
of encrypted computer data must have the key that was
                                                               undetected modification during transmission or while in
used to encipher the data in order to decrypt it. The
                                                               storage. [6]
encryption algorithms specified in this standard are
commonly known among those using the standard. The

Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                                                    Page 167
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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

4. METHODOLOGY                                                the plaintext or the key should produce a significant
                                                              change in the cipher text.
We have implemented Data Encryption Standard (DES)
algorithm in MATLAB 7.0 software. This encryption                                  Numberof flippedbitsin cipheredtext
technique takes 64 bit data block as input and encrypt this                          Numberof bits in cipheredtext
data block using 64 bit key. Figure 3 shows the block
diagram of algorithm that we have used for our                However, a change in one bit of the plaintext or one bit of
experiments. In our experiments we have mapped input          the key should produce a change in many bits of the
plaintext and encryption key into various binary codes        cipher texts. This property is known as Avalanche Effect
before providing the input to the DES algorithm.              [8, 9].Avalanche Effect can be calculated by using above
If there are n quantities in a group, a code of b binary      equation.
digits or bits may represent all quantities unequally. [7]    The performance of proposed algorithm is evaluated
                                 b                            using Avalanche Effect due to one bit variation in
                                                              plaintext(before being mapped in various binary codes)
  4.1 Natural BCD Code (8421 code)                            keeping encryption key constant in a binary code .
Natural BCD code or 8421 code is used whenever                Avalanche Effect is calculated for various combination of
decimal information is transferred in or out of a digital     plaintext and encryption key by mapping them in various
system. In this code straight assignment of binary            binary codes.
equivalent is used with weights.                               Table 1: Data code is fixed in 2421 code and key varied
  4.2 2421 Code
                                                                                     Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
                                                               Data in                                                  Avalanche
These are weighted ,reflected and self-complementing                        Data:'ABCDEF01         Data:'ABCDEF01
codes, In 2421 codes if a number has more than one                                  23456789'             27456789'
                                                                                  'C79E3C7            '2A8EA04C
representation then choose the code that uses the lower           2421                                                     37
                                                                              A3E1763CF'               65B41C60'
binary weights (for number 0-4 only)                              3321
                                                                                'B466EBF3              '778AD655
                                                                                64DB1F96'              703CF8A7'
  4.3 5421 Code                                                   4221
                                                                               '194DBB9E             'AAADCE33
                                                                                9849A99D'              FE7F47B7'
These are weighted code with weight 5-4-2-1. In 5421                             06A844B0              '0CF914C3
                                                                  5211                                                     26
codes if a number has more than one representation then                        3889B6DD'                1991F112'
choose the code that uses the lower binary weights.                              '19324425            'ED577EB1
                                                                  5311                                                     31
                                                                                F522CD27'              B746B3F6'
  4.4 7421 Code                                                               'E9CCABBF                '7FFC85C3
                                                                  5421                                                     31
                                                                               AB908BD4'               72360A1A'
These are weighted code with weight 7-4-2-1. For                  7421
                                                                               'B009AA52                '4441B255
decimal number 7 choose code with least number of 1’s.                          8D569E46'               993F9517'
                                                                                 'F711F8F9              '03185F61
                                                                 GRAY                                                      35
   4.5 5311/5211 Code                                                         ED42BAEB'                 B8746736'
                                                                               '9AE993DC              '0C10DF1A
                                                                  8421                                                     35
These are weighted code with weight 5-3-3-1. In these                           123AB963'               A3137F98'
codes if a number has more than one representation then
choose the code with least number of 1’s and use first the    Table 2: Data code is fixed in 3321 code and key varied
1 from extreme right that uses the lower binary weights.
                                                                                  Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
   4.6 Gray Code                                                  Data in                                              Avalanche
                                                                   3321     Data:'ABCDEF01       Data:'ABCDEF01        Effect
It is also known as “reflected and unit distance code”                           23456789'            27456789'
which is a reflected mirror image. Unit distance exhibit                        '652B8E48            '294BB964
                                                                   2421                                                   28
only a single bit change from one code to the next. It is                     7B6CDBCE'               1F5F0368'
                                                                               'CB680809            '9E491AA1
also an unweighted and not an arithmetic code.                     3321
                                                                                5F84B565'            47C57E49'
                                                                                '24EF7640           'EE6C3558
  4.7 3321/4221 Code                                               4221
                                                                                 3736F683'          7527CA87'
  These are weighted code with weight 3-3-2-1/4-2-2-1.             5211
                                                                                '3F185FBF           '0A9AF76F
                                                                               6A755D53'           9BB0E34A'
                                                                              '7A7BA88D            'B35CD18E
5. EVALUATON PARAMETER                                             5311
                                                                                8F3A90F7'          C0C0EDD4'

