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					Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                          17.11.2010

Nro   RequestTitle                  Description                                                                   Linnea-
5     Include a free-text           Customer requests enhancement for this capability, or, alternatively, to      x
      message at bottom of circ     be able to print 1 Due Date Slip for multiple charge transactions for a
      receipts; Print a single      patron. Hello is it possible to put a custom footer message text at the end
      date due slip for all items   of receipt print for PATRON CHARGED ITEMS?
      charged together

12    Add more item status          Customer would like an additional option besides Available and Not            x
      options for title list        available for the status display in the Results List. In particular, when the
      search results                item has a status of Discharged, it may not yet be available on the shelf.
                                    They do not want the title status to display as Available in this situation.
                                    The item statuses displaying on the search results screen do not seem to
                                    have many options compared to the Classic version (in opac.ini).
                                    Consequently the statuses are showing inconsistent with the holdings
                                    statuses showing in the record view. In the file,
                                    there are only two lines available for displaying item statuses:
                                    page.searchResults.item.status.unavailable=not available Is there any
                                    other option that we could display to make the search results page
                                    consistent with the record view page? Example: on our test server,
                           1. search by keyword, gone with the wind
                                    2. on the results screen, see the item # 4. The status shows as "Available"
                                    but when you see the record itself, the holdings information indicates
                                    that it is "discharged". We used to set it to "Returned" on the search
                                    results screen in Webvoyage Classic.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                17.11.2010

29    Do not allow overridden    Overriding of item due dates on the charge or discharge screen should        x
      due dates and times not    check against the circulation calendar ranges. When overriding an item's
      allowed by circ calendar   due date or date returned in the circulation module, you have the option
                                 of selecting the date and the time the item is due or was returned.
                                 However, the system doesn't seem to check that this date and time
                                 combination is within the circulation calender range for the current
                                 happening circulation location. An example of which is the time default of
                                 11:59pm which is selected by default, though none of our libraries are
                                 open until midnight. Also if you wand in a barcode by mistake rather than
                                 enter in a date it seems to be happy with that despite the date being well
                                 and truly out of normal acceptable date ranges. In theory the date
                                 selected should govern the time as well ie if you pick a date then the
                                 closing time for that date in the circ calendar for the circ location should
                                 be the upper range default rather than 11:59pm/am.

52    Remote search: ability to In the Remote-search, a possibility to select all locations with one click To x
      select all locations with get all databases selected you have to click them one by one every time.
      one click.                This is very inconvenient if you have to select many databases together.
                                Of course it can be done with macros (keyboard and mouse) but it is one
                                command more to remember. It would be user-friendly to get this
                                possibility directly in the Remote-search. When you want to select all
                                databases at once you have to click then one by one. Some times if you
                                tried to select them quickly you have to click same database twice to get
                                it selected. Currently it is not possible to select all databases together in
                                the Remote-search and it is frustrating to select all databases one by one.
                                This costs staff extra time and exhaust your mouse hand.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                     17.11.2010

57    Ability to sort items by     It should be possible to sort items by enumeration information on Item          x
      clicking column title        screen The items listed on the Item record screen can not be sorted by
      (particularly                the enumeration information, or any other criterion. This makes it
      enumeration).                difficult to find a certain item on the list, especially when there are a large
                                   number of items, e.g. with journals. There are 250 items (issues) of a
                                   journal title listed on an Item record screen. Patron wants to make a
                                   request to a certain issue. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the issue
                                   the patron wants, because the items are not sorted on any reasonable
                                   order. If the items could be sorted by clicking the title bar (Location, Item
                                   type, Item status, Enum, Chron, Copy, Barcode), the same way the
                                   charged items on the Patron Charged items index screen, it would be easy
                                   to find the issue. To be able to sort the individual items by clicking the
                                   column title would save a lot of time of the patron and of the staff.

97    Change default position      On accessing the "Charge" screen in Voyager Circ the cursor default is set x
      of cursor in Circ Charge     to the "Library Location field". (see attached print screen 5may2010.jpg)
      screen                       Is it possible for the cursor default to fall in the "Barcode" field so all we
                                   have to do to charge items is click the charge icon and start scanning.

