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5/3/2012                     Whittemore-Prescott
                        Whittemore-Prescott High School
                           6001 Mills Road, Box 250
                             Whittemore, MI 48770
                                (989) 756-4089

                                  Matt Jakubik

               Whittemore-Prescott Chapter Chartered June 1, 1961
                          Michigan Charter Number 238
                      National FFA Chapter Number MI0207

                Whittemore Chapter Chartered February 20, 1942
                        Michgian Charter Number 238
                               State FFA Officers

James    Durance          1974-75   Region 7 VP      Whittemore-Prescott
Leona    Daniels          1975-76   Treasurer        Whittemore-Prescott
Joseph   Kelpinski        1981-82   Region 7 VP      Whittemore-Prescott
Yvonne   Dobson-Jakubik   1982-83   Region 7 VP      Whittemore-Prescott
Chad     Bellville        1991-92   Region 7 VP      Whittemore-Prescott
Jenny    Daniels          1998-99   Sentinel         Whittemore-Prescott
Matt     Jakubik          2004-05   Vice President   Whittemore-Prescott
Dustin   Grezeszak        2007-08   Reporter         Whittemore-Prescott
             American FFA Degrees

1977 Whittemore-Prescott   Leona               Daniels
1989 Whittemore-Prescott   Kelby J.            Ruckle
1993 Whittemore-Prescott   Chad                Bellville
1996 Whittemore-Prescott   Josh                Guoan
1999 Whittemore-Prescott   Jennifer            Daniels
2002 Whittemore-Prescott   Mary Lynne          Daniels
2002 Whittemore-Prescott   Kevin Christopher   Turner
2003 Whittemore-Prescott   Luke                Daniels
2005 Whittemore-Prescott   Jamie               Jakubik
2005 Whittemore-Prescott   Matthew             Jakubik
2011 Whittemore-Prescott   Kelsey              Sievers
                  State FFA Degrees

Whittemore-Prescott     1960   Brian         Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1969   Timothy L.    Ponak
Whittemore-Prescott     1969   Carl          Youngberg
Whittemore-Prescott     1970   Roger         Gibson
Whittemore-Prescott     1971   Larry L.      Siegrist
Whittemore-Prescott     1971   Russell A.    White
Whittemore-Prescott     1974   James         Durance
Whittemore-Prescott     1975   Leona         Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott     1976   Rhonda        Wight
Whittemore-Prescott     1977   Shelly        Perrin
Whittemore-Prescott     1979   Barbara       Erickson
Whittemore-Prescott     1980   Jeffrey       Clark
Whittemore-Prescott     1980   Raymond       Sievers, Jr.
Whittemore-Prescott     1980   Roderick      Perrin
Whittemore-Prescott     1981   Wendy A.      Wight
Whittemore-Prescott     1981   Joseph E.     Kelpinski
Whittemore-Prescott     1982   Yvonne        Dobson
Whittemore-Prescott     1984   Michael       Simmons
Whittemore-Prescott     1985   Tamra Jean    Provoast
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Travis Gene   Miller
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Dawn Marie    Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Jana Marie    Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Kelby John    Ruckle
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Tina Lynne    Miller
Whittemore-Prescott     1988   Todd A.       Miller
Whittemore-Prescott     1988   Lori L.       Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1989   Jeffrey L.    Erickson
Whittemore-Prescott     1991   Tiffany Kay   Dissmore
Whittemore-Prescott     1991   Krista        Guoan
Whittemore-Prescott     1991   Chad          Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1992   Andrea        Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1992   Chris         Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott     1995   Maureen N.    Byrne
Whittemore-Prescott     1995   Sally         Dobson
Whittemore-Prescott     1995   Tony          Bamberger
Whittemore-Prescott     1995   Kevin M.      Bellville
Whittemore-Prescott     1996   Jeremy        Barr
Whittemore-Prescott     1996   Luke          Guoan
Whittemore-Prescott     1997   Nathan        Guoan
Whittemore-Prescott     1998   Brandon       Birkenback
Whittemore-Prescott     1998   Jennifer      Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott     1998   Rob           Rosenow, Jr.
Whittemore-Prescott     1998   Ryan T.       Webster
Whittemore-Prescott     1999   Heather       Dombroski
Whittemore-Prescott     1999   Kristie       Leslie
Whittemore-Prescott     1999   Trevor        Provoast
Whittemore-Prescott     1999   Paul          Rawley
Whittemore-Prescott     1999   Trisha        Spencer
Whittemore-Prescott     2000   Audrey        Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott     2000   Eric          McCane
Whittemore-Prescott   2001   Kevin       Turner
Whittemore-Prescott   2001   Kyle        Everitt
Whittemore-Prescott   2001   Mary        Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott   2001   Heather     Krantz
Whittemore-Prescott   2002   Luke        Daniels
Whittemore-Prescott   2003   Jamie       Jakubik
Whittemore-Prescott   2003   Matthew     Jakubik
Whittemore-Prescott   2005   Desiree     Slaterline
Whittemore-Prescott   2005   Brent       Everitt
Whittemore-Prescott   2005   Jessica     Jakubik
Whittemore-Prescott   2007   Dustin      Grezeszak
Whittemore-Prescott   2011   Samuel H.   Barnes
Whittemore-Prescott   2011   Matthew     Colvin
                  Outstanding Junior