Each of the encryption technique has its own strong and                         '8810A024          'EBC5F8BD
                                                                   5421                                                   34
                                                                                17FA2897'            8677C366'
weak points. In order to apply an appropriate technique in                     'C704C1E9           'D75E1AD5
a particular application we are required to know these             7421                                                   32
                                                                               1A7E781D'            9B1082ED'
strengths and weakness. Therefore the analysis of these           GRAY
                                                                               '4F63A1D2           '2DD55D83
techniques is critically necessary. A desirable property of                    752949BC'            E0ED740E'
                                                                              'B7B7D97B             '68D8052D
any encryption algorithm is that a small change in either          8421
                                                                               E0F284A3'              69799089'

Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                                                           Page 168
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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

Table 3 : Data code is fixed in 4221 code and key varied      Table 6: Data code is fixed in 5421 code and key varied
    Data         Key : '3B3898371520F75E'                                      Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
                                                  Avalanche   Data in                                           Avalanche
     in     Data:'ABCDEF01     Data:'ABCDEF01                  5421      Data:'ABCDEF01      Data:'ABCDEF01      Effect
    4221        23456789'          27456789'                                  23456789'           27456789'
              '8B5B700C          '894E1AEC                                   '1257BE96         'E9A6E23A
    2421                                             26        2421                                                38
               691E1058'         BD04568D'                                   584FB519'         B3FDC969'
               'A144F374         'D0A60E85                                   '198FFB39          '269F50AD
    3321                                             38        3321                                                38
              DA022507'           3F47C3B4'                                 937E2A4E'            108795B9'
               'B957F5F4          'B87C3338                                  'FFF0916F           '0A389293
    4221                                             29        4221                                                33
              82D45CEF'          B128D8D5'                                   34676E67'           E366880B'
              '64A2C1D2           '1EFC9935                                '5C7D7ACC             '5226D440
    5211                                             38        5211                                                33
              DE1D3305'          0AAB90B8'                                   75E75E63'            811454FF'
              '1F0FDC21          '1A42DA38                                 '0C46CAFD             '77FB5147
    5311                                             25        5311                                                42
              CDFA29C9'          5EE5ABA8'                                   5B6662C6'         2C8D3A6B'
              '9AC6B870          '54B93B6B                                  'A0290F6B             '30073919
    5421                                             34        5421                                                29
              4A6678EC'           62F10F4C'                                  C8B80958'          E2130A8B'
              'F4B1C37B          '44C50BD7                                  'FE072BB2           '3ECF2987
    7421                                             32        7421                                                29
               50E1B589'         2B691BC6'                                  460EBE63'          33B7D0A9'
                '92931295          '71FF1693                                'C524D34C          '825A1CEA
   GRAY                                              27       GRAY                                                 44
              0EEB83BE'          EA3BC103'                                 B28AEE6A'           CD0615D5'
              '1F662D0D           '2C31111E                                  'FE4162F3          '76E1750A
    8421                                             34        8421                                                25
               6B46637E'          56C69688'                                 9FA9CB93'          D505CBF6'

