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University of Kentucky- College of Law
It is important to study in a reputable law school to succeed in the law profession. This article informs you about the University of
Kentucky - College Of Law which is one of the best law colleges in Kentucky. Graduates of this law school find employment very easily.
This law school was founded in the year 1799.

The University Of Kentucky- College Of Law was founded                      •       William T. Robinson III ‘71
in the year 1799 from Transylvania University. It was a law                 •       James E. Rogers ‘74
program that began in the year 1908. The University Of
Kentucky was considered to be one of the leading law schools             Bar passage and employment prospects:
of the nation. It was in the year 1913 the University Of
Kentucky became one of the first colleges in the nation that             The prospects with regard to employment for the students
instituted a trial practice program. Currently David Brennen is          of University Of Kentucky are mainly confined to the state
the dean of the law college. The law school was ranked among             of Kentucky. The majority of the law firms visiting Lexington
the top 55 private and public universities. It was ranked 31st           every year for interviewing the law students of U.K are based
among public law schools.                                                in the state. An estimated percentage of about 80% of the
                                                                         fresh graduates begin their career in Kentucky. Those seeking
Library of the University of Kentucky College:                           legal jobs outside Kentucky are required to rely on the alumni
                                                                         network for better prospects. The rate of employment is
The Alvin E. Evans Library in the University Of Kentucky-                extremely impressive. About 95% of the students within
College Of Law is one of the largest law libraries in                    nine months of their graduation get employed in the legal
commonwealth. It has been estimated, that the library has                profession. 65% of those who are employed prefer the private
about 470,000 volumes. The library is equipped with the latest           sector whereas only 18% choose to become a judicial clerk
technology gadgets. It also has a vast range of electronic               after completing their graduation. The graduates of the year
materials. Apart from this, the library also provides access to          2008 earned a median salary of about $62,000.
a vast number of administrative materials and U.S. reports of
court decisions and statutes.                                            In the bar examination, a high rate of students passed the
                                                                         bar examination. In the year 2007, about 90.4% of first-time
Some of the stalwarts of this school of law are:                         test takers passed the Bar examination. The over all pass
                                                                         percentage in the state was about only 87.4%.
   •     Jennifer B. Coffman ‘78
   •     Bert T. Combs ‘37                                               In the year 2002, it was suggested that a new college of law
   •     William S. Cooper ‘70                                           must be constructed and relocated close to the downtown
   •     Marilyn S. Daniel ‘79                                           Lexington. Ayers Saint Gross, a renowned architectural
   •     Janet Stumbo ‘80                                                firm, specialized in the field of designing and planning of the
   •     Julia Kurtz Tackett ‘71                                         academic building put forward by the proposal. Construction of
   •     Paul C. Van Booven ‘76                                          a new building was proposed on the Scott Street close to the
   •     Frederick W. Whiteside, Junior Professor Emeritus               college of education. The current parking lot occupies an area
   •     Karen K. Caldwell ‘80                                           of about 3.3 acre that is 13,000 m2. Here the college of law
   •     Roger L. Crittenden ‘75                                         hopes to construct a building covering 11,000 m2 or 120,000
   •     Richard W. Spears                                               sq ft.

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Description: This article informs you about the University of Kentucky - College Of Law which is one of the best law colleges in Kentucky.
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