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At Chartis UK, product innovation never stands still. New or
enhanced products are highlighted throughout the product range on
the following pages. If you want to discuss a product not featured in
this brochure please contact your local Chartis UK office.


Accident & Health                         p4           Financial Lines                     p9-11         Property                              p14
Travel, personal accident and health                   Management liability, professional liability      Standard and customised commercial lines
insurance products (available through                  and crime products including directors’ and       property products and services to a diverse
organisations or affinity groups, or direct            officers’ liability, employment practices         range of clients – from single site operations
via the telephone or internet) to meet the             liability and pension trustees liability, with    to multinationals.
personal needs of individuals and the                  speciality solutions for professions,
commercial needs of organisations.                     commercial risks and financial institutions.      Risk Finance                          p14
                                                       CorporateGuard Financial Lines products are       Insurance solutions that help companies
Aerospace                                 p6           backed up by a range of value added services.     manage challenging risks through a range of
Innovative and comprehensive insurance                                                                   alternative underwriting techniques.
solutions for the global aviation and space            Fleet                                 p12
industry, encompassing the spectrum                    Tailored insurance solutions for motor fleets     Risk Management                        p15
of coverages required by aircraft operators,           with a focus on helping organisations reduce      Tailor-made insurance programmes that
manufacturers and ground service providers.            their risk exposure, or aiding recovery after     respond to a broad range of financial demands
                                                       an incident.                                      from clients who require financially structured
Chartis Direct                            p6                                                             insurance coverage. Specialities include
Chartis Direct provides a range of health,             Liabilities                           p12         multinational programmes, high-frequency
travel and property insurances for individual          Primary and excess layers for public and          loss-sensitive programmes, and programmes
consumers, directly and via our partner                product liability, motor fleet and employer’s     with unique client reporting requirements.
organisations.                                         liability covers. Includes our award-winning
                                                       medical and vocational rehabilitation services.   Surety                                 p15
Commercial Combined                       p7                                                             Contract and commercial surety facilities for
Commercial Combined is a comprehensive                 Marine                                p12         leading companies particularly those trading
‘all risks’ product for small, medium and larger       Customised cargo transportation products and      in the construction, engineering and
businesses with up to £50 million turnover.            handling services worldwide. Clients range        manufacturing sectors, allowing issuance of
                                                       from importers, exporters, manufacturers,         bonds and guarantees internationally as well
Crisis Management                         p7           logistics operators, or large project-cargo       as in domestic markets. Surety relies on full
Business contingency protection for crisis             (infrastructure) operations to multinationals     indemnification for all risks.
situations involving people or products.               seeking tailored insurance solutions that can
Integrates financial indemnity with expert             be location specific or part of a worldwide       Trade Credit                           p15
assistance in managing the reputational                master policy programme.                          Provides the security a company needs to
impacts of a crisis.                                                                                     compete globally by insuring its accounts
                                                       Mergers & Acquisitions                p13         receivables.
Energy                                    p8           A range of bespoke products designed to
Specialist insurance protection for global and         transfer known and unknown risks in M&A and
local oil & petrochemical, power generation,           related transactions.
chemical manufacturing, offshore,
construction and boiler & machinery sectors.           Political Risk                        p13
                                                       Risk transfer solutions to enable companies to
Environmental                             p8           manage the risk of disruption after a political
Environmental impairment liability products            event that may be associated with their
covering both sudden & accidental and gradual          international business operations.
pollution legal liability, including third party
liabilities, on/off-site clean-up, defence costs and
contingencies (such as business interruption).
Products suitable for owned / leased sites
(individual or portfolio) contractors operations
and large remedial works. Products can also be
used in conjunction with risk finance techniques.


 +    Product enhanced or with additional benefits
      New product from Chartis UK


                                                                                                                                                                                        ACCIDENT & HEALTH
Chartis Product List   2009/ 2010

 Accident & Health
 CORPORATE PRODUCTS                                             COVER                                                MARKET
 Lifeline Plus Group Personal                                   Lifeline Plus Group Personal Accident and/or         UK businesses with two or
 Accident and Travel                                            Travel insurance enabling employers to provide       more employees.
                                                                a variety of wide covers for their employees.
 +                                                              Includes leisure travel cover for directors, their
                                                                partners and children, Crisis Containment
                                                                Management and Healthline Plus (a Second
                                                                Medical Opinion service and online Health
                                                                Portal that can be accessed by anyone insured
                                                                under the policy as well as their families,
                                                                whether or not a claim is made).

 Group Corporate Catastrophe Cover                              Provides significant event limit benefits for        Larger UK businesses where there is a
                                                                organisations with employee benefit payment          perceived need for additional top up PA cover.
                                                                aggregations exceeding the cap placed on their
                                                                pension scheme death in service cover.

 Lifeline Plus RapidQuote                                       Lifeline Plus Group Personal Accident & Travel       Small UK businesses.
                                                                cover in a pre-priced format with fixed benefits.

 Group Healthchoice                                             Gives purchasers the choice of having surgery        UK businesses with 50 or more employees
                                                                undertaken privately or in the NHS. If private
                                                                treatment is selected the policy pays for
                                                                treatment up to procedure limits agreed by the
                                                                HealthChoice hospital network. If NHS
                                                                treatment is selected the policy pays a cash
                                                                benefit equal to the agreed procedure limit.

