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									       Item/ issue       Discussion/ Decision                  What to do                 Who             When/Status

                                                     Leonard Van Lowe will                             Complete: Cards
                     Need to know phone              sent out an email                                 were handed out
Creation of          numbers to put on business      requesting information                            at the April
Business Cards       cards                           from Council members.       Leonard Van Lowe      meeting.
                                                                                                       Complete: Golf
                                                                                                       clinic in April and
                     Rhoda will contact Beth to      Leonard Van Lowe will                             gearing up for
Information on       find out contact, etc. that     give Rhoda Mike's email     Rhoda Heller-Holy &   program in
Golf program         Mike can speak with             address                     Leonard Van Lowe      Summer
                                                                                                       Return call from
                     Place that we are getting to                                                      Vernon about
                     take care of newsletters will                                                     missing
                     mail out the newsletters at a Application submitted to                            information on
                     rate of 25 cents until we get Post Office on Jan. 19.                             3/23. No
Non-Profit Mail      our non-profit mail rate        Contacted Bill at USPS on                         further
Rate                 approved.                       3/10 and 3/17.              Peggy Van Lowe        correspondence.

                      Russ wants a list of people Cheryl Danielsen will give
                      who are able to coach and      information to Russ
List of Volunteers    their area of expertise.       Byington                    Cheryl Danielsen      ongoing

                                                     Use other organizations
Critical need for     Need volunteers for            like Boys Scouts, GMU
volunteers            swimming.                      students, the schools       Cheryl Danielsen
                      Don't have anyone to run
New Training          the program or a place to    Contact Commissioner of
Program (Softball)    host practices.              Fairfax once identified.    Buff Byington
 School based         Good time to establish a     Will set up a meeting
 opportunities        relationship with PWCS.      with Tommy Carter           Beth Frank
                                                   Get with Linda Utting
                                                   after April 1 to see what
                                                   she need to draft an
                     Linda Utting has offered to article for the
Article for          work with PWSO to produce newspaper.Email not             Peggy Van Lowe, Kathe
Newspaper            an article for the newspaper working. Will call.          Carney & Linda Utting          5/22/2006

                     Need to be clear on what is   Subcommittee to prepare
Expectations/crite expected of an athlete in       guidelines that can be      Everett Willis, Jean
ria of athlete       terms of practices, events,   published in newsletter,    Arnold, Buff Byington,
participation        guidelines.                   web site, etc.              Rhoda Heller-Holy        Off season

                     Office has surplus
                     equipment, old materials      Rhoda and Peggy will get
                     that needs to be reviewed,    together and decide what Rhoda Heller-Holy &
Reorganize Office tossed or inventoried.           dates are good to do it.    Peggy Van Lowe           Off season
                                                   Message passed on to
                                                   Leonard from Mark Pugh
                     Knights of Columbis want to at 703-393-7428. (Our         Leonard Van Lowe,
Knights of           involved PWSO with Annual     Lady of Rosary Council      turned over to Everett
Columbus             drive                         12982)                      Willis                            22-Apr
Start of Summer     Is if there is going to be
Sports bowling      Bowling tournaments in Area
starts later part   23 next October &
of July and soccer December to get the dates
in August.          for bowling set.                Call Beth for the answer     Peggy Van Lowe
                    Deteremine whether to
Setting up Council forward email or keep as         To be determine for each
email profiles      separate account.               Council member.              Leonard Van Lowe
Registration form
for training                                                                     Kathy True & Rhoda
programs                                                                         Heller-Holy          Off season
                    Jean is looking for places to
Date for Car Wash host                                                           Jean Arnold
                                                    Recommend calling Dr.
                                                    Lowell, owner of Gold's
Voluntary program Buff feels athletes should        Gym since they are willing
for staying in      have opportunity to stay in     to have athletes train
shape               shape.                          there.                   Rhoda Heller-Holy
                    Area 26 needs names and         Jake has contacted Peggy
Softball Program    skill level                     Van Lowe                     Buff Byington
                    Want to place an ad in
Ad in Leisure       Leisure Magazine for the        Contact Liz Burges about
Magazine            next issue                      what needs to be done        Peggy Van Lowe
        Item/ issue              Discussion/ Decision                  What to do               Who            When/Status
                                                               Ralph Abruzere
                                                               volunteered his students                    Complete: Sent by
                            Send corrections to Peggy          to help stuff and label    Kathe Carney &   bulk mail on
Newsletter                  Van Lowe by Monday (Jan. 16)       envelopes.                 Peggy Van Lowe   1/26/06
                                                                                                           Royce Anderson
                                                                                                           who was used as a
                                                                                                           site manager for
 Regional basketball                                           Divisions will stay at a                    Saunders; Alex
 tournament at Hylton,      Looking for site managers          specific location. Send                     Weilesky - Hylton,
 Freedom and Forest Park    (coordinating all the events at    additional names to Beth                    Dawn Munster -
 HS on February 19          the site.)                         Frank                      ???              Freedom.

