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					                                         North Texas Section News
                                                             Organized in 1922
                                                                                                              May 2007

                                                               Section Chair’s Summary (cont.)
North Texas Section NewsSection                                The topic at the NTS banquet changed from energy to
Chair’s Summary:                                               aircraft development, specifically the development of the
In addition to other topics, the focus of the NTS              F-35 fighter aircraft currently being built at Lockheed.
meetings for the year 2006/2007 were dominated by              The presentation, put on by Thomas Blakely, VP of
energy, a topic of widespread interest in the current          Engineering at Lockheed Aeronautics, showed the
climate of tighter supplies and higher energy costs.           massive scale and complexity of this project, and the
                                                               amount of engineering, logistics, planning, and
The November meeting discussed Wind energy                     management required to keep multi-national
generation and related technical issues and was                development projects of this scale on track.
provided by John Schroeder of GE Energy.
                                                               Thank you for a great year!
The March 2007 NTS meeting provided an overview                Al Gienger, PE
for energy in general, to the year 2030, both from a           Chair, ASME North Texas Section
demand and supply side. This presentation, by Adam
Bratis of ExxonMobil, was a follow-on to a similar
                                                               2007-2008 North Texas Section Officers
presentation at last year's banquet and delved into the
outlook for energy in the future. It indicates that global     Chair:          Austin Kozman
energy demand, currently dominated by the
requirements of developed countries, will shift more           Vice-Chair:     Terry Baughn
heavily towards non-developed countries in the future.         Treasurer:      Mark Hendrix
In addition, it also showed most of the future sources         Secretary:      Mauricio Salinas
of energy will continue to be fossil fuels.
                                                               2007-2008 EPPD Technical Chapter Officers
The April meeting of the NTS was a discussion of
updated processes for coal gasification, an area of            Chair:                  Anthony Botting
considerable investment and research. Dan Schelledy            Vice-Chair:             Mihai Burzo
of Texas SynGas provided an excellent outline of the
requirements and benefits for different types of               Secretary-Treasurer:    Bob Duerr
                                                               Next Section Meeting: Prime the Pump Kickoff,
                                                               18 September 2007. Location: TBD

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3-4     ASME Conferences
5       2007 North Texas Section Honors
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4       2007 IMECE

                                                    ASME Section News 1
ASME Think Tank Summit to Address Today’s                        ASME President-Elect Honored for Service
Engineering Issues

Held in conjunction with the 2007 ASME Summer
Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, the Society will
conduct its first Think Tank Summit, June 10-11. The
summit, held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, will
address three issues critical to today’s engineers. Panel
sessions include “Fruits and Pitfalls of Product
Lifecycle Management,” which takes a look at the             Sam Y. Zamrik, Ph.D., president-elect of ASME and
emerging importance of PLM and its impact on product         professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University
development processes across the value chain to deliver      received the Penn State Engineering Society’s (PSES)
the most business value. “Teaching Women                     Distinguished Service Award.
Engineering, A Double Standard?” will look at the pros
and cons of a recent report by the National Academies        Dr. Zamrik, who will become the 126th president of
that suggests that colleges and universities are             ASME in June 2007, was recognized for service to the
outmoded in their thinking of women in engineering,          Penn State Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM)
and “Human Factor Engineering, Designing for the             Department, for his service on the ESM Industrial and
User” will ask the question: Are all products designed       Professional Advisory Council, and for teaching and
with the consumer (human factor) in mind? Designers,         mentoring countless students and then providing them
critics and the audience will probe into this topic and      with guidance through their professional careers.
also take a look at samples products that include the
good, the bad, and the ugly. The ASME Think Tank             Professor Emeritus Zamrik and his wife founded the
Summit brings together leaders in industry,                  Sam Y. and Myrna R. Zamrik Scholarship for
government, academia and ASME in three 90-minute             qualifying undergraduate students in the ESM
town-hall-style discussions.                                 Department. He is a regular participant in the College
                                                             of Engineering’s annual PSES golf tournament, which
For more details and to registration visit the Web site at   benefits the PSES Endowed Scholarships for promising            Penn State engineering students. Now retired, Zamrik
m or email to                               remains active in teaching courses as a volunteer and
                                                             continues to serve on the ESM Industrial and
                                                             Professional Advisory Council.

