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					Career Options after 10th Standard!

We had earlier written about what students can do after the 12th standard and on similar lines we are
offering advice to students on what they should do after 10th standard as well.
This particular article should not only be read by students but should also be read by their parents –
because most of the times, parents are the ones who decide what their child is going to do! However,
there is one thing – unlike after 12th passing there are 100s of choices, it is not the same for students
who have passed 10th standard. But, it is equally important!
When students pass their 10th standard, they are at a age where they really don’t know what to do –
they are not matured enough and most of the outcome or the admission depends upon the marks they
have secured in 10th standard.
More than 3/4ths of the students go for 3 streams Science, Commerce or Arts and I think it is the right
way to move forward. Rest of the 1/4th joins vocational courses like Diploma and other under-
graduate programs that are offered by various institutions after the 10th standard.

Here is my advice on career options after 10th Standard

1) If you are confused about what you should do then play an elimination game and rate you interests
on different parameters. Like if you like animals / plants and trees – Go in for science. DO the same
with other subjects as well.

2) If you are tilted towards numbers, finance and like to crunch numbers – Commerce may be the side
for you

3) If you are creative person – like drawing, painting, arts, acting, dancing and all other creative stuff –
you should opt for Arts stream. Most of the times students go wrong here.

Many students have artistic bend of mind, but they are pushed by their parents to join science, which
according to me is the worst thing that a parent can do for their child. Don’t push them – Empower
them to make decisions. However, at the same time tell them the pros and cons of joining a particular

I can really go on and on here about giving you advice as to what is to be done after your 10th
standard – But I suggest you drop in the comments below and I would be more than happy to answer
any and every question that you may have in your mind !

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