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									               TITAN CHEERLEADING
           2011 Spring Tryout/Fall Season
                              Albert Einstein High School
                               11135 Newport Mill Road
                                Kensington, MD 20895

               Thank you for your interest in becoming an Albert Einstein HS
               cheerleader for the fall football season of 2011! Well-trained
               cheerleaders have a tremendous influence on the school spirit and
               sportsmanship of a school. Read the following information carefully
               prior to tryouts. As you consider becoming involved with cheerleading,
               it is VERY IMPORTANT that you become completely familiar with
tryout procedures, the expectations and obligations, and the physical demands of
being a member of the cheerleading squad. We are glad that you are interested in
becoming part of our team!

NOTE: We will have both JV and Varsity squads; both will be chosen at the same tryout!

 Attend all clinics and be on time. All tryout material will be taught at practice clinics.
 All forms must be complete and handed in on the first day of practice.
 All applicants are expected to be dressed appropriately for clinics as well as tryouts.
  Baggy clothing is not acceptable. Neatness counts!
 Do not wear ANY body glitter or jewelry.
 Hair must be pulled completely back.
 The coaches will determine the number of members kept on the squad.

All clinics and tryouts will be held in the new dance studio, Room 3001.

      Clinic:                   Monday, May 23                  3:00-5:00 PM
      Clinic:                   Tuesday, May 24                 3:00-5:00 PM
      Clinic:                   Wednesday, May 25               3:00-5:00 PM

      Tryout Date:              Wednesday, June 1st             3:00 PM-?

       Both the clinics and the tryout will be held at Albert Einstein High School. As
well as the physical requirements, candidates will be watched for sportsmanship, team
spirit, ability to work well with others, dependability, safety techniques, and school
spirit. Stunting will be optional during clinics and will not be judged. Girls must wear
fitted shorts and appropriately-fitting white t-shirts, and guys must wear running
pants or shorts and a white t-shirt. Due to the nature of cheerleading attire, practice
clothes must be presentable; please, no stomachs showing or baggy sweatpants and t-
    In order to attend the clinics and tryout, each student MUST submit the following
    forms, all of which are in this packet or can be obtained by emailing the coach at

   A copy of your current (within 1 year) physical form signed by your doctor MUST be
    turned in before the student can do ANY physical activity.
   Medical Card signed by parent/guardian
   Cheerleader application and parent permission form
   A copy of your 3rd quarter report card

  Before tryouts, practices, and sporting events, cheerleaders will be required to warm-
  up, which may include some or all of the following:
               Stretching                                   Stunting
               Weight training                              Push-ups
               Running laps                                 Jumps

If the applicant feels that any of these are not possible, please take this into consideration
before trying out. Cheerleading is a very rigorous and physically demanding sport. Please
also note that the season lasts from mid-August through late-February.

The following system is the basis on which each applicant will be judged:

     Cheerleading candidates will be judged on their ability to         Tryout Tips!
      perform jumps, arm motions, a cheer, a chant, and a dance,
      all of which will be taught at the clinics                             SMILE
     Each applicant will be judged on a scale of 1 through 5 with 5         Be Enthusiastic
      begin the highest rating.                                              Have Confidence
     Judges will be knowledgeable cheerleading or dance judges.             Attempt
     During tryouts, applicants will be judged on the standards of           Everything
      the score sheets. Additional consideration will be placed on           Dress Properly
      academic status, attitude during clinics, presentation, and
                                                                             Have Fun!
      overall attitude.
     Applicants will tryout in small groups of 2-4. This is not to
      intimidate you, but rather to ensure fairness of the scores.

      NOTE: According to MCPS regulation, the coach has the final approval of the
      selection of the squad. Scores of the judges are considered a recommendation.
      Regardless of the judges’ scores, the coach will make the final decision.

       Financial demand must be considered before trying out for cheerleading. We are not
permitted to use money from fundraisers to purchase any personal items. No one will be
excluded because of financial problems as long as the squad member actively
participates in fundraisers. If a financial problem does arise, it will be strictly confidential.

Below is an approximate list of expenses for the 2011-2012 season based roughly on last
year’s prices:

             Cheer Shoes               $30.00
             Bloomers                  $8.00
             Warm-up Package           $65.00
             Body Liner                $25.00

             Total                     $128

NOTE: Prices are subject to change. These items will not usually have to be
repurchased in subsequent seasons.


       Fundraising is not allowed to cover clothing to be owned by the athlete, but we may
fundraiser for other equipment, uniforms, etc., throughout the year. Each member of the
cheerleading squad will be required to participate in any and all fundraising activities.
Missing a fundraising event without a valid reason and a note from a parent or employer
will result in being benched from a game.


      Training for competition is fun but intense, and it is ESSENTIAL that all students
trying out for cheerleading understand the importance of attending each practice. If you
miss competition practices, you will likely be pulled from the routine, which is unfortunate
for both you and the team as a whole. Please consider this before trying out.
                    Cheerleading Tryout Application


GRADE Level:
G.P.A. (3rd quarter):


My child ____________________________has my permission to participate in the

clinics and tryouts for the 2011/2012 Cheerleading Squad. I understand that

their participation in clinics and tryouts does not guarantee them a spot in the


If my child is offered a spot on the team…

     I WILL be able to attend the parent meeting on Thursday, June 2nd at 7

PM in Room 132 of AEHS.

     I WILL NOT be able to attend the meeting and will make an appointment

to come see Ms. Gstalder personally (possible dates: __________________).

                      Parent or Guardian Signature/Date
                     Teacher Recommendation Form
Teachers, please complete and either return to the student or place in
       my mailbox by Friday, 5/20. Thank you for your time!

Student Name: _____________________________________________________

How long have you known this student, and in what capacity? :_________________


Please circle the characteristics that this student exemplifies:

Timeliness           Responsible          Motivated            Leader

Hardworking          Respectful           Enthusiastic         School Spirited

Dedicated            Helpful

Why do you think that this candidate would best represent Einstein High School
and the cheerleading squad?

_____________________________________            _______________________
Print Name                                              Date

                       **** Thank you for your help! ****
                      Julie Gstalder – Cheerleading Coach

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