                           Contact for Shurguard: Tom                                                      Complete: PPV
                           Crocket 804-272-1023, district                                                  attending
                           manager. Received application                                                   promotional event
Status of Storing for Hope on 8/20/05. Holding for three      Need someone to follow-up                    on March 1. Expires
                           months and would contact us if with Shurguard about                             in 6 mos. (Sept 1)
                           they have space available in our whether we were accepted                       when it can be
                           area.                              into this program.                           renewed.
                            What are the top 3 things
                            that we want the North                                                         Complete: Emailed
 Tasks for North Section    Section Director to be                                                         to Beth Frank on
 Director                   involved in?                                                                   2/19/06
                      Emails will be
                               forwarded to current email                                                    Complete: Email
                               address. We have 50 ids.        Will check emails on the                      sent out to Council
                               Email address based on our      site rather than                              members about
Web Site/ Email                position.                       forwarding                  Leonard Van Lowe access to mail

                             There are only minor changes.
                             Place information about Beth
                             Frank on the back panel instead                                                 Complete: Awaiting
                             of the middle section.            Send any comments to        Kathe Carney &    final review by
Pamphlet/Flyers Status       Volunteer and Athlete flyers      Kathe Carney                Peggy Van Lowe    Council.
                                                               email newsletter and
                                                               mailing list to                               Complete:
                             Final comments before Monday, DiscountNewsletters on                            Requested 1/27/06
Publish January Newsletter Jan. 16.                            1/19/06.                    Peggy Van Lowe    for delivery date.

                             Don't have enough coaches for      Russ will email urgent
                             basketball, swimming and track     needs to Beth: swimming,                     Complete:
Critical need for coaches    & field.                           basketball and track.      Buff Byington     Jan. 17
                              Wish list for our needs          Prepare as part of shed                       Complete:
 Wish list                    (equipment) every quarter        cleanup?                    Buff Byington     Jan. 15
                             Leonard Van Lowe knows
                             someone who is interested in
                             starting a golf program.
                             Concern about the expense,
                             Beth recommended starting         Invite Mike to the next                       Complete:
New Training Program (Golf) with skills.                       meeting.                    Leonard Van Lowe Feb. 25
New Training Program                                           Notify athletes through                          Complete: Starts
(Tennis)                     Coach has been identified.        newsletter                   Buff Byington       in March
                                                                 Investigate having a
                                                                bowling tournamnet in
                              North section will not pay for    May. Contact Bowl                               Complete: PWSO
                              a tournament this year.           America, Barry Clark at                         Bowling Tournament
                              Consult with other programs       703-494-9191.               Buff Byington &     Set for Saturday
Spring Bowling Tournament     to see what their plans are.                                  Rhoda Heller-Holy May 6.
Check prices for Bowl                                          Contact Barry Clark (see                       Complete:
America                      See if we can get special rates. above).                       Veronica Van Lowe 2/25/2006
                                                              Ms. Sullivan needs
                                                               attendance and other
                                                               guideline information to
Letters for athletes in      Dept willing to give kids letters verify successful
Special Olympics attending   for sports participation. Mrs.    participation in PWSO.                           Complete:
Potomac High School          Sullivan 703-441-4318             See guidelines task          Peggy Van Lowe      3/7/2006
                                                               Need someone to do                               Complete:
                             Samples of the dance              sample spring dance                              Invitations sent out
Spring Dance                 invitations                       invitations.                 Cheryl Danielsen    on Mar. 6