2001   Whittemore-Prescott   Laura          Daniels
2001   Whittemore-Prescott   Luke           Daniels
2002   Whittemore-Prescott   Jamie          Jakubik
2002   Whittemore-Prescott   Matthew        Jakubik
2006   Whittemore-Prescott   Dustin         Grezeszak
2009   Whittemore-Prescott   Brenna         Caverly
2009   Whittemore-Prescott   Kelsey         Sievers
2009   Whittemore-Prescott   Ashlyee Lynn   Worden
2009   Whittemore-Prescott   Todd           Worden
2010   Whittemore-Prescott   Samuel H.      Barnes
2010   Whittemore-Prescott   Matthew        Colvin
2012   Whittemore-Prescott   Michael        Colvin
2012   Whittemore-Prescott   Emily          Eymer
2012   Whittemore-Prescott   Erica          Hottois
2012   Whittemore-Prescott   Rebecca        Huff
2012   Whittemore-Prescott   Alexandria     Shoemaker
            National Chapter and Superior Chapter Awards

                                           Michigan   Michigan   National
      Chapter         Year      Superior    Award      Rank       Award
Whittemore-Prescott     1974   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1975   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1976   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1977   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1978   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1979   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1980   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1981   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1983   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1984   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1985   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1986   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1987   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1989   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1997   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     1998   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     2003   Yes
Whittemore-Prescott     2011   Yes
                                              State Leadership Contests
       Event                                                District      Region
1963   Public Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott                Gold
1973   Public Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott                Silver
1975   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott                Gold
1976   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott                Silver
1976   Greenhand Public Speaking       Whittemore-Prescott                Silver
1976   Public Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott                Gold
1977   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott                Gold
2001   Ag Forum                        Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Greenhand Conduct of Meetings   Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Jr, High Public Speaking        Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Jr. High Conduct of Meetings    Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Public Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott
2001   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott
2002   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott
2002   Extemp Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott
2002   Parliamentary Procedure         Whittemore-Prescott
2003   Extemp Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott
2003   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott
2003   Jr, High Public Speaking        Whittemore-Prescott
2003   Jr, High Public Speaking        Whittemore-Prescott
2004   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott
2004   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott
2004   Public Speaking                 Whittemore-Prescott
2005   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott
2005   Jr, High Public Speaking        Whittemore-Prescott
2006   Creed Speaking                  Whittemore-Prescott
2006   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott
2006   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott
2006   Jr, High Public Speaking        Whittemore-Prescott
2007   Demonstration                   Whittemore-Prescott                Gold - 2nd
2008   Greenhand Public Speaking       Whittemore-Prescott                Gold - 2nd
2008   Jr High Public Speaking         Whittemore-Prescott                Gold - 1st
2008   Jr High Public Speaking         Whittemore-Prescott                Silver - 2nd
2009   Creed Speaking                  Whittemore-Prescott                Silver
2009   Jr. High Conduct of Meetings    Whittemore-Prescott                Gold - 1st
2009   Parliamentary Procedure         Whittemore-Prescott                Gold - 2nd
2010   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott                Gold-1st
2010   Job Interview                   Whittemore-Prescott                Gold-2nd
2010   Parliamentary Procedure         Whittemore-Prescott                Silver-2
2012   Extemp Public Speaking          Whittemore Prescott  Silver        Gold
2012   Extemp Public Speaking          Whittemore Prescott  Silver
2012   Public Speaking                 Whittemore Prescott  Gold          Silver
2012   Ag Issues                       Whittemore-Prescott  Gold
Silver         Marvin Sheffer
               Robert Wynn
Silver         Peggy Harper

