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									Endangered Species

   By Alexandra Cao
 Definition of Endangered Species
• endangered species- a species at risk of
  extinction because of human activity,
  changes in climate, predator-prey ratios,
  etc., especially when officially designated
  by a governmental agency.
          15 Endangered Species
•   Harpy Eagle                                                                                                                  -Lower Risk
•   Blue Whale
•   Quagga
•   Sloth                                                                                                                        -Endangered
•   Volcano Rabbit                                                                                                               -Critically Endangered
•   Northern Bald Ibis
•   Japanese Crane        Northern Bald Ibis. N/D. The Ark Gallery. www.shoarns.com/NBaldIbisGallery.html 2/3/11.                -Extinct
•   Kakapo
•   Platypus
•   Quetzal
•   Black Footed Ferret
•   Asian Elephant
•   Golden Frog
•   Hyacinth Macaw
•   Red Wolf

                                                  This is a Quagga… N/D. Artistol. aristotle.net/~swarmack/quagga.html 2/3/11.        Kakapo. N/D. Kid Cyber. www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/kakapo.htm 2/3/11.
     Endangered Species in New
  There are 16 endangered animals in New
Some are-
• Hawksbill Sea Turtle          Click the pictures
• Northern Right Whale          to learn about the
• Peregrine Falcon             species. Then click
                                  “How to Help”
• Osprey                              below.

• Timber Rattlesnake
       Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Status- critically endangered
• They are hunted for shells
• They are named for their birdlike beak
• They eat sponges and help make space in

                               Atlantic Hawksbill sea turtle. N/D. Center of Biological Diversity.
       http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/esa_works/profile_pages/AtlanticHawksbillSeaTurtle.html 1/25/11.
       Northern Right Whale
Status- critically endangered
• Most endangered large whale
• Population- 300 to 350 individuals
• No dorsal fin

                          North Atlantic Right whale mother and calf. N/D. Nature’s Crusaders.
                                           calves/northern-rtwhales1/ 1/25/11.
           Peregrine Falcon
Status- endangered
• Dives at speeds up to 200 mph.
• Usually eats birds, not reptiles, insects, or
• Pesticides caused population to decline

                Peregrine Falcon. N/D. Sodahead. sodahead.com
Status- vulnerable
• Eye color changes as matures
• Eats fish most of the time
• Found in all continents except Antarctica

                Osprey. 1996-2011. National Geographic.
                 animals.nationalgeographic.com 2/3/11.
        Timber Rattlesnake
Status- endangered
• One of 2 venomous snakes in NJ
• Also called canebrake snake
• Length can get to 6 ft.

           Timber Rattle Snake. N/D. Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum.
                         tanglewoodnaturecenter.com 2/3/11.
              How to Help
•   Protect Habitat
•   Join a Conservation Organization
•   Reduce the Threat of Endangered Species
•   Recycle and Reduce Energy Consumption
•   Minimize the use of Pesticides

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