Proforma - Details of Unaided Schools by ablincy


                   Details of Unaided / Unrecognised schools which require
                                recognition / upgradation by Govt:

1) Name of Unaided / Unrecognised school             :
    with postal address

2) Name of Rev dist:/ Ednl: dist:/ Sub dist          :

3) Name of Panchayath/Municipality/
Corporation with ward No                             :

4) Type of management(Individual/ Corporate)         :

5) Whether the school is estd:under orphanage/
destitute homes                                      :

6) Whether the school has been estd: exclusively
for the disabled children                            :

7) Whether the school is under the management
   of SC/ST,local self govt:                         :

8) Year of establishment of the school               :

9) Whether recognition already obtained for any
    section (LP
10) If recognition obtained,indicate the section
(LP,UP,HS) & order no: etc in each case                 :

11) Whether the request is for the upgradation of
the existing school                                     :

12) No: of years the school is functioning
(as on 01-06-05)13) Standard wise no: of pupils         :

                          I solemnly declare that the above facts are correct
Date:                                                                           Manager
                                                              Counter signature of Educational Officer
                                                                  (AEO in the case of primary schools
                                                                 and DEO in the case of high schools)

Note: Proforma is to be sent:

                For LP/UP School : Office of the concerned AEO

                For HS: Office of the concerned DEO

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