98    Improve blocking             Enhancement request for the option to block patrons from charging              x
      functionality (new item      items that have requests on them. Currently, only an informational
      block) for items available   message appears. Is it possible to add an item block within circulation
      for hold                     profiles (found in the security section of System Admin) that would
                                   prevent material that is awaiting collection from the hold/recall shelf
                                   being issued to any patron apart from the person who has placed the
                                   hold/recall in question?
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                        17.11.2010

126   "When using requests,           There should be an option to select what request levels are                     x
      the default request level       available/default. When using request groups hold requests can be placed
      should be configurable.         on three levels: title level request at all request groups, title level request
      Specifically, libraries         at selected request group and copy level request. The system defaults to
      should be able to set the       copy level request. We have several request groups and lots of copies.
      default level: title level at   Hold requests should be done on title level at one request group. There
      all request groups, title       are lots of charged copies of an item at one request group. Patrons do
      level at selected request       often place only one copy on hold because system defaults to a copy.
      group, or copy level."          When there are charged copies of an item at more than one request
                                      group, a patron can place all of them on hold using title level request at
                                      all request groups. Copy level holds causes often unnecessary long
                                      waiting times for patrons. If they had selected title level hold they could
                                      get their copy sooner. Title level holds at all request groups causes
                                      problems because we don't send requested items to another pickup

146   "In the _post against           When posting fines and fees Voyager should be able to calculate the sum x
      fine/fee_ window, when          When posting all patron's fines and fees there should be the total amount
      fines/fees are selected         of fines as a default. When posting the selected fines Voyager should be
      and the _selected_ radio        able to calculate the sum of selected fines and fees and show it in amount
      button is used, the             field. At present library staff has to check from Patron fines/fees window
      amount should be                the sum to be paid while a customer is paying his or her fines. When a
      dynamically generated           customer wants to pay his or her fines only partly, the library official must
      and displayed in the            manually sum up the selected fines. It would be more reliable and quicker
      _amount_ field."                to collect the correct amount if the system would calculate fines

149   Ability to send courtesy        Voyager 8.0 introduces delivery of circulation notices by SMS, but only for x
      notices by SMS                  item available, overdue and recall. We would like this extended to all
                                      notices sent by print and email, most notably courtesy notices.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                             17.11.2010

17    Allow user to create new We have a need for an AddPatron web service. Ideally this would work
      patron record              require the minimum data needed to add a patron into Voyager and
                                 return any dynamically created variables normally created when a new
                                 patron record is created, along with a status response (success/failed)
                                 and any errors. Tasks we would like to be able to achieve with this web
                                 service would include: - Setting patron group - Set whether patron
                                 requests are allowed I imagine there would be more information required
                                 relating to this enhancement however at this point this is all the comes to
41    Item block to prevent an Currently, the "Item is on hold for another patron. The requesting patron
      item with a hold/recall    has not yet been notified." message is only designed to display if a
      being charged (even        request associated with the item has already been discharged to the hold
      when item not yet          shelf (so the request has changed from Active to Pending, which is the
      discharged to hold shelf). difference between a status of Hold or Recall Request and a status of On
                                 Hold). The site would like to request an enhancement in which this item
                                 block also appears when the request status is still Active and the item
                                 status is Recall Request or Hold Request (i.e., when a request is
                                 associated with the item, but the item has not yet been discharged to the
                                 hold shelf).
74    Ability to print item      Need ability to print item record. Staff frequently need to note
      record.                    information from an item record. This must either be done by hand, or
                                 the library must purchase screen capture software. Bibs and mfhds can
                                 be easily printed; items should have the same capability. If I display an
                                 item record of something I need to check on the shelf, I must record by
                                 hand the enumeration, chronology, and barcode, or purchase and use
                                 screen capture software. With library funds severely limited, purchasing
                                 screen capture software is not always an option. Thus hand writing of the
                                 information in an item record, and the staff time involved, is the only way
                                 to record the needed information. Manual recording of item record
                                 information takes needless staff time. Manual recording of barcodes is
                                 particularly prone to error.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                 17.11.2010