 Group Healthchoice                                             Gives purchasers the choice of having surgery        UK businesses with 50 or more employees
                                                                undertaken privately or in the NHS. If private
                                                                treatment is selected the policy pays for
                                                                treatment up to procedure limits agreed by the
                                                                HealthChoice hospital network. If NHS
                                                                treatment is selected the policy pays a cash
                                                                benefit equal to the agreed procedure limit.

 AFFINITY BUSINESS PRODUCTS                                     COVER                                                MARKET
 Affinity Business                                              Tailored Affinity schemes can include Personal       Any organisation or group can be considered
                                                                Accident, (including specific new benefits,          where a membership or affinity exists and where
                                                                Travel, Critical Illness and Income Replacement).    there is no employer/employee relationship.

 WORKSITE PRODUCTS                                              COVER                                                MARKET
 Personal Accident                                              Group policies that enable employees to buy          UK businesses with 200 or more employees.
                                                                cash benefits in case of specified injuries to
                                                                themselves and their families. Can be
                                                                purchased through flexible or voluntary
                                                                employee benefits schemes.

 PositiveCare                                                   Cash benefits and counselling following              UK businesses with 200 or more employees.
                                                                diagnosis of specified breast or gender specific
                                                                cancer. The benefits are fixed and the premium is
                                                                fixed at the age of entry for the lifetime of the
                                                                policy. Premiums depend on gender and the age
                                                                of entry to the plan. Can be purchased through
                                                                flexible or voluntary employee benefits schemes.

 PositiveCare Premier                                           Can be taken to supplement PositiveCare and          UK businesses with 200 or more employees.
                                                                extends the range of cancers covered to include
                                                                most other cancers. The benefits are fixed and
                                                                the premium is fixed at the age of entry for the
                                                                lifetime of the policy. Can be purchased through
                                                                flexible or voluntary employee benefits schemes.

 CancerAssist                                                   Cash benefits and counselling following              UK businesses with 200 or more employees.
                                                                diagnosis of cancer. There are five different
                                                                scales of benefits and the premium is based on
                                                                gender, smoking status and age attained.

4      Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

PRIVATE CLIENT GROUP PRODUCTS   COVER                                                     MARKET
Home and Travel                 Cover designed specifically for high value homes          High net worth people.
                                and contents with Worldwide, "all risks" and
                                annual multi-trip family travel covers as standard.
                                Detailed property appraisals allow us to guarantee
                                to rebuild property (Grade 1 listed buildings
                                excepted). General contents up to 50% of the value
                                of the home included for buildings up to £5m.

Motor                           Includes 'agreed value' settlements if a vehicle is       High net worth people.
                                written off, comprehensive cover that includes
                                the policyholder and spouse driving vehicles
                                they don't own, a temporary car of similar
                                specification whilst an insured car is being
                                repaired after a claim, and cover for rented
                                vehicles for up to 90 consecutive days anywhere
                                within the territorial limits.

Aviation                        Aviation cover is available for clients whose             High net worth people.
                                home and/or motor vehicles are insured with us.
                                For fixed wing aircraft there is a minimum hull
                                value of US$1m and a maximum hull value of
                                US$80m. For helicopters the minimum hull
                                value is US$500k and the maximum is US$3m.

Yacht                           Covers vessels valued from £250,000 up to                 High net worth people.
                                £100m (policies also written in US$ or Euros)
                                Yachts of a lower value insured when we also
                                insure a client’s home and/or motor vehicles.
                                Policies include public liability cover up to
                                £100m and employer’s liability cover up to £10m.

Collections                     Worldwide coverage for collections of fine art,           High net worth people.
                                antique furniture and jewellery. “All risks"
                                agreed value cover if specified items are lost or
                                destroyed. Newly acquired items covered for up
                                to 25% of the total sum insured for a period of
                                60 days, and defective title cover up to £25,000
                                in case of. “Death of artist” cover available.

PERSONAL LINE PRODUCTS          COVER                                                     MARKET
Homestar                        Buildings and/or contents cover for UK risks.             Customers buying cover through brokers.

Roadstar                        Motor cover for UK mainland customers.                    Customers buying cover through brokers.

Northstar                       Motor cover for customers in Northern Ireland.            Customers buying cover through brokers.

Plus+ products                  A range of innovative covers designed to be               Affinity Groupings, retailers, banks and building
                                provided, bundled or sold to mass markets by              societies and insurance brokers.
                                distributors including ID Theft, emergency cash
                                benefits, cover for people renting vehicles in N.
                                America and similar risks. Covers can be
                                bespoked for distributors.

                                                                             Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   5
Chartis Product List   2009/ 2010

 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                      MARKET
 Airline                                                        Hull physical damage, passenger and third party            Major airlines and regional airlines
                                                                liabilities for commercial airline and cargo               operating jet and turboprop aircraft.
                                                                operators. Cover also available for deductible,
                                                                excess third party terrorism liability and hull war
                                                                physical damage.

 Products and Airports                                          Products legal liability; third party legal liability      Manufacturers of aircraft and/or component
                                                                for bodily injury and property damage arising              parts supplied to the aerospace industry;
                                                                out of operations at airports including air traffic        Airport owners and operators including
                                                                control, refuelling, ground handling, security             specialist aviation service providers.
                                                                screening and repair and overhaul operations.

 General Aviation                                               Hull physical damage, passenger and third party            Corporate / Industrial Aid and Commercial
                                                                liabilities for fixed and rotor wing aircraft operators.   operators of business jet, fixed wing and
                                                                Cover also available for excess third party terrorism      rotor wing aircraft.
                                                                liability anf hull war physical damage.

