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					Tryout Information:

        Here are some basic tips on how to be successful at tryouts before even trying out! Remember, even though
your final tryout isn’t until April 15th, the coaches are watching for candidates’ ability to follow rules and keep a positive
outlook on the tryout process. If you think tryouts are stressful, just wait until competition season! Having confidence,
always doing your best, and knowing that there is always room for improvement is the most important part of the entire
tryout process. Follow these simple rules and tryouts will be much less stressful.

-Arrange transportation to and from tryouts. Cheerleaders are not allowed to use cell phones from 4-6 p. m. during
-Spit out your gum.
-Don’t wear ANY jewelry (belly button rings included).
-Have all of your hair out of your face. If you have your bangs in your face, it will distract you and the coaches/judges.
-Do not have any bra straps, cleavage or midriff showing. Cheerleaders are classy, bra straps are not. Be safe, wear a T
-Wear athletic shoes. Preferably cheer or running shoes.
-Cheerleaders are athletic. Candidates will run the mile on Wednesday during tryout week. Coaches dislike it when girls
complain, and want team members who are motivated and excited to improve their athletic ability.
-Turn all parts of the packet in by the first day including your current physical documentation. Be honest on all
sections because we will base our interview questions off of the packet you fill out.
-Remind your teachers that all teacher recommendation forms must be in Coach Nikki’s mailbox by Wednesday, April
-If you don’t understand something, ask. Talking during tryouts can be distracting, and the other candidate might give
you the wrong answer. There are five seniors and three coaches who are available for all of your needs, don’t be afraid
to talk to us!
-BE ON TIME! First impressions are very important, and being punctual is very important.
-Be accepting of constructive criticism. “yes coach” is acceptable, “yeah” is not. Respect is necessary for a strong
program to flourish, so as we promise to respect you, please respect us.

Important Dates

        Open Cheer Clinic Thursday, March 17th TVHS small gym

        Parent Meeting Tuesday April 7th TVHS room 160 at 6:00 p. m.

        Tryout clinic April 11th-14th 4:00-6:00 p. m. TVHS Large Gym

        Official Tryout April 15th 4:00 p. m. TVHS Large Gym

        Parent and Fundraising Meeting– 2011/2012 Cheer Team Tuesday, April 19th TVHS room 160 at 6:30 p. m.
        ($125 camp deposit due)

        Uniform Fitting Thursday, April 28th TVHS room 160 at 5:00 p. m. ($125 uniform deposit due)
         Tryout Overview:

Date                                                Description
Monday        4/11 4:00 – 6:00 p. m.                Cheerleaders will be assigned a number that they will
Cheer packet due                                    be responsible for during the entire week. They will
Parent Permission Form Signed and Turned In         learn motion technique, jump technique, and be asked
Current Physical (within last year) filled out by   to do a number of tumbling drills. Tryout groups will be
                                                    assigned according to tumbling skill level (tumbling is
doctor due TODAY
                                                    not required, however). Cheerleaders will learn the
                                                    dance with their assigned group.
Tuesday        4/12 4:00 – 6:00 p. m.               Cheerleaders will do motion technique, jumps, and
Remind teachers to either e-mail or bring           tumbling workshops in groups. Cheerleaders will
evaluation forms to Nikki Ogden’s mailbox at        practice the dance with their tryout group, and will
Thompson Valley by Wednesday April 13th.            learn the tryout cheer in their tryout group.
Wednesday 4/13 4:00 – 6:00 p. m.                    Cheerleaders will do jump and tumbling workshops in
All teacher evaluation forms due TODAY.             groups. Cheerleaders will practice the cheer and dance
                                                    in their tryout groups for senior critique. Cheerleaders
                                                    will learn a chant for tryouts in their tryout groups.
                                                    Interviews Begin. “The Mile” will be timed.
Thursday       4/14 4:00 – 6:00 p. m.               Cheerleaders will have from 4:00-5:00 p. m. to practice
                                                    all of the material learned at tryouts. We will hold a
                                                    mock tryout at 5:00 p. m. where the seniors will “judge”
                                                    the groups and give them written feedback to take
                                                    home and improve upon for the final tryout on Friday.
Friday         4/15 4:00 – 6:00 p. m.               Final tryout. Cheerleaders will be given new numbers,
                                                    and will perform in their individual groups in front of a
                                                    panel of judges. Cheerleaders will be critiqued by the
                                                    judges in the following categories: Jumps (height, form)
                                                    Tumbling (form, difficulty) Crowd Leading Ability (voice
                                                    projection, facial expression) Memorization, Motion
                                                    Technique, Rhythm, and Appearance (neat, tasteful,
                                                    and natural)