                             Need an inventory (or update)     ASK one coach from each      Rhoda Heller-Holy
Shed Cleanup                 of what is in the shed.           sport to participate.        & Buff Byington     Began 2/11/2006

                                                               Draft cover letter (Vice
                                                               principals, guidance, sped                       Complete: Betty
                             Level I & II at elem/middle       dept). Produce flyers and                        Ann provided
Target audience for Athlete school level for Autism, LD,       give to S. Kreitzburg for    Peggy Van Lowe & numbers for
flyer                        MICI and MOCI.                    distribution.                Kathe Carney        elem/middle.
                                                              3/6/06- Betty Ann                             Complete: Dropped
                                                              provided numbers for                          of on 3/14/06 The
Distribution of Athlete      Flyers have been approved for    elem/middle. (2500),         Peggy Van Lowe & mail job was
flyers                       distribution to schools.         copies of cover letter.      Ralph Abruzer    completed 3/22.
                               Circle of Support is a great
                              place to recruit athletes.       Call people to ask man
                              Need to get more people          the booth at the                             Complete: Received
                              involved. Transition Fair is     upcoming Transition fair                     interest in
                              coming up and we can use         on March 11. List of                         volunteers and
Athlete Recruitment           some help there.                 athletes sent 1/17/06       Arlene Graham    athletes.
                                                              Call Beth for the answer.
                                                              Athlete would be covered
                                                              under the insurance for
                                                              the car. Any
                                                              extraordinary expenses
                                                              not covered by private                        Complete:
Transportation of Athletes                                    insurance may be covered                      3/23/2006 Left
to Practices                 Is this an insurance concern?    by Special Olympics.         Peggy Van Lowe   message on 3/1/06

                                                              Call Beth for the answer.
                                                              Athletes can have logos on
                                                              anything that is NOT used
                             Can we have companies sponsor during competitions. Do                          Complete:
Sponsors for equipment/      uniforms and their names be on not want to encourage                           3/23/2006 Left
uniforms                     them?                            commercial exploitation.     Peggy Van Lowe   message on 3/1/06
                         Contact Volunteers from
                         Transition Fair and Chamber of                                 Buff Byington &
Volunteers from Events   Commerce                         Buff will call them           Rhoda Heller-Holy Complete
                                                          ASK other parents to
                         Organize committee to            participate. Food
                         purchase food, etc. for Spring   Committee - Rhoda, Peggy                        Complete:
Spring Dance             Dance                            and Jean.                     Jean Arnold       Mar. 25

                                                           Council pays for the pizza
                          Coaches are requesting an        at any team party. Let
                          end of season party for the      coaches know that they
                          athletes. Would like PWSO        have the option of having
                          to contribute to paying for      a party. Use Domino's                          Complete: Notify
                          some of it. Concern about        Pizza or another store       Buff Byington/    coaches in each
Team parties              limiting the cost.               that gives group rates.      Rhoda Heller-Holy sport

                                                                                                          Complete: Shannon
                                                          Check with Forest Park                          indicated that
                                                          program on community                            there were several
Target audience for      Who gets volunteer flyer at      service. Talk to Shannon      Kathe Carney &    students available
volunteer flyer          high school/ educator level?     Geraghty.                     Peggy Van Lowe    to volunteer.
                         Torch Run, Expectations for                                    Peggy Van Lowe/   Complete: In the
May Newsletter           athletes                         Calendar of Events!           Kathe Carney      mail on 4/7/06
                       Need to notify guardians,                                                Complete: Written
                       parents and others that Council                                          in the newsletter.
                       members, coaches, etc. are        Write statement for                    Same verbage can
Statement on Athlete   responsible for getting           newsletter, coach                      be included in other
Transportation         athletes to practices             orientation           Peggy Van Lowe   documents as well.

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