Table 4: Data code is fixed in 5211 code and key varied        Table 7: Data code is fixed in 7421 code and key varied
                   Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
  Data in                                         Avalanche                      Key : '3b3898371520f75e'
   5211     Data:'ABCDEF01       Data:'ABCDEF01    Effect      Data in                                          Avalanche
                 23456789'            27456789'                 7421      Data:'ABCDEF01      Data:'ABCDEF01      Effect
               '5A03A883              '9F178264                                 23456789'          27456789'
   2421                                               32
                636691ED'           36E12D59'                                 '6E71BE89           '59812BF9
                                                                2421                                                31
                '0626106C           '657F95BA                                 C69A9E91'           8C465E56'
   3321                                               30
               4D70D77E'             F8B39712'                               'A4EEC70E          '7C8BA5B5
                                                                3321                                                33
                '49A36E42          '7D28BBA7                                  309CD030'         0CCC2A48'
   4221                                               37
               2A0AB541'            9CC3502E'                               'B53E4DDD             'B820F613
                                                                4221                                                39
                'FF3F1829            '606887B4                               D3F2CCEF'            7E199153'
   5211                                               34
               C25C624B'           98D07A7A'                                  'F99DE434         'D171EDD4
                                                                5211                                                25
              'B6B2B32D            'DD9011ED                                  E34A0978'         C2EEE4FA'
   5311                                               27
                84A532B1'           34B9156B'                                'F380A3AB            '99D0796F
                                                                5311                                                29
              'FCACF8A8             '7D2D0376                                 F1803EA4'         3DE20FBB'
   5421                                               33
                C9190426'           E6E95E0F'                                'A3A3A7B4            '098FA674
                                                                5421                                                25
                 '698879F4          'E17EA595                                  30E95256'         01889CCA'
   7421                                               27
               012FA33C'             430B9385'                               '3CEB3C55           '4520A9BD
                                                                7421                                                35
               '08FFED9B            '000A83E9                                CB15E1D0'            0A181228'
  GRAY                                                31
               E65CFA72'             785D4423'                                 'A9585152         '44ECD251
                                                               GRAY                                                 31
                '628E24E3            '4FD31484                                2B048EB5'            56709934'
   8421                                               36
                836C514C'           E523AAF4'                                'BE4E60D5           '6EA1FA47
                                                                8421                                                31
                                                                               31E8F758'         A2A81565'
Table 5: Data code is fixed in 5311 code and key varied        Table 8: Data code is fixed in Gray code and key varied
                 Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
 Data in                                          Avalanche    Data in           Key : '3B3898371520F75E'
  5311      Data:'ABCDEF01     Data:'ABCDEF01      Effect                                                       Avalanche
                                                               GRAY         Data:'ABCDEF01     Data:'ABCDEF01
                 23456789'          27456789'                                                                    Effect
                                                               CODE            23456789'          27456789'
              'EBEA650A            '2F3EB840
  2421                                                30                       '0FFDC969         '5B09DD97
              7AF76C6A'            FF8C714A'                     2421                                              33
                'F7C35243           '31861342                                  A15579D6'          D24C60A3'
  3321                                                27                       'DE3421D9          '8A1A69A7
               B5B430D9'          AFCFAA01'                      3321                                              29
              'BC97CB1E           '14DD040D                                    F1914AFA'          C1E6821A'
  4221                                                29                       'AA751B0F           '47A225FE
              F1AA793C'           BFECC01E'                      4221                                              42
                'F5FD9950        'B0ADB3DE                                     4B793D34'            F7814848'
  5211                                                26                      'DFAA06E8           '2595DA13
                A58F9625'          C20918A4'                     5211                                              41
               '87A9D7F8         '5EDDEA69                                     6358D5A2'           61073C2D'
  5311                                                32                       '0C09060A         '89BAAA24
               8039D29A'           02AA2480'                     5311                                              33
              'DC0EA148          'BDA40C2C                                      E712B990'           E9951723'
  5421                                                34                      'BD9D1869           '7B7F2D04
              3B7BFAF9'            94FF242C'                     5421                                              27
                 '22F18389       'BBB2D53B                                      1E3E4079'           36674668'
  7421                                                31                     '7BA6CB456            '1719D41E
               21C903B5'           60358BC8'                     7421                                              35
                '45FE6645           '03E14029                                   344DC2A'           937C9F7F'
 GRAY                                                 30                      'B86DD181          '38D1CE1B
               04AC7392'          DA8B3323'                     GRAY                                               33
               'E1AB8427          '849CBFCC                                     396BF433'         658D3BFB'
  8421                                                37                       '259BFC32          'D3380DF5
              DAA84878'            6EBAF394'                     8421                                              37
                                                                               3B640C7A'         4FBCDAE0'

Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                                                     Page 169
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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

 Table 9: Data code is fixed in 8421 code and key varied     code and encryption key is varied in different binary
                  Key : '3B3898371520F75E'                   codes.
 Data in                                         Avalanche
           Data:'ABCDEF01       Data:'ABCDEF01               By analyzing table 10 it is clear that Avalanche Effect is
  8421                                             Effect
                23456789'            27456789'
              '51D5C358              '03241206               maximum (i.e. 44 bits out of 64 bits) when key remain
  2421                                              32
               87F225E0'           D5267CB6'                 fixed in Gray code and 1 bit is varied in data when it is
             '6ACE01AB             'B9F3503E                 mapped in 3321 binary code. Figure 4 shows analysis of
  3321                                              31
              18E3BEED'            7E76ACD8'
               '893371A0           'F083D019                 Avalanche Effect Due to one bit change in plaintext when
  4221                                              34
              F35E9D42'              1F904366'               encryption key is constant .it is clear from figure that
              'E26D679B            '94384BFE                 maximum Avalanche Effect can be obtained when
  5211                                              32
                F2125563'          31820A7D'
              '30FB4B88             '80C37F91                encryption key is
  5311                                              30
              3305A7BF'            586D4D14'                 mapped in Gray code and data is mapped in 3321 binary
            'BB0F578DE             '4B2773FE
               ECDB8E7'            67DC2A9C'
                                                    27       code. Therefore, if one desires a good avalanche effect;
              'DE361067              '6625F098               DES is a good option.
  7421                                              35
               6242E21F'           86BEA3C3'
              '7C19449A            '9B80FD64
              55C9A64B'           17BA3ECD'
                                                    35       7. CONCLUSION
             '7D0DFC6A              '02E82396
  8421                                              43       In this paper a slight modification in DES algorithm is
             BA2C587D'             14B9CFB1'
                                                             proposed. In the proposed algorithm, we have mapped
 Table 10: Analysis of Avalanche Effect Due to one bit       input plaintext and encryption key into various binary
                 change in plaintext                         codes, instead of giving plaintext directly to the DES
                                                             algorithm. This leads significant increase in Avalanche
                                                             Effect of encryption algorithm. We got maximum
                                                             avalanche effect of 44/64, when key is mapped in Gray
                                                             code and Data is mapped in 5421.But due to invertible
                                                             property of 5421 code some of the code may be
                                                             duplicated. Therefore this mapping is not suggested as
                                                             some code (duplicated code) may be decoded wrongly.
                                                             Our future work will include experiments on image and
                                                             focus will be to improve security level.

                                                             8. ACKNOWLEDGMENT
                                                             This paper is a part of our M.E. project. We are grateful
                                                             to our project guide for valuable suggestions, comments
                                                             and contribution.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                                                 Page 170
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Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                    ISSN 2278-6856

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                     Akash Kumar Mandal received his B.E
                     degree      in       Electronics    and
                     Telecommunication from Pt. Ravi Shankar
                     Shukla University, Raipur, in 2007 and
                     pursuing his post graduation from Swami
                     Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai
                     in Communication Engineering. His areas
                     of interest Information Security and
                     Cryptography. He is a member of Indian
Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and The Institution of
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).

                        Prof. Archana Tiwari received her B.E
                       degree      in      Electronics      and
                       Telecommunication from Amravati in
                       1994 and completed her post graduation
                       from GEC Jabalpur in 2005. She is
                       pursuing her PhD from Swami
                       Vivekananda Technical University,
                       Bhilai. She has to her credit, more than
                       20 papers in various International and
National Journals and Conferences. With more than 16 years of
teaching and research experience .She is currently serving as
Associate professor & head in the department of Electronics and
Instrumentation, Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology,
Durg. Her areas of interest include image processing,
information security and digital watermarking. She is a life
member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and
Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers
(IETE).. She is member of IEEE also.

Volume 1, Issue 3, September – October 2012                                         Page 171

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