What is the Bar Examination?

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What is the Bar Examination?
This article inform its readers that those pursuing to enter into the legal profession are required to pass the bar examination sponsored
by the state. In the US, different states have different requirements to appear for the bar examination.

Those aspiring to enter into the legal profession are required                      most of the times law firms, prefer candidates who
to pass the bar examination. This examination enables people                        earn their degrees from the law schools accredited by
to practice law in their choice of field. The students, if they                     an ABA school. They can also be approved by the Law
feel like, may even go for general practice. Admissions to the                      Clerk program.
bar examinations in the United States of America are generally
granted by a specific court system to the lawyers who practice              •       Except in Washington, Maryland, Wisconsin, and
in that system. Each of the states and other territories in                         Puerto Rico, it is mandatory that the candidate
U.S has its own rules and regulations pertaining to the bar                         passes MRPE or Multistate Professional Responsibility
examination. Each of the states is sovereign, equipped with                         Examination. It is a kind of examination that covers
their own court systems. These are guaranteed by the 10th                           qualified responsibility policy administering lawyers.
amendment to the constitution of US. As a result of which                           This examination is not administered during the bar
there are different standards of law operating in different                         examination of United States.
                                                                            •       A huge number of students obtain a MPRE degree while
The lawyers are required to pass an examination that is                             they are still in law school. There are many states that
sponsored by the state once they have earned their jurist                           require the candidates to clear an MPRE degree before
doctoral degree. This degree must be obtained by a school                           they sit for the bar examination.
that is accredited by the ABA schools. The students are also
required to under go fitness and character evaluation tests,                •       Passing of a bar examination sponsored by the state
apart from the background checks.                                                   consists of the several phases. The MBE or Multistate
                                                                                    Bar Examination in different territories and states
Since each of the states have a bar examination of their own, an                    except for Puerto Rico, Louisiana and Washington.
attorney who is practicing in one of the states can not practice                    An ‘’ethics’’ examination is conducted in case there is
in any other state. There are reciprocal agreements in some of                      jurisdiction that forbids the use of MPRE. States like
the states where a lawyer can practice before sitting for a full bar                New York and Florida incorporates both multiple choice
examination. There are agreements that differ from state to state.                  questions and essays on the state specific sections. You
                                                                                    are required to be certified by a bar association with
Requirements of Admission                                                           good fitness and moral character for practicing law. The
                                                                                    candidates need to apply to the authorities of the state,
   •     It was in the year 1763 that Delaware gave birth to
                                                                                    accountable for licensing lawyers and paying them the
         the first bar examination. Soon many other American
                                                                                    fees due to them. Once approved by the authorities,
         colonies followed suit. Candidates who are pursuing to
                                                                                    the candidate takes an oath to act in accordance with
         study Bar Examination are required to follow the steps
                                                                                    the rules and regulations governing the law of the
         mentioned below:
                                                                                    state. There after the students get this certificate and
   •     The students are required to earn a jurist doctoral                        this allows them to enter the organization.
         degree from law schools that are certified by the state,

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Description: This article inform its readers that those pursuing to enter into the legal profession are required to pass the bar examination sponsored by the state.
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