 Space and Satellite                                            Physical loss or damage to launch vehicles and/or          Satellite owners/operators and their customers,
                                                                satellites; third party liabilities during launch          manufacturers and launching agencies.
                                                                preparations, launch and in orbit operations.

 Chartis Direct
 CHARTIS DIRECT PRODUCTS                                        COVER                                                      MARKET
 HealthChoice                                                   Budget health insurance product providing                  New to market & switch business,
                                                                affordable access to private medical treatment for         individuals with household income
                                                                over 1000 surgical procedures. Provides cover for          of £30K+, aged between 18 and 69.
                                                                out-patient diagnostic treatment, physiotherapy
                                                                and surgery with additional optional modules
                                                                available covering cancer and serious illnesses,
                                                                hospital expenses and additional physiotherapy.
                                                                Partnership with BMI Healthcare - UK's largest
                                                                private hospital group, offers access to 57 private
                                                                hospitals across the UK.

 Surgery Cash                                                   Low-cost alternative to PMI giving cash                    Any member of the public UK population aged
                                                                payments in the event of surgery on a range of             between 18 and 75.
                                                                surgical and diagnostic procedures.

 Well Woman                                                     Financial cover that pays a cash sum on diagnosis          Woman aged 25 - 60 UK population.
                                                                of a gender specific cancer as well as providing
                                                                emotional support for the policyholder and
                                                                their family including confidential counselling
                                                                and advice.

 Personal Accident                                              Cover for the whole family for accidents in the            Any member of the public UK population
                                                                home or at work for up to £500k. Can also                  aged between 18 and 75.
                                                                include hospitalisation with cover available
                                                                home and abroad.

 Accidental Death                                               Cash payment in the event of death following               Any member of the public UK population
                                                                an accident.                                               aged between 18 and 75.

 Home Insurance                                                 Buildings and Contents insurance with                      Any member of the public UK population
                                                                optional accidental damage cover additioonal               aged between 16 and 99.
                                                                extras include legal expenses and home
                                                                breakdown cover.

 Car Insurance                                                  Option of Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft or         Any member of the public UK population
                                                                Fully Comprehensive cover. No Claims Discount              with a valid UK driving Licence aged over 17.
                                                                up to 65%. Free courtesy car when you use an
                                                                approved repairer. Unlimited cover for
                                                                manufacturer's audio and navigation equipment.
                                                                Optional cover for legal expenses and Breakdown.

 Travel Insurance                                               Single Trip and Annual travel insurance with               Any member of the public UK population aged
                                                                three levels of cover, which include cancellation,         between 18 and 64.
                                                                baggage delay and medical expenses cover.
                                                                With up to 4 children included for free.
                                                                Optional winter sports cover available.

6      Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                              Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

AFFINITY PARTNER PRODUCTS                      COVER                                                    MARKET
Hospital Cash Plan                             Cover that pays a daily hospitalisation benefit,         Any member of the public UK population
                                               resulting from accident, illness or disease.             aged between 18 and 65.

Commercial Combined
PRODUCTS                                       COVER                                                    MARKET
Commercial Combined                            Comprehensive package policy that includes               UK businesses with turnover up to
                                               ‘All Risks’ on Material Damage, and Business             £50 million.
+                                              Interruption, Employers’ and Public / Products
                                               Liability covers, along with value-added services,
                                               like ‘Instant Office’ disaster recovery,
                                               Rehabilitation for injured employees and
                                               online Health & Safety training.

Crisis Management
PRODUCTS                                       COVER                                                    MARKET
Contaminated Products Insurance                Provides cover for recall costs, loss of gross           UK, international or multinational food
                                               profits and rehabilitation costs following               and drink, tobacco, cosmetics and
                                               accidental or malicious contamination (actual            pharmaceutical companies.
                                               or threatened). It also provides crisis
                                               management planning and loss prevention
                                               services through leading international crisis
                                               management specialists.

Corporate Kidnap and Ransom                    Cover for losses from kidnap or bodily injury or         Any company with employees either travelling
                                               property damage extortion, including the costs           to, or based in, overseas countries particularly
                                               of ransom, cost of investigation, lost salary,           Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.
                                               negotiation, medical expenses and aftercare.             Cash rich or high profile companies operating in
                                               Can also include evacuation and repatriation.            UK or overseas. Manufacturers or retailers of
                                                                                                        consumer goods.

Crisis Containment Insurance                   Reimbursement of fees and costs of expert                Mid to large sized companies.
                                               public relations consultants responding to one
                                               of seventeen specified types of crisis.

Family Kidnap and Ransom Insurance             Cover for wealthy or high profile families, cover        Wealthy individuals and families with
                                               for ransom payments following kidnap, bodily             high profiles.
                                               injury or extortion plus cost of investigation,
                                               negotiation, medical expenses and aftercare.

Product Recall Insurance: Defective Products   Protects manufacturers of consumer goods from            Product Recall Insurance is intended for
                                               the effects of recalls; Provides cover for recall        manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or
                                               costs, loss of gross profits and rehabilitation          retailers of a wide variety of finished products
                                               costs and the expertise of independent recall            and component parts.
                                               consultants to guide the company through the
                                               first critical weekd of a product recall.