                                                             At a ceremony honoring Zamrik and other awards
                                                             recipients, he was introduced as “an excellent
                                                             ambassador for engineering science and mechanics.”

                                                             As ASME president, Zamrik plans to reinforce the
                                                             Society’s work with engineering students, early-career
                                                             engineers, and women and minorities so that ASME
                                                             will continue to have programs that actively promote
                                                             and expand participation by all these important
Upcoming Early Career Forums & Fairs                         member groups.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - June 10, 2007 (At
ASME Summer Annual Meeting)                                  Nominate a Fellow Today!
Seattle, Washington – Nov. 11, 2007 (At ASME
International Mechanical Engineering Congress &              The Fellow Grade recognizes significant engineering
Exposition).                                                 achievements and contributions to the engineering
For more information on the Forums and Fairs, and            profession.
important updates for US Citizens traveling to
Canada, visit:                                               For additional information on ASME’s Fellows             Program visit:
                                                 ASME Section News 2
ASME 2007 EARLY CAREER                                    ASME To Hold Three Industry-Focused
FORUMS & FAIRS                                               Conferences on Biotechnology
Don't miss this opportunity to network with peers and    Leaders in the science and engineering communities will
get first hand practical advice and information on       assess the latest technology in bioprocess engineering,
issues relevant to your developing engineering career.   biomechanics and medical devices and instrumentation at
                                                         three ASME conferences in June 2007.
 Attend the next Early Career Forum & Fair in
                                                         The ASME Bioprocess Technology Seminars and
Montreal, Canada - May 13, 2007 (At ASME Turbo
                                                         Exhibits will be held June 4-6, 2007, at the Radisson-
  Expo) Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Canada
                                                         Dublin St. Helens Hotel in Dublin Ireland. The second
               9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                                         conference, Frontiers in Biomedical Devices 2007, is
                                                         scheduled for June 7-8, at the Hyatt Regency Irvine in
 The program will consist of a career fair which will
                                                         Irvine, Calif. The 2007 Summer Bioengineering
follow two panel discussions moderated by successful
                                                         Conference will take place June 20-24, at the Keystone
   industry experts and senior-level engineers, from
                                                         Resort and Conference Center in Keystone, Colo.
 Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines,
       Dassault Aviation Systems and NASA.
                                                         The three conferences will examine the progress and
                                                         future directions in biotechnology research, and provide
          Register now/get more information
                                                         practitioners with the latest tools and training to advance
                                                         commercial applications in the field. ASME’s objective
                                                         in presenting the conferences is to provide the fast-
                                                         growing biopharmaceutical industry with useful
Program Highlights                                       resources to solve technology challenges.
    • The Global Landscape: Essential Strategies to
        Transform Your Career in the Gas Turbine         For more information, visit:
    • Career paths in the gas turbine industry

    • The Gas turbine industry – globally speaking

  *Registration will include admission into ASME's
   Turbo Expo (
      technical sessions for Monday, May 13.
                                                                       Advancing Your Career
    To register, for the Early Career Forum, visit:         The ASME Professional Practice Curriculum (PPC) is
          m/Early_Career_Forum_Fair.cfm                  an online resource designed to help you advance in the
                                                         engineering profession by providing guidance and
                                                         resources on subjects that complement an engineers
         Student Activity Calendar                       technical skills.

June                                                     The PPC consists of 42 modules on topics ranging
June 9-14 Summer Annual Meeting (SAM), Toronto,           from product development and writing cost proposals
Ontario, Canada                                          to team building and negotiation. The PPC also
                                                         provides information on alternative engineering
June 10-11 ASME Think Tank Summit                        career paths such as patent law, marketing and
                                                         sales, and entrepreneurship.

                                                         To get started, please visit

                                              ASME Section News 3
            2007 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE)

Plans are well underway for another great ASME Congress on Nov. 11-15, 2007 in Seattle, WA. More than 3000
abstracts have been received and are currently being reviewed for quality and appropriateness for the Congress. The
abstracts and papers that pass the review process will be programmed for presentations, along with several panel
sessions and poster sessions. We expect to have at least 460 technical sessions programmed from Monday through
Thursday. These presentations will be grouped into a new multidisciplinary Track structure. The Track topics are
currently being developed. Some of the expected Tracks are:

