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Florida Attorney Requests Disbarment
By Christine Cristiano

In a bizarre twist, Florida attorney Scott Rothstein, who allegedly was the soul mastermind behind a $1 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, has
requested to be disbarred. According to the FBI, Rothstein sold bogus investments, although no charges have been officially laid. Earlier
this month, Rothstein was removed from a grievance committee by the Florida Bar and an investigation was launched.

                                11/19/09                                 have to be lawyers.’’ Rothstein was appointed to the post in
                                                                         2008 by Gov. Charlie Crist and is allowed to remain on the
                                According to Rothstein’s attorney,       commission until he is charged or resigns according to Gov.
                                Mark Nurik, ‘’Rothstein consented        Crist spokesperson, Sterling Ivey.
                                to disbarment because he thinks
it’s the right thing to do.’’                                            Last year, Rothstein was fined $1,500 by The Florida
                                                                         Commission on Ethics for failing to submit his financial
A Florida Bar committee has approved Rothstein’s request for             disclosure statement which is a requirement for all members
disbarment, but the final decision will be made by the Florida           of the committee.
Supreme Court.
                                                                         The law firm of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler spiralled into
According to The Florida Bar spokesperson, Francine Walker,              financial ruin as a direct result of Rothstein’s ponzi scheme.
Rothstein’s disbarment ‘’won’t be official until the Florida             The law firm employed over 70 attorneys and had offices in
Supreme Court acts on it.’’ Walker noted that despite                    West Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, New York, and Caracas,
Rothstein’s disbarment, ‘’he could still remain on the Judicial          Venezuela.
Nominating Commission because all of the members do not

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