75    Improve workflows by        Need ability to return to a list of mfhds and/or item records. If a bib
      better navigation           record has multiple mfhds, or a mfhd has multiple itmes, one of which is
      between and across lists    displayed, staff cannot then return to the list of mfhds or item records to
      of mfhds and items          select a different one without repeating multiple steps. Alternatively, the
                                  hierarchy could be displayed, but the hierarchy does not show the
                                  barcode number and cannot be printed. When working with multiple
                                  item records, it is also often necessary to rearrange the order of the item
                                  records in the list display; the this cannot be done in the hierarchy.
                                  Selecting a single mfhd or item from th hierarchy requires unhighlighting
                                  the previously selected item or mfhd, highlighting another, and clicking
                                  retrieve; double clicking the desired mfhd or item does not work. Since
                                  multiple tasks are performed from the list of item records, and selection
                                  is simpler from these lists, staff need to be able to return to them in one
                                  step. If a bib and mfhd have multiple item records, the list of item records
                                  is displayed by clicking Get Items; one is chosen and displayed. If another
                                  item record is desired, staff must close the displayed item record,
                                  returning to the bib or mfhd, and again choose Get Items, redisplay the
                                  list of item records, and choose another one. This must be repeated every
                                  time one of the item records is desired for display. The ability to return to
                                  the list of mfhds is similarly desirable. Constantly returning to the bib or
                                  mfhd to reselect additional mfhds or items consumes needless staff

83    Add filter limits to results Please could you add the filter limits section that is available in the basic
      sets of subject and author search results screen to the final results screen of author and subject
      searches                     searches. There is no reason I can see why these searches should have
                                   less functionality than the basic search.
86    Print from Cataloging       We'd like the ability to print the Hierarchy and Get Items screens in the
      Hierarchy and Get Items     Cataloging module. Printing these screens using screen captures is time-
      screens                     consuming when there are many items attached to a mfhd.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                17.11.2010

93    Allow relinking holdings At the moment there is no functionality for relinking holdings and item
      and item records through records via BatchCat. This functionality is fundamental to the kind of
      BatchCat                 automated cataloguing that BatchCat is designed for, and would allow
                               BatchCat to fully mirror the functionality available in the Cataloguing
                               client. It would be particularly useful for automated deduplication of
                               bibliographic records in databases, which is a high priority for us, and I
                               believe for other libraries. The envisaged functions would work along the
                               lines of: my $mfhd_result=$batchcat->RelinkHoldingRecord($mfhd_id,
                               $old_bib_id, $new_bib_id); my $item_result=$batchcat-
                               >RelinkItemRecord($item_id, $old_mfhd_id, $new_mfhd_id); Having the
                               old record id (i.e. the link to break) as well as the new record id (i.e. the
                               link to make) would allow us to deal with bound-withs in an automated
                               way (i.e. if the old record id was set to 0, the old link is left intact and the
                               new link created, thus forming a bound-with).

101   Add ability to search by    Search by Bib ID Acquisitions module requires the ability to search by Bib
      Bib ID (for example in      ID. This would be especially useful in serials checkin where searching can
      serial checkin)             be difficult when searching for an annual report or similar titles. If we
                                  search for check in title Annual Review, 56 records are returned. It would
                                  be far more efficient if staff could simply search directly by Bib ID.

104   In Builder search the Last Customer request: In the Cataloguing client, when using Builder search,
      search term should be      last term searched should be automatically highlighted and the Edit and
      retained                   Delete buttons automatically active. Currently the last term searched is
                                 not highlighted, the buttons are not active, and the customer must
                                 manually highlight the last term searched in order to activate the Edit and
                                 Delete buttons. Original text: We still have the issue 16116 (See KB
                                 document number 19360) problem which was supposed to be fixed in the
                                 Unicode release but remained a problem on release 5 and is still apparent
                                 now we are on Release 6.5.3.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                 17.11.2010

105   Add ability to search bib   Not possible to search bibliographic records by the cataloger's operator
      records by cataloger_s      id It should be possible to search bibliographic records by the cataloger's
      operator ID                 operator id. When a newcomer or a trainee is cataloging, the main
                                  cataloger could more easily control the bibliographic records that he or
                                  she has done to check the possible mistakes. The less mistakes in the
                                  bibliographic records, the easier to search and find relevant references.
                                  Now you have to use Access reports to do the same thing.

111   Titles with diacritics      Since the upgrade to Unicode, voy01 patch we have noticed an issue with
      should be searchable in     searchng titles in Serials check-in. The example is: Sot[ligature first
      the serials check-in        half]s[ligature second half]ial[soft sign, prime] Note: Customer included
      window.                     the diacritic in square brackets It is the soft sign prime character that is
                                  causing the problem. In serials check in to bring the record up you must
                                  search with a space ; Sotsial no If you truncate to Sotsialno, the record
                                  does not come up as a match. There may be another diacritic which does
                                  the same thing but customer is waiting on a report Also the macron in
                                  Arabic is causing this problem. If you search for Majallat J in serials check-
                                  in, you get quite a list but try Majallat jam you get nothing The macron is
                                  between the j and a in the second word.

