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									Making Money With Real Estate
Without Investing Huge Money

           By: Curt Cloyd – Director
        Personal Wealth Academy, LLC
  Making Money With Real Estate Without Investing Huge Money
                                        By: Curt Cloyd – Director
                                     Personal Wealth Academy, LLC

I just read an interesting article at that reveals an effective alternative to making
money with real estate without having to invest massive money upfront to purchase properties.

Now... you may have heard various success stories of your families and neighbors who've made a killing
with their real estate investments. Some people from your own immediate family may have purchased a
house for $150,000 and sold it for $250,000 four years later. Such stories are always great to hear.

But it doesn't happen every now and then. If it did, 90% of all real estate investors would be rich. The
truth is... they aren't.

There's actually one main reason as to why real estate isn't as profitable as it used to be in the last
decade. The reason - Artificial Inflation

During the late 90s and early 2000s, the prices of residential and commercial properties were severely
INFLATED. That's the reason these people made such a killing. Most of them made such massive profits
due to pure luck. They weren't smart investors. They just invested at the right time.

But I highly doubt if you've heard of any such stories post 2008.

Don't get me wrong. Real estate is still as profitable as it used to be. But gone are the days when each and
every property you purchased would throw massive amounts of cash onto your lap. Shrewd investing is
required in order to be profitable in real estate now.

If you're a newbie real estate investor who's just started out, you'll find that generating cash flow and the
money required for your various investments can be a SERIOUS hassle.

You see... it's financing that separates real estate investors who achieve financial freedom in a couple of
years in comparison to investors who struggle for years together in order to achieve any amount of success
at all.

Not all of us are able to procure the funds necessary for our investment. And even if you were to rely on a
bank loan or a hard money lender, you need to show that your business brings in regular cash flow in
order to be able to get your loan approved.

Generating regular cash flow is hard for a lot of real estate investors. If you haven't established a business
that already brings you regular amounts of cash flow, I strongly recommend that you check out the
following page -

So here's the rub - Without cash flow or capital, you've got nothing.
But don't worry... There's an effective alternative in Real Estate Investment Trusts. Real estate investment
trusts are entities that actively invest in properties such as commercial properties, apartments, malls,
airports, etc. You buy shares from these trusts using your brokerage account.

The profits that these trusts generate are paid to you annually as dividend. You can actually net an annual
return of a minimum 3% with these trusts

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