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									“Sometimes when you want more business,
   and need more business, you need to
  raise awareness of your brand. Period. ”

Do you know WHAT
you need to educate,
WOW or impress
your target audience?
What’s missing from your online,
and offline marketing arsenal?

Answer the questions on page 2

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Identify what’s missing from your online & offline marketing arsenal preventing
you from achieving the results you want with your marketing. Answer each of
the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
                                                                                       YES NO
Do you have a logo?
Do you have a tagline?
Do you have business cards?
Do you have letterheads?
Do you have compliment slips?
Do you have a website?
Do you have a "branded" facebook page?
Do you have a "branded" twitter account?
Do you have a "branded" Linkedin company profile?
Do you have E-Book, Book, E-Course, CD, DVD or E-Report Web Graphics?
Do you have offline Book, Course, CD, DVD, Report Sleeves or product packaging?
Do you have branded banners for online advertising?
Do you have an exhibition stand?
Do you have a exhibition roller stand?
Do you have vinyl "branding" for your vehicle?
Do you have branded invoices?
Do you have branded statements?
Do you have branded quote/estimate documents?
Do you have a branded email signature?
Do you have a branded ezine or newsletter?
Do you have a branded postcards?
Do you have branded leaflets?
Do you have branded seminar or workshop invitations?
Do you have branded NCR order pads?
Do you have a branded "banner" for outside events?
Do you have branded presentation folders (for proposals etc) ?
Do you have branded semi-display ads?
Do you have a branded “blog" ?
Do you have a branded smartphone ‘APP’?
Do you have branded VIDEOs or ANIMATIONS?
Do you have branded pens, mugs or key rings?
Do you have branded T Shirts, Hats, Jackets ?
Do you have branded Greetings cards, calendars?
Do you need to raise awareness of you, your brand and your ‘services’?
Do you want next year to be the same as last year & face the same challenges?
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