124   "System Administration      Create a 'view-only' security profile for SysAdmin We would like some
      should have a               staff to be able to view the settings in SysAdmin, but we do not currently
      configurable _view-only_    allow them access due to the danger of them being able to really mess up
      Master Profile for each     the system configuration!! e.g. Someone wants to share in a discussion
      section of System           on the configuration of circulation policies Staff could view the settings
      Administration -- Circ,     instead of system staff needing to explain the settings or export them in
      Cat, Acq, Security, etc."   some way.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                                                                17.11.2010

135   There should be a System    Want a System Fine/Fee reason of Overdue Recall separate from regular
      Fine/Fee for Overdue        Overdue. The matrix allows you to set different fine rates for regular
      Recall in addition to       overdue and recall overdue items, but both types of fines display in
      Overdue.                    Circulation with the "Overdue" Fine/Fee reason. When patrons have
                                  questions or complaints about their fines, we'd like to be able to tell them
                                  exactly why they were fined the amount they were. For all patron groups,
                                  we charge higher fines for overdue recalls than for regular overdue items.
                                  Sometimes a patron will question the amount of their fine, and
                                  circulation staff would like to be able to tell if the fine was for a regular
                                  overdue item or an overdue recalled item. We sometimes waive overdue
                                  fines, but we never waive recall fines, so it would be nice to tell if a
                                  patron was fined for an overdue item or an overdue recall. Currently, if a
                                  patron returns an overdue recalled item, then receives a bill for their
                                  overdue fine and comes in with questions about that fine, circulation
                                  staff can't easily tell whether or not the fine was for a recalled item.

148   "Holds and recalls should   Does Voyager automatically stop holds / recalls on items that have a
      be configurable to          status of lost or missing? If not what should be do to prevent holds and
      allow/disallow when an      recalls being placed on lost or missing items? In our previous system we
      item is lost or missing.    charged to lost patron but not sure there is any point to continuing this
      This is similar             practice. Sorry I have checked user guide and help and found no answer
      functionality to the
      checkbox _renew if
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                   17.11.2010


sisältää sellaisen piirteen, jota varmasti kaikissa kirjastoissa
haluttaisiin. Eli kaikista lainatuista kirjoista (kyseisellä
lainauskerralla) saisi vain yhden kuitin, eikä jokaisesta kirjasta
omaansa. (Ehdotus on tosin muotoiltu niin, että siinä
pyydetään ensin mahdollisuutta lisätä vapaamuotoinen teksti
lainalistauksen loppuun... ja sitten pyydetään vaihtoehtoisesti
sitä, minkä ainakin minä haluaisin ensisijaiseksi toiveeksi, että
lainattaessa useita teoksia niistä saisi vain yhden kuitin
nykyisen ritirimpsun sijasta.)
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                17.11.2010

Lainauksen Override-tilanteessa eräpäivien pitäisi myös
noudattaa lainauskalentereita. Nyt eräpäiväksi voi syöttää
periaatteessa mitä tahansa, myös kaukana menneisyydessä
olevan päivämäärän, jolle ei ole kalenteriakaan olemassa. Näin
niteen saa totaalisen jumiin, koska sitä ei voi palauttaa ennen
kuin on hyväksyttävä kalenteri olemassa systeemissä. Samaten
asiakas joutuu heti lainakieltoon seuraavana yönä ja saa
mahdollisesti reippaat sakot.
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit                    17.11.2010

Lainaustyöryhmäkin lähettänyt 2003-2004

Kursori ei ole lainaustilannetta aloittaessa oletusarvoisesti
asiakkaan viivakoodi-kentässä, vaan kirjastojen valikossa.Olisi
erittäin hyvä parannus, jos oletuspaikka kursorilla olisi valmiiksi
asiakkaan kortin viivakoodikenttä.

Lainaustyöryhmäkin lähettänyt 2003-2004
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit   17.11.2010

Lainaustyöryhmäkin lähettänyt 2003-2004
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit   17.11.2010
Voyager-enhancement-äänestys versioon 8.2 - vinkit   17.11.2010

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