                                                                                           Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   7
Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

 PRODUCTS                                                        COVER                                                   MARKET
 Onshore Erection/Construction All Risks                         All risks cover for Construction/Erection               Erection All Risks: Heavy Industry /Power
                                                                 projects.                                               Generation/ Petrochemicals/ Metals.
                                                                                                                         Construction All Risks: Building (Residential &
                                                                                                                         Commercial Infrastructure Roads, Railways,
                                                                                                                         Pipelines, Water Treatment & Distribution

 ecoPractice                                                     Expert advice to assist clients meet the challenges     Alternative and renewable energy sectors
                                                                 of alternative and renewable energy risks.

 Fixed Offshore Property (Energy)                                Individual insurance programmes for companies           Exploration and production companies.
                                                                 operating in the specialist area of Offshore
                                                                 Exploration & Production providing protection
                                                                 against loss arising from accidental damage to
                                                                 property cover and related first party liabilities.

 Mobile Drilling Units & Offshore Vessels                        Individual insurance programmes for                     Offshore Drilling and Well Service companies.
                                                                 contractors operating Offshore Drilling and
                                                                 Service Units; providing tailored cover for each
                                                                 company's unique requirements. We provide
                                                                 insurance in respect of loss arising from
                                                                 accidental damage to Hull & Machinery,
                                                                 associated first party exposures and related
                                                                 third party liabilities.

 Operators Extra Expense (Energy)                                Cover for the costs of bringing a well under            Owners, operators and non-operators of oil &
                                                                 control following a blowout. Includes expenses          gas wells, offshore and onshore.
                                                                 resulting from seepage and pollution
                                                                 containment, as well as associated clean-up
                                                                 costs, and the expenditure involved in re-drilling
                                                                 the well to its original depth.

 Property                                                        All risk covers including business interruption,        Oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical
                                                                 construction all risks plus related liabilities.        manufacturers and electrical utility companies,
                                                                                                                         mining and process industries.

 PRODUCTS                                                        COVER                                                   MARKET
 EnviroPro UK                                                    Comprehensive environmental insurance that              A wide range of businesses including
                                                                 provides wide cover for 'biodiversity',                 manufacturers, light engineering companies,
    +                                                            complementary and compensatory remediation,             printers, metal fabricators, warehouses, textiles,
                                                                 defence, mitigation costs and other provisions          retailers and food processors as well as educational
                                                                 of the 2009 Environmental Damage Regulations.           establishments, medical centres and hotels.

 Contractors Pollution Liability                                 To cover environmental liabilities arising from a       Contractors performing hazardous operations,
                                                                 contractor's operations caused by the                   or operating on contaminated sites. Policies can
                                                                 introduction of new pollution conditions or the         also be taken out by clients on behalf of
                                                                 exacerbation of existing pollution conditions.          contractors.
                                                                 Clean-up costs, third party property damage and
                                                                 bodily injury liabilities arising from pollution        Consultants and contractors with exposure to
                                                                 caused by contractors, including legal defence          pollution liabilities.
                                                                 costs. Also professional liability options available.

 Pollution Legal Liability                                       Enables companies to protect against costs of           Property owners and occupiers (single-site
                                                                 clean-up, bodily injury and damage caused to            or portfolio), operators of industrial sites,
                                                                 other peoples' property, by providing a specific        funders, lenders, equity providers, divestors
                                                                 insurance policy packaged to allow the Insured          and acquirers.
                                                                 to design a programme suitable for their
                                                                 pollution insurance needs. Third party liabilities      Manufacturing and industrial facilities, owners
                                                                 and clean-up costs arising from pollution both          of property portfolios, developers, buyers,
                                                                 on and off the site. New or historical pollution        sellers and owners of contaminated land
                                                                 conditions, changes in legislation and business         (including companies undertaking mergers
                                                                 interruption can be covered, as well as coverage        or acquisitions), company investors and
                                                                 for directors and officers.                             potential polluters.

 Contractors Operation and                                       Environmental cover for environmental                   A wide range of environmental consultants
 Professional Services                                           professionals. Includes cover for Errors &              whose work both involves technical reporting
                                                                 Omissions in environmental technical reporting          and completing site works on third party sites.
                                                                 and Contractors Pollution Liability cover for
                                                                 activities carried out on third party sites.

8       Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                            Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

Financial Lines
CRIME PRODUCTS                            COVER                                                       MARKET
CorporateGuard                            Comprehensive crime cover for mid to large                  For UK companies of any size.
CrimeManager Complete                     sized UK companies CrimeManager Complete
                                          includes cover for employee fraud, dishonesty
                                          and fraudulent acts committed by third parties.

COMMERCIAL INSTITUTION PRODUCTS           COVER                                                       MARKET
CorporateGuard                            Greater protection for directors's personal                 APEX is designed to supplement and reinforce
APEX                                      liabilities. Provides a combination of excess               primary layered D&O insurance programmes.
                                          protection, drop down 'difference in conditions'            Covers all natural person directors and officers,
                                          (DIC) protection and cover if any of the                    outside entity directors, shadow directors,
                                          underlying insurers can't or won't meet their               approved persons, employees with managerial
                                          policy obligations.                                         and supervisory duties, and their domestic partners.

CorporateGuard                            Protection for claims brought against directors,            Mid to large sized companies. Includes past,
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability        officers and senior employees for actual or alleged         present and future directors, officers, employees
(SEC and non-SEC)                         breach of duty, neglect, misstatements, errors or           acting in management or supervisory capacity,
                                          omissions. Includes separate limits for non-                shadow directors, outside entity directors,
+                                         executive directors, crisis support package, and free       spouses, administrators and executors of
                                          legal advice. Specific SEC version for US exposures.        insured's estates.

