BBA _II_ 2ND 4TH AND 6TH SEMESTER by nitin.goyal789


           Theory Date Sheet of BBA (II) 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester Examinations to
                                be held in November, 2012.

                                Time of Examination: - 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
                                Centre of Examination: - As per Roll No. Slip.
BBA (II) 2nd Semester (New Scheme and Old Scheme)
    Date                      Nomenclature of Paper                          Paper Code         Paper No.
                 Macro Economic Foundations                                201-II (N.S)         58021
                 Macro Economic Foundations                                201-II(Old)          11871
                 Presentation skills- Workshop                             202-II(N.S)          58022
                 Presentation skills- Workshop                             202-II(Old)          11872
                 Principles of Management                                  203-II(N.S)          58023
                 Principles of Management                                  203-II(Old)          11873
                 Business Statistics                                       204-II(N.S)          58024
                 Business Statistics                                       204-II(Old)          11874
                 Economic and Business Legislation                         205-II(N.S)          58025
                 Economic and Business Legislation                         205-II(Old)          11875
                 Data Base Management System                               206-II(N.S)          58026
26-11-2012       Data Base Management System                               206-II(Old)          11876
                 Corporate Accounting                                      207-II(N.S)          58027
                 Corporate Accounting                                      207-II(Old)          11877
BBA (II) 4th Semester
     Date                    Nomenclature of Paper                           Paper Code         Paper No.
08-11-2012       Indian Financial System                                   401-I I              11891
14-11-2012       Indian Business Legends-Workshop                          402-I I              11892
17-11-2012       Developing Managerial Skills-workshop                     403-I I              11893
21-11-2012       Fundamentals of International Business                    404-I I              11894
24-11-2012       Company Law                                               405-I I              11895
27-11-2012       Research Methodology                                      406-I I              11896
30-11-2012       Computer Network & Web Development                        407-I I              11897
BBA(II) 6th Semester
     Date                    Nomenclature of Paper                           Paper Code         Paper No.
09-11-2012       Advanced Management Concepts                              601-I I              11905
15-11-2012       Banking Operation Management                              602-I I              11906
19-11-2012       Business Ethics-workshop                                  603-I I              11907
22-11-2012       Marketing Management                                      604-I I              11908
25-11-2012       Human Resource Management                                 605-I I              11909
28-11-2012       Small Business Management                                 606-I I              11910
01-12-2012       Event Management -Workshop                                607-I I              11910-A

        Note: 1. Before answering the question paper, the candidates should ensure that they have
                  been supplied the correct question paper. Complaints in this regard, if any, shall not
                  be entertained after the Examination.
               2. The pager/mobile phone is not allowed in the Examination Centre.
               3. The use of simple calculator is allowed. Exchanging of calculator is not allowed.

                                                          CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS

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