               Barb Erickson
               Rhonda Wright
Gold           Vickie Schult
Silver         Kyle Everitt
Gold           Brent Everitt
Gold           Kevin Turner
State Winner   Brad Webster       Tim Barnum        Luke Daniels
Silver         Matt Tarner        Svea Gordon       Patty Card
Silver         Matt Jakubik
Silver         Matt Jakubik
State Winner   Jamie Jakubik
Silver         Mark Jakubik
Bronze         Justin Dahn
Silver         Jessie Jakubik
Bronze         Bonnie Daniels
State Winner
Silver         Torie Scott
Silver         Shane Mashke
Bronze         Mark Jakubik
Silver         Victoria Scott
Gold           Dustin Grezeszak   Theresa Janish    Robin Sievers
Bronze         Samuel Barnes
Gold           Tyler Janish
Silver         Damien Grezeszak
               Doug Schmidtling
Silver         Tyler Janish       Lindsey Fischer   Desiree Wellington   Taylor Jordan
Bronze         Todd Worden        Ashylee Worden    Shane Mashke         Sara Archer
Silver         Brenna Caverly
Bronze         Sara Archer
Silver         Todd Worden        Ashlyee Worden    Kelsey Sievers       Damian Grezeszak
Silver         Lindsey Fischer
               Ella-Ra Manger
               Kelsey Horn
Michael Colvin   Amanda Fischer   Garrett Galbairth
Samuel Barnes    Matthew Colvin

Samuel Barnes    Shane Mashke     Matt Colvin
                                       State Proficiency Awards

1975   Whittemore-Prescott   Rhoda               Wight       State Winner
1999   Whittemore-Prescott   Trevor              Provoast    Silver
2000   Whittemore-Prescott   Eric                McCane      Silver
2000   Whittemore-Prescott   Mary                Daniels     Silver
2000   Whittemore-Prescott   Kyle                Everitt     State Winner
2000   Whittemore-Prescott   Mary                Daniels     State Winner
2001   Whittemore-Prescott   Kevin Christopher   Turner      State Winner
2001   Whittemore-Prescott   Luke                Daniels     State Winner
2001   Whittemore-Prescott   Mary Lynne          Daniels     State Winner
2002   Whittemore-Prescott   Luke                Daniels     State Winner
2002   Whittemore-Prescott   Mary Lynne          Daniels     State Winner
2003   Whittemore-Prescott   Jamie               Jakubik     State Winner
2003   Whittemore-Prescott   Matthew             Jakubik     Gold
2005   Whittemore-Prescott   Brent               Everitt     Silver
2007   Whittemore-Prescott   Dustin              Grezeszak   Gold
2011   Whittemore-Prescott   Samuel Harris       Barnes      Gold
2011   Whittemore-Prescott   Matthew             Colvin      Silver

    Fish and Wildlife Management
    Dairy Production
    Dairy Production
    Diversified Livestock
    Wildlife Management
    Specialty Animal
    Beef Production
    Dairy Production
    Diversified Livestock Production
    Diversified Livestock Production
    Small Animal Production & Care
    Dairy Production
    Forage Production
    Wildlife Management
    Dairy Production - Placement
    Beef Production
    Dairy Production
Michigan FFA State Stars
                      Ag Skills Awards
Year          Chapter             Event      State   National
  1964 Whittemore-Prescott    Livestock   Silver
    BOMC                        Food for America
Year   Chapter   Award   Year       Chapter     Award
                             Academic Excellence
Year   Chapter                 First Name          Last Name   Award
2009   Whittemore Prescott     Todd                Worden      Silver
2010   Whittemore-Prescott     Todd                Worden      Gold
2012   Whittemore-Prescott     Betha               Clemens     Silver
2012   Whittemore-Prescott     Lindsey             Fischer     Silver
2012   Whittemore-Prescott     Kelsey              Horn        Silver
2012   Whittemore-Prescott     Becky               Huff        Silver
2012   Whittemore-Prescott     Jennifer            LaGrow      Silver
Agriscience Student Projects
                  Agriscience Teacher History

Whittemore            Raymond Kukoski            1940      1941
Whittemore            Frank     Madaski          1941      1944
Whittemore            Edward L Palarski          1944      1945
Whittemore            W.H.      VanPetten        1945      1951
Whittemore            Lucian G. Hatfield         1953      1957
Whittemore            Richard B Wight            1957      1959
Whittemore            Kenneth N.Tidey            1959      1961

Whittemore-Prescott   Kenneth N.Tidey            1961      1962
Whittemore-Prescott   Marshall McGuire           1962      1968
Whittemore-Prescott   Charles   Preston          1968      1993 Honorary State 1980
Whittemore-Prescott   Frederick Lasure           1993      1995
Whittemore-Prescott   Pat       Henne            1996      1997
Whittemore-Prescott   Lugene    Daniels          1997 1/20/2000
Whittemore-Prescott   Charles   Young       1/20/2000      2000
Whittemore-Prescott   Nathan    Czernik          2000      2001
Whittemore-Prescott   Nick      VanDenBrink      2001      2005
Whittemore-Prescott   Open                       2005      2007
Whittemore-Prescott   Matt      Jakubik          2007   Present

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