CorporateGuard                            Protection for claims brought against directors,            All companies currently listed on the
D&O Liability Insurance                   officers and senior employees of businesses                 Alternative Investment Market (AIM) or
for AIM – Quoted Companies                listed or planning to list on the Alternative               companies that have enlisted a Nominated
                                          Investment Market (AIM).                                    Advisor (NOMAD) in order to list on the AIM.

CorporateGuard                            Provides protection for the trustees, the                   Mid- to large-sized companies
Pension Trustee Liability                 employees, the employer company and the fund                with pension plans.
                                          itself against claims brought for actual or alleged
                                          wrongful acts in relation to a plan. In addition to
                                          providing cover for settlement of an action.

CorporateGuard                            Specific, purpose-build worldwide employment                Mid- to large-sized companies.
Employment Practice Liability Insurance   practices cover for the entity, individuals, and
                                          outside entity directors.

CorporateGuard                            Covers companies against securities claims arising          Companies going public raising capital
Public Offering of Securities Insurance   from offerings of a company’s securities. The policy        outside of the US.
                                          can cover equity or debt issues, both initial and
                                          secondary. Cover is for the company and its directors,
                                          officers, employees and selling shareholders.

CorporateGuard                            Tailored, standalone policy, designed to ring fence         UK and International businesses who are
D&O Lifetime RunOff                       the past liabilities of an acquired company. It has         undergoing a change of control.
                                          been structured to accommodate all types of run-
                                          off scenarios with unlimited policy duration
Private Companies                         Private Edge from Chartis UK is designed to                 All privately-owned companies with
                                          provide flexible and comprehensive protection               turnover of £250m or less (other than
+                                         and the services to cope with the downsides                 financial institutions)
                                          that occur in business, particularly in the
                                          increasingly litigious modern-day environment.

PrivateEdge:                              A partnership structure can create commercial               All partnerships with turnover of £250m or less
Partnerships                              advantage for an entity, but equally may increase           (other than financial institutions) including:
                                          the exposure partners may have to risking their             - Limited Liability Partnerships
+                                         personal assets. Chartis UK has developed an                - Limited Partnerships
                                          insurance solution that focuses on the needs of             - General Partnerships
                                          professionals in their managerial capacity.

PrivateEdge:                              Provides comprehensive protection for not-for-              All not for profit entities including
Not For Profits                           profit entities and individual directors and                charitable associations.
                                          officers and employees from actual or alleged
+                                         breaches of duty, neglect, misstatement.

                                                                                         Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   9
Chartis Product List   2009/ 2010

 Financial Lines
 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS PRODUCTS                                COVER                                                 MARKET
 CorporateGuard                                                 Covers directors of a hedge fund against claims       Hedge Funds and their directors.
 Hedge Fund One                                                 for breaches of duty in that capacity.

 CorporateGuard                                                 Professional services insurance on a civil            All financial institutions including Banks,
 Civil Liability                                                liability basis for the financial institution,        Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies,
 (Financial Institutions)                                       all its employees and others for whom it is           Building Societies, Fund managers, Investment
                                                                vicariously liable.                                   managers, Stockbrokers, Venture Capital firms
                                                                                                                      and Finance Companies.

 CorporateGuard                                                 For financial institutions; Covers fraud,             All financial institutions including banks,
 Comprehensive Crime Insurance                                  dishonesty, theft, forgery and third party            building societies, investment management
 (Financial Institutions)                                       computer and funds transfer fraud. Also               companies, insurance companies and
                                                                includes cover for identity fraud and payment         stock brokers.
                                                                of loss investigation fees.

 CorporateGuard                                                 Protection for claims brought against directors,      All financial institutions including Banks,
 Directors and Officers Insurance for                           officers and managers for any act in a directorial    Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Building
 Financial Institutions (SEC and non-SEC)                       or managerial capacity which leads to a claim.        Societies, Fund managers, Investment
                                                                Specific SEC version for US exposures. Entity         managers, Stockbrokers, Venture Capital firms
                                                                cover for employment practice liability and           and Finance Companies. Protection for past
                                                                securities claims is also available.                  present and future directors, officers,
                                                                                                                      employees acting in management or
                                                                                                                      supervisory capacity, shadow directors, outside
                                                                                                                      entity directors, spouses, administrators and
                                                                                                                      executors of insured's estates.

 CorporateGuard                                                 Specific, purpose-built protection for managers       All financial institutions including Banks,
 Employment Practice Liability Insurance                        and the company from the financial                    Building Societies, Investment
 (Financial Institutions)                                       consequences of employment practice                   Management Companies, Insurance
                                                                violations covering damages/awards and legal          Companies and Stockbrokers.
                                                                costs of official investigation.

 CorporateGuard                                                 Financial protection against civil liability for      Investment Management Companies,
 Investment Management Insurance                                investment advisory services, directors and           Investment Funds, Hedge Funds and Investment
                                                                officers liability insurance in respect of both the   Trusts. Includes automatic cover for approved
                                                                investment fund and investment manager; as            persons, outside entity directors, domestic
                                                                well as crime cover against the dishonesty of         partners, administrators, and executors.
                                                                employees and third parties.                          Automatic new fund and subsidiary cover,
                                                                                                                      provided the fund or subsidiary in question
                                                                                                                      meets pre-determined criteria

 CorporateGuard                                                 Protection for the trustees, the employees, the       All financial institutions including Banks, Hedge
 Pension Trustee Liability                                      employer company and the fund itself against          Funds, Insurance Companies, Building Societies,
 (Financial Institutions)                                       claims brought against them for actual or             Fund managers, Investment managers,
                                                                alleged wrongful acts which have placed the           Stockbrokers, Venture Capital firms and
                                                                plan’s assets at risk.                                Finance Companies.