    •   Micro- and Nano-Systems
    •   Mechanics of Solids and Structures
    •   Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
    •   Energy Systems
    •   Transportation Systems
    •   Mechanical Systems and Control
    •   Heat Transfer, Fluid Flows and Thermal Systems
    •   Design and Manufacturing
    •   Sustainable Products and Processes
    •   Safety Engineering and Reliability
    •   Processing and Application of Novel Materials
    •   Software for Engineering Applications
    •   Engineering Education and Professional Development

The new Track system that replaces the Division-based programming was developed through unprecedented
collaboration between Divisions and other ASME Units. Each Track consists of several technical Symposia on
topics related to the Track theme, and each Symposium includes several topical Sessions. It is hoped that the new
structure will make it easier to manage potential scheduling conflicts and will make the final program easier to
maneuver. This is truly a departure from past practice, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Division
Program Representatives and Track Chairs that helped develop the new system.

There are other changes to the overall program as well. The Honors Assembly, which has been a very important part
of Congress, will be moved to Monday night. The Keynote presentation will take place on Sunday evening followed
by a Welcome Reception for all attendees. Another important improvement is the daily Authors’ Breakfast from
Monday through Thursday. This event will provide an opportunity for the Session Chairs to meet the presenters in
their sessions. Also, coffee and refreshments will be provided during breaks for all attendees.

In order to reduce the number of parallel activities and reduce scheduling conflicts, most of the governance and
business meetings of ASME will be moved to Friday through Sunday. However, all Division level committee
meetings and functions will be scheduled during the Monday-Thursday time frame. The popular Student Design
Contest and Early Career Forum will be held on Sunday.

Last year in Chicago we implemented a new registration policy to reduce the potential no-shows that had plagued
the Conference in recent years. All authors and presenters were required to register in advance. Since this policy
was effective and substantially reduced the number of no-shows in Chicago, it will be followed in Seattle as well.
Please check the ASME Congress web site ( for further information and see how the
technical program is taking shape.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle for another successful Congress, the ASME’s premier event.

Said Jahanmir
2007 Congress Chair

                                                ASME Section News 4
EPPD 2006-2007 Summary
The Electronics and Photonics Packaging Division had another strong lineup of presentations for the 2006-2007
Speaker Series. The bulk of the presentations were hosted by Texas Engineering Systems in Carrolton, TX with the
exception of one, which was hosted by the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in the Embry Building (the brand
new Mechanical Engineering Building). Presentations were held on the first Tuesday of the month beginning in
December 2006 and concluding in April 2007. Presenting first was Dr. Stathis Michaelides of the University of North
Texas. He provided an insightful overview of their new Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department, the first in
the Nation. Next, Dr. Donald C. Price gave a thorough review of the history of electronic packaging education and
discussed the most recent revisions to the M.S. Degree in Packaging of Electronics and Optical Devices at SMU.
Next, Mr. Madhav Kashinath of Vapro Inc. offered a technically informative presentation regarding the affects of
nanofluids on two-phase heat transfer. The series was concluded with a great show-and-tell presentation by
Anthony Botting of Texas Engineering Systems regarding nonlinear structural numerical modeling capabilities in
desktop Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The season was officially concluded with the naming of the EPPD Engineer
of the Year, Phillip R. Lloyd of Raytheon and the EPPD Young Engineer of the Year, Talana Foley also of Raytheon
at the annual baquet.
Mauricio Salinas, PE
Chair, ASME North Texas Electronics & Photonics Packaging Division Technical Chapter

                                         American Society of Mechanical Engineers
                                                   North Texas Section
                                               2006-07 Annual Awards Banquet
                                                         May 1, 2007
         Scholarship Awards
           Lockheed Martin – Jeremy Chookas, UNT
           Lockheed Martin – Yasaman Shirazi-Fard, Baylor
           Peerless Manufacturing – Johanna Raad, SMU
           Emerson Process Management – Christian Naaktgeboren, SMU
           Genovation Group – Eswar Yarrapareddy, SMU
         Professional Awards – EPPD
           Young Engineer of the Year – Talana Foley, Raytheon
            Engineer of the Year – Phillip Lloyd, Raytheon
         Professional Awards – NTS
           Young Engineer of the Year – Jeff Hanson, Texas Instruments
           Engineer of the Year – Robert Eberhart, UT SW Medical Center
         Industry Plaque - Zyvex
         NTS Scott Kalmus (Eagle) Award for Sustained Outstanding Service
           James Makins, Stewart Systems
         ASME Fellow Upgrades
             Terry Baughn, Raytheon
             Yildirim Hurmuzlu, SMU
         TSPE Dallas Chapter Engineer of the Year
             Jeff Schroeter, Genovation