Results are posted on Sunday, April 18th by 3:00 p. m. on the inside of the athletic hall glass windows. It will be
viewable from outside. Results will be posted online by 7:00 p. m. of the same day. If you do not make the TVHS cheer
team for the 2011/2012 season, we encourage you to work on your skills/ improve your grades and try out again the
following year. You may email questions regarding what you can improve upon to, but scores will
not be discussed.
                                    Cheerleader Personal Conduct Contract
Being a cheerleader is not just about wearing a uniform. In fact, that is the last reason anyone should try out for the
TVHS cheerleading team. Read the following information on the expectations for being a cheerleader and really think
about it before trying out for the 2011/2012 cheerleading team. If you have any doubts that these expectations will be
difficult for you to meet, please speak to a coach about the concern, and/or choose not to tryout. If you believe in your
ability to adhere to the following expectations, initial the end of each paragraph and sign the bottom of the document.

Social Responsibility

Cheerleaders have a high level of social responsibility, which should be the first aspect considered before trying out.
Cheerleaders may not drink, do drugs, use tobacco products, or be present at any function where others are engaging in
these actions. Serious consequences, including but not limited to: benching, loss of athletic letter, removal from
competition team, and dismissal from TV cheer team, will be applied depending on the degree of the offense. ______

Cheerleaders must not speak negatively of other sports teams, team members, peers, or members of another school’s
athletic team. Cheerleaders must always have a positive, enthusiastic, and motivated outlook when it comes to
Thompson Valley High School athletics. ______

Social responsibility also includes Facebook, MySpace, or any other social media sight, where foul language,
inappropriate conversations, or provocative and/or inappropriate pictures are absolutely NOT permitted. Cheerleaders
are expected to be role models in and out of school, and in this day and age, online as well. Public display of affection
(PDA) is also not allowed when a cheerleader is in uniform or representing Thompson Valley High School in any capacity.
This means no hugging, holding hands, kissing etc. another person in uniform. Cheerleaders are also expected to respect
their administration and to expect others to do the same. ______


Along with this high level of responsibility, is a strict adherence to the objectives of being a student-athlete, with an
emphasis on student. Cheerleaders must never ditch class or have unexcused tardiness. A 2.5 GPA must be achieved at
all times, and those who choose not to abide by the academic rules of attendance and GPA will have serious
consequences leading to dismissal from the team if these actions are not improved upon after the first offense or fall in
GPA. ______

Team Oriented Individual

Although cheerleaders are often in the spotlight, selflessness and a desire for team growth should be the goal of the
individual cheerleader. A “what is best for the team” mentality should be immediately adopted and followed for the
entire season. This not only matters during practice and/or games when someone gets “pulled” from (taken out of) a
stunt, but also when making choices in your personal life. If the decision is not in the best interest of the team, it should
not be in the best interest of the individual. Summer practices, for example, are extremely early (7 a. m.) and are easy
to sleep through. But, is skipping practice what is best for the team? These are the types of questions members should
constantly be asking themselves. ______

I have read and agree to uphold the expectations of my coaches, teammates, and administration as a member of the
                                          2011/2012 cheerleading squad.

Name _____________________________________

Signature __________________________________              Date ____________________________

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