 CorporateGuard                                                 Covers companies against securities claims            All financial institutions involved in capital
 Public Offering of Securities Insurance                        arising from offerings of a company’s securities.     raising via issue of a prospectus.
 (Financial Institutions)                                       The policy can cover equity or debt issues, both
                                                                initial and secondary. Cover is for the company
                                                                and its directors, officers, employees and
                                                                selling shareholders.

 CorporateGuard                                                 A blended policy offering financial protection        Private Equity and, Venture Capital Managers,
 VC Protector                                                   against professional service claims, directors        and related investment funds and partnerships.
                                                                and officers liability claims, employment             Protects past, present and future directors and
                                                                practices liability claims and outside                officers including private company board seats,
                                                                directorship liability claims in the operation        board observer seats, shadow directorship
                                                                of a venture capital or private equity entity.        positions, and approved persons, advisory board
                                                                                                                      members as limited partners and as board
                                                                                                                      participants, general counsel and risk managers.

10     Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                                  Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY PRODUCTS                COVER                                                        MARKET
Accountants Professional Liability             For accountants; Primary and excess cover for                Accountants (minimum of two partners).
                                               civil liability.                                             We will consider the majority of risks from
                                                                                                            the sole practitioner to larger practices.

Architects Professional Liability              Primary and excess cover for civil liability,                We will consider the majority of risks from the
                                               including fidelity cover and extensions for the              sole practitioner to larger practices.
                                               loss of documents and Ombudsman awards.

Bailiffs and Private Investigators             Primary and excess cover for errors and                      All bailiffs, debt collection agencies
Professional Liability                         omissions, libel and slander, loss of documents,             or private investigators.
                                               property conversion, dishonesty of employees,
                                               breach of warranty of authority and
                                               compensation for court attendance.

Construction Professional Liability            For construction firms; Primary and excess cover             Construction firms with design or supervision
                                               for errors and omissions, libel and slander, loss            contractual responsibility exposure.
 +                                             of documents, intellectual property rights and
                                               mitigation of loss.

Employment Agents Professional Liability       Primary and excess cover for errors and                      Employment agents.
                                               omissions, libel and slander, loss of documents,
                                               dishonesty of employees and compensation for
                                               court appearances. Can be extended to cover
                                               vicarious liability of temporary placements.

Engineering Professional Liability             Engineers Professional Liability cover. Primary              Engineers domiciled in UK or Eire.
                                               cover for errors and omissions, libel and slander,
                                               loss of documents, intellectual property rights
                                               and mitigation of loss.

Insurance Brokers Professional Liability       For insurance brokers; Primary and excess cover              Insurance brokers.
                                               for civil liability, dishonesty of employees
                                               including directors and partners, loss of
                                               documents, damages awarded by Ombudsman
                                               awards, compensation for court attendance, and
                                               FSA Investigation costs.

Management Consultants                         For management consultants; Primary and                      Any management consultants.
Professional Liability                         excess cover provided for breach of duty of care,
                                               dishonesty of employees, unintentional
                                               infringement of intellectual property rights,
                                               defamation and loss of documents.

Media Professional Liability                   Primary and excess cover for professional                    A range of marketing and media businesses
                                               liability, errors and omissions, including libel and         including broadcasters, advertising agents,
                                               slander, intellectual property rights and                    public relations consultants, direct marketing,
                                               mitigation of loss.                                          marketing consultants and promotional

Professions TechGuard                          Allows brokers to combine their IT clients’                  For technology companies up to £50m turnover,
                                               professional, employers’ and public/products                 including IT Services Companies, Hardware
                                               liability needs into a single insurance product,             Suppliers, Software Suppliers, IT Consultants,
                                               supported by additional covers and services that             IT Contractors and IT Hosting Services.
                                               broaden protection and help a wide variety of
                                               technology-based companies better control
                                               their operational risks.

Solicitors Professional Liability              For solicitors; Cover for civil liability, damages           Practising solicitors (minimum of four partners).
                                               awarded by the Legal Services Ombudsman, and
                                               defence costs, with policy extensions to include
                                               group personal accident and crisis consultancy.

Specified Professions Professional Liability   Professional liability, errors and omissions.                Any miscellaneous profession not fitting into
                                               Coverage may be tailored for each                            any of the other categories (i.e. conference
                                               individual insured.                                          organisers, auctioneers, loss adjusters,
                                                                                                            translators, etc).

Technology Professional Liability              Primary and excess layer protection against                  Technology and
                                               claims in respect of negligent acts, errors and              Telecommunications businesses.
                                               omissions, breach of duty, dishonest or
                                               malicious acts by employees, infringement
                                               of intellectual property rights, breach of
                                               confidentiality, loss of documents.

                                                                                               Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   11
Chartis Product List   2009/ 2010

 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                 MARKET
 FleetProtector                                                 Fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft       UK-based companies.
                                                                or third party only cover, tailored to insured’s
 +                                                              needs. Includes fleet management reports and
                                                                a range of risk management services.