EPPD HORIZON (Young Engineer of the Year)……………………………...TALANA S. FOLEY
Talana received a BSME in 2002 from Texas Tech University. After graduating, she started working at Raytheon in a variety of mechanical
engineering design and production roles. She is currently the lead mechanical engineer on Tactical Radar programs. She served as an ASME
Region X Regional Student Conference Meeting panelist and a scholarship judge for the North Texas Section. At Texas Tech, she served as
the ASME Region X Student Representative and was the student section president. She towards the PE exam and completing PE
EPPD Engineer of the Year……………………………………………… PHILLIP R. LLOYD, P.E.
Phil received a BSME from the University of Tennessee in 1976 and MBA from SMU in 1982. He started working for the TI Defense Segment
following his graduation in 1976. He has been the mechanical development lead for multiple large complex sensor systems. His most recent

                                                       ASME Section News 5
work assignments have been the development of the mechanical architectures for next generation systems. As a member of the Raytheon
Mechanical and Materials Technology Network, he chaired the national corporate-level symposium in 2004. In 2006, Phil was recognized as
Senior Engineering Fellow by his peers and management for outstanding technical contributions to Raytheon. Phil is a registered Professional
Engineer and has been an ASME member since his student membership at the University of Tennessee.
NTS Young Engineer of the Year……………………………………JEFFREY A. HANSON, P.E.
Jeff Hanson is the KFAB Facilities Engineering Team Manager at Texas Instruments, Inc. in Dallas. He has been with TI for 11 years. Mr.
Hanson received his BSME from Arizona State University in 1995. After graduation, he joined Texas Instruments, Inc. as a Facilities Engineer,
primarily working on HVAC system design and installation. In 1999, Mr. Hanson earned his MS in Engineering Management from Southern
Methodist University and his Professional Engineer license. Since 2002, Mr. Hanson has been teaching students preparing for the Professional
Engineering exam. In 2004, he became the coordinator for the ASME PE review course, and also continues to teach.
NTS Engineer of the Year……………………………………………ROBERT EBERHART, PH.D.
Dr. Eberhart is professor of bioengineering at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He received his BS from Harvard University in 1959, and the
Ph.D. (ME) from UC Berkeley in1965. After graduation, he joined the Institute of Medical Sciences in San Francisco where he was involved
 in the development and evaluation of the first computer-based patient monitoring system, and also, a membrane oxygenator, successfully
applied to support the human lung in acute respiratory failure. Dr. Eberhart became Professor of Engineering in Surgery at UT Southwestern,
where he has been involved in research and teaching for the past 30 years. His life-long goal was to establish a firm basis for engineering
training in bioengineering. He served 18 years as Director of the Joint UT Southwestern-UT Arlington Graduate Program in Biomedical
Engineering. In 1976 Dr. Eberhart began to evaluate the physiological and biological responses to artificial organ support of the heart and lungs.
This led to improved methods for combined mechanical and pharmacological support of the failing heart, and to improved biomaterials for
artificial hearts, lungs and blood vessels. Dr. Eberhart also conducted studies of heat transfer and temperature regulation, and co-edited a two-
volume book Heat Transfer in Medicine and Biology. Dr. Eberhart is an ASME Fellow, a Founding Fellow of AIMBE and an Inaugural Fellow of
the Biomedical Engineering Society.