 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                 MARKET
 Accel Elite                                                    Employer’s liability programme with fully-            UK-domiciled business.
                                                                integrated medical and vocational rehabilitation
                                                                following work-related incidents causing injury or
                                                                illness to employees. A Serious Accident Response
                                                                Service, simplified process for notifying incidents
                                                                and access to specialist loss control engineers can
                                                                assist with accident management and Health &
                                                                Safety compliance with enforcing bodies.

 Excess Elite                                                   Excess liability protects clients from major          UK based companies including those with
                                                                incidents that could exhaust their primary            overseas sales or operations. For companies
  +                                                             insurance protection. We cover Employers’,            with North American turnover the indemnity
                                                                public/products and Motor Third Party Liability.      will be inclusive of costs and subject to a full
                                                                In addition we include crisis management              pollution exclusion. In many cases Excess Elite
                                                                cover for up to £100,000 and Medical and              can also be tailored to cover overseas
                                                                Vocational rehabilitation.                            subsidiaries, however it is not available for
                                                                                                                      companies with no UK connection.

 Comprehensive Liability                                        Comprehensive Liability allows brokers to             UK domiciled companies.
                                                                combine employers’ liability and public/
                                                                products liability with additional covers and
                                                                services: helping clients to contain costs,
                                                                broadening protection and assisting businesses
                                                                to control the operational risks within
                                                                their organisations.

 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                 MARKET
 Project Cargo                                                  All risks cover for property whilst in transit with   UK-based and international companies involved
                                                                optional covers for advanced loss of profit           in large infrastructure construction projects
                                                                and/or consequential loss. Our team of in-house       anywhere in the world.
                                                                marine loss control engineers will work closely
                                                                with underwriters to design and coordinate a
                                                                comprehensive survey plan to fit the needs of
                                                                each project.

 Marine Cargo                                                   Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit           UK-based and international companies, whether
                                                                from warehouse to warehouse anywhere in the           manufacturers, importers or exporters.

 Freight Services Liability                                     Specialist limited liability coverage for incidents   UK-based and international companies,
                                                                occurring within standard terms and conditions,       whether carriers or freight forwarders.
                                                                when cargo is being conveyed from A to B.

 Marine Liability                                               Specialist primary and excess liability covers for    Worldwide marine transportation companies,
                                                                third party property damage and bodily injury,        stevedores, terminal operators, port authorities,
                                                                for marine related operations.                        ship repair yards, charterers and marine
                                                                                                                      associated industries.

 Port/Terminal Property and Liability                           Package cover including third party liabilities,      Worldwide port and terminal operators/
                                                                physical damage to owned property and                 owners and cargo handling facilities.
                                                                business interruption for port and
                                                                terminal operators.

12     Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                             Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

Mergers & Acquisitions
PRODUCTS                                     COVER                                                     MARKET
Environmental Solutions                      Offers coverage for environmental warranties in           Any company considering a merger
                                             acquisition agreements. Can be coordinated                or acquisition.
                                             with a range of environmental impairment
                                             liability solutions available on a site-specific or
                                             portfolio basis from Chartis UK's Environmental
                                             division, including clean-up cost cap,
                                             contractors' pollution liability and pollution
                                             legal liability.

Litigation Buyout Insurance                  Caps, or removes contingent liabilities and               Companies considering a merger or acquisition.
                                             legacy management issues from a company's
                                             balance sheet, and transfers any recourse for the
                                             liability to insurance capital.

Portfolio Programmes                         Provides a portfolio of insurance protection for          Private equity companies.
                                             investor companies by suitably protecting the
                                             risks of their investee companies, including D&O
                                             liability insurance.

Tax Liability Insurance                      Tax Liability Insurance from Chartis UK can               Any company considering a merger,
                                             reduce or eliminate a loss arising from the               acquisition or restructuring.
                                             successful challenge by the tax authorities
                                             of a taxpayer’s tax treatment of a transaction
                                             or investment.

Warranty & Indemnity Insurance               Transfer of liability for breaches of warranties          Any company considering a merger
                                             and indemnities under the acquisition                     or acquisition.
                                             agreement and tax warranties.

Political Risk
PRODUCTS                                     COVER                                                     MARKET
Contract Repudiation                         Losses caused by political acts that may                  Exporters, importers, trade finance
                                             interfere with the fulfillment of a contract              organisations.
                                             including but not limited to non payment by a
                                             Government or a Sovereign Obligor and
                                             Currency Inconvertibility.

Investment and Project Risks Insurance       Losses from a range of political acts including           Companies with overseas investments,
                                             confiscation of assets, political violence,               manufacturers, banks, overseas project
                                             inconvertibility, forced abandonment, refusal by          financiers.
                                             public guarantor to honor its obligations, war-
                                             on-land and others

Non-repossession of Leased Assets            Loss of equipment leased in a foreign country             Companies leasing equipment abroad or banks
                                             through political acts.                                   financing leased assets.

Political Risk Insurance for Mobile Assets   Loss of stock or equipment in a foreign country           Construction companies, companies with stock
                                             through political acts.                                   or equipment overseas.

Wrongful Calling of Guarantee Insurance      Losses on On-Demand-Bonds or Guarantees                   Construction companies, contractors, business
                                             due to political acts.                                    exporters, trade finance organisations.

                                                                                          Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   13
Chartis Product List   2009/ 2010

 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                MARKET
 Engineers                                                      For the metal-working industry; Material             Industrial, Commercial & General Engineers,
                                                                damage and business interruption on an all           Manufacturing/fabrication of metal products,
                                                                risks basis including cover for patterns &           Metalworkers, Machinery & Equipment
                                                                moulds, property at third party premises             Manufacturers.
                                                                and inland transits.

 Hotels                                                         For hotels; Material damage and business             Hotels with more than 10 bedrooms; both owner
                                                                interruption on an all risks basis including cover   operated / occupied and hotel chains.
                                                                for guests, customers and insured’s personal
                                                                effects, landscaping, works of art, deterioration
                                                                of stock, business interruption.

                                                                Extensions include loss of attraction, loss of
                                                                licence, notifiable disease and prevention of

 Office + Disaster Recovery                                     Integrated office insurance and disaster             Office risks with 10-50 employees.
                                                                recovery services. “All risks” material damage,
                                                                business interruption, liability and equipment
                                                                breakdown, backed up by relocation (within one
                                                                working day of mobilisation) to alternative
                                                                office. Includes an on-line data back-up service.

 Property                                                       Material damage, business interruption, on an        UK and multinational companies.
                                                                all risks or specified perils basis.

 Risk Finance
 PRODUCTS                                                       COVER                                                MARKET
 Liability Buyouts / Loss Portfolio Transfers                   LPTs are for clients that want to transfer a         Large UK or multinational companies and
                                                                portfolio of losses.                                 financial institutions with significant
                                                                                                                     uninsured/underinsured liabilities or large
                                                                                                                     self-insured retentions; or insurance or
                                                                                                                     reinsurance captives.

 Structured Insurance and Evolving Risks                        Managing risks for which no, or insufficient,        Large UK or multinational companies and
                                                                protection is available through traditional          financial institutions seeking unique solutions
                                                                insurance.                                           for difficult to insure exposures.

 Evolving Risks:                                                Solutions for Risk that are new or not addressed     UK and multi – national companies
                                                                by traditional markets.                              facing new risks.

 Environmental Solutions                                        Environmental protection programmes which            Large UK or multinational companies and
 (Risk Finance)                                                 help companies quantify, cap and manage              financial institutions facing challenging
                                                                large-scale, difficult environmental liabilities     environmental liabilities. Merger & Acquisition
                                                                including coverage of known pollution                situation where the Seller wants to make sure
                                                                remediation.                                         that the remediation would be performed even
                                                                                                                     if the Purchaser defaults.

 Mortality & Longevity Risks Solutions                          Customised programmes which address                  UK or multinational companies, including
                                                                corporate exposure to unusual mortality-             Life insurers.
                                                                based risks.

14     Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.
                                                                                                                          Chartis Product List    2009/ 2010

Risk Management
PRODUCTS                                  COVER                                                     MARKET
Captive Programmes                        Programmes ranging from UK mono-line covers               Large UK domiciled or multinational
                                          to complex multi-line global fronting structures          companies.
                                          offering local underlyers, claims services,
                                          tailored reporting and risk engineering,
                                          including substantial risk transfer capacity.

Deductible Programmes                     Programmes for clients wanting to retain                  Large UK domiciled or multinational
                                          significant amounts of their underlying risk              companies.
                                          through deductibles or self-insured retentions.

Retrospectively Rated Programmes          Retrospectively rated employer’s liability and            Large UK domiciled or foreign
                                          motor programmes for businesses which                     subsidiary companies.
                                          experience a high frequency of lower severity
                                          claims, written on a paid loss basis.

PRODUCTS                                  COVER                                                     MARKET
Surety Bonds                              Surety facilities for companies that                      Multinational companies with a net worth of
e.g. performance, advance payment,        require bonds to support or facilitate                    GBP 30m and a facility requirement in excess of
maintenance, supply, duty deferment.      commercial transactions.                                  GBP 10m. Companies with bonding
                                                                                                    requirements of £10m plus. Companies with a
                                                                                                    net worth greater than £20m.

Trade Credit
PRODUCTS                                  COVER                                                     MARKET
Global Limits Manager                     A web-based credit management tool designed               Any company with trade receivables.
                                          to set, manage and monitor customer credit
                                          limits and ease policy administration using live
                                          sales ledger data. This can be supplemented
                                          where necessary with status agency data
                                          providing a powerful insight to policyholders’
                                          receivables risk portfolio.

Pre-Export Commodity Finance -            Cover for the failure of a supplier to export             Banks, trading or manufacturing companies.
Supplier Default Insurance                commodities paid for in advance by the Insured.

Principal Customer                        Key customer cover for non-payment due to                 Companies with turnover in excess of GBP 15m
                                          insolvency or default of all buyers above an              selling on short credit terms.
                                          agreed level on domestic and OECD sales.

Global Trade                              Excess of Loss cover for non-payment due to the           Companies with a turnover in excess of £50m
                                          insolvency or default of a buyer, or inability to         selling on credit terms of up to 180 days.
                                          transfer currency due to a political act.

Financial Institutions Credit Insurance   Cover for losses arising from non-payment of              Banks.
                                          Letters of Credit or other eligible transactions
                                          by named obligors.

Corporate Trade                           Cover for non-payment due to insolvency                   Companies with turnover in excess of £15m
                                          or default of all buyers on domestic and                  selling on short credit terms.
                                          OECD sales.

Trade Finance                             Credit insurance supporting structured and                Companies with a turnover in excess of
                                          supply chain finance transactions based on                GBP 100m.
                                          trade receivables.

Captive Programmes                        Operational and structural support for                    Companies with turnover in excess of GBP 10m
                                          self insured credit risk through excess of
                                          loss coverage.

                                                                                       Please refer to policy wording for exclusions and policy limits.   15
                                                                                                    r tisi

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