NTS Industry Award………………………………………………………………………………ZYVEX
Founded by James R. Von Ehr II in 1997, Zyvex is the first molecular nanotechnology company. Zyvex has built a world-class executive and
technical team, with state-of-the-art laboratories that support their scientists and engineers to enable adaptable, affordable, and molecularly
precise manufacturing. Zyvex focuses on some of the most fundamental core issues facing nanotechnology development and
commercialization. Zyvex employees and officers have been very active in supporting the EPPD and the NTS by providing speakers and plant
tours in a technical area of great interest to ASME members.
Jim received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech in 1968 and a MS in Industrial Administration from the UT Dallas in 1976. He
began his engineering career with the OILWELL Division of U.S. Steel Corporation at the Garland plant as a pump design engineer. He served
in the US Navy from 1969 through 1971 as an engineering officer aboard the USS Providence. Returning to OILWELL, Jim designed oil and gas
well drilling and production equipment for both land and off shore applications. He advanced to Director of Engineering for OILWELL and,
following the merger of OILWELL and National Supply, was elected Vice President – Product Engineering and Development. In 1992, he joined
Stewart Systems as Vice President – Engineering leading engineering, project management and sales of high volume systems for baked food
production. He currently serves as Director – Customer Services. Jim is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas, New Mexico, the United
Kingdom, and Europe. He has been a member of ASME since 1968 and was active in the NTS Petroleum Technical Section, serving as chair in
1982. He was a charter member of the NTS Industry Advisory Board and continues to serve as an IAB member.

Dr. Baughn received a B.S. in 1965 and an M.S. in 1967 from Purdue University in Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Sciences and his
PhD in 1973 from the University of Delaware in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He began his career in the automotive industry
developing and applying computer based structural analysis to the design process. In 1982, he joined the faculty of Southern Methodist
University as an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering. In 1989, he joined the technical staff of Texas Instruments in the military
electronics division which became part of Raytheon in 1997. Currently, Dr. Baughn is a Raytheon Engineering Fellow in the Advanced Products
Center within the Space and Airborne Systems. He is responsible for the structural and thermal analysis of RF electronic products and concepts.
Dr. Baughn is Raytheon’s foremost expert in the fields of structural modeling, electronic materials, and failure analysis. He is active in the ASME
North Texas Section, serving as secretary and treasurer over the past two years. He has also been active in participation in
international ASME technical conferences for many years by serving on organizing committees and as session and track chairs. Dr. Baughn was
selected by the ASME North Texas Section as the EPPD Technical Chapter Engineer of the Year in 2001.

                                                           ASME Section News 6
Dr. Hurmuzlu is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SMU where he started his academic career in 1987 after completing his Ph.D. at
Drexel University. Currently he is the Chairman of the ME Department. He has authored more than 50 technical papers in journals and
conference proceedings and has held numerous invited talks. Prof. Hurmuzlu has chaired sessions at the ASME Annual Meetings and served
as an associate editor of the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control. He has received numerous teaching awards and
was also recognized for his outstanding service by the IEEE Controls Society. Dr. Hurmuzlu conducts research in the area of dynamics and
control with specific interests in the design and control of manipulator arms and tracking systems, nonlinear dynamics of the normal human
locomotion, active vibration control of mechanical structures, theoretical and experimental study of virtual reality based haptic interfaces. He has
received over $1.85M in funding and support from, among others, National Science Foundation, Raytheon, Apollo Computer, Bell Helicopter,
Halliburton, and ARAMCO.

Jeff is Managing Director, the Genova Companies and President, Genovation Group, Inc. At Genova, he has been involved in the development
of power generation plants in New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas. At Genovation, he consults on the development and acquisition of power
generation projects throughout North America. Prior to founding Genova, he was Vice President of Merchant Plant Development at Panda
Energy in Dallas and before that he was at Central and South West Corporation holding positions in project development and engineering. He
served as CSW’s renewable energy program manager developing one of Texas’ first wind farms. He began his career at Texas Utilities. He is a
past Chair of the ASME Power Division and currently serves on its combined cycle technical committee. He has also served as President and
Board Member of the Gulf Coast Power Association. He is a recipient of the ASME Dedicated Service Award, the Region X Lienhard, Pavia and
Schumaker awards. He is a licensed professional engineer in Texas and Oklahoma and received his BSME from Texas A&M University.

ASME Service Awards:
Eduard. F. Bareis        Dan V. Bartosh           Walter J. Boatwright      Shun-Lung Chao
Kevin C. Cogan           Joe S. Cole              Philip L. Daily           Thomas A. Evanto
Ronald M. Fluegge        Edmund J. Halter         John F. Hamaker           James K. Henson
Gary H. Jacobs           Ricky L. Jeanes          Tatsuo Kurihara           Patrick E. Laursen
Richard J. Mcmullen      Paul D. Patterson        John C. Skowron           Foad N. Vafaie
Mark A. Welch
William A. Kumpf         Phillip S. Sizer         Gerald A. Stone           Charles B. Valliant

                                                           ASME Section News 7

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