Smithfield ABC Bid Estimate by xuyuzhu


									e2a40b98-af3b-4106-a9d0-740437a16fa5.xls                                            Original                                     11/19/2012

 Project Name:                     Addition and Alteration to Johnston County AB C Store       Bid Date:    3/17/2009

 Category                          Description                                                 Estimate Actual          Notes:
                                   1st. floor heated
                                   2nd. floor heated
                                   heated square footage
                                   rec room
                                   garage square footage
                                   carport square footage
                                   storage area
                                   porch square footage
                                   screen porch footage
                                   heated square ft.w/rec & basement finished
                                   Total square footage under roof

 Lot                               lot clearing/ grubbing
                                   grading/compacting of lot and dirt
                                   extra for steep grade
                                   extra for wet lot
                                   crawl space fill-in
                                   fill dirt to build up lot
                                   compaction of fill
 Professional Services             plans
                                   engineering at site & letters
                                   surveying / staking
                                   surveyor, setting points
                                   legal fees other than closing
                                   soil test
                                   compaction test
 Footing                           footing & piers, labor to dig
                                   footing labor to pour
                                   footing & pier concrete
                                   footing rebar
 Foundation                        4" block
                                   8" block
                                   12" block
                                   header block
                                   block labor (4" & 8")
                                   block labor (12")
                                   brick labor
                                   stone veneer foundation
                                   brick steps labor (front, garage, side, back)
                                   stone veneer steps
                                   brick columns for porches or decks
                                   foundation vents
                                   6 mil ploy in crawl space
                                   debris removal in crawl space
                                   brick lintels
                                   anchor bolts
                                   ladder wire or wall ties
                                   fill dirt to build up crawl space !! (measure w/ transit)
                                   foundation leveling
                                   drainage systems (french, foundation, etc.)
                                   backfill foundation
                                   perimeter (French) drain
                                   mortar - type S
                                   mortar color adder
                                   mortar joint upgrade
                                   builders sand
                                   Slab on grade or stem floor system concrete
                                        labor for intergal slab beams/ footers, grading
                                        concrete to fill foundation wall cmu
                                        labor to fill wall cmu with concrete
                                        crushed stone
                                        welded wire mesh
                                        re-bar & other concrete accessories
 Framing/Structural                building materials (framing, interior)
                                        I-Joist or truss
                                        sky lights
                                       floor truss
                                        roof truss
                                       custom I beams or steel flitch beams
                                        crane service
                                        custom steel columns for carports, etc.
                                   framing labor
                                        brick boxing
                                        dormers (300)
                                        cathedrals/trays (150)

e2a40b98-af3b-4106-a9d0-740437a16fa5.xls                                       Original   11/19/2012

                                        hip roof <9/12 (.50)
                                        hip roof => 9/12 (.75)
                                        difficult hip (.50) above hip charge
                                        3 sided cathedral (200)
                                        large cathedral (great room) (300)
                                        stairs (150)
                                        water tables (150)
                                        other extras
                                       unfinished bonus room labor
                                        attic storage flooring labor
 Dryw all Labor                    10' ceilings
                                   8' ceilings
                                   high garage
 Insulation                        whole house, (batts or blown
                                   special insulation, such as
                                   sound barrier walls
                                   extra due to > 15% glazing
 Exterior Siding & Trim            brick
                                   brick labor
                                   jack arches
                                   quion corners
                                   ogee brick
                                        ogee corners
                                        ogee labor
                                   mortar, type S @ $6.
                                   mortar other (white, etc.)
                                   mortar joint upgrade
                                   builders sand $175.
                                   steel for windows, doors, garage, walls
                                   brick washing @ .16/ sq. ft. of wall area
                                   stone veneer
                                   vinyl siding
                                   vinyl boxing/soffit
                                   window mantels or other special trim
                                   well house
                                   Hardie plank siding
                                   Hardie boxing and soffit
                                   Hardie trim details (see price list)
                                   Hardie water tables
                                   dental molding
                                   crown molding
                                   roof ventilators
                                   access doors for crawl space
                                   exterior column covers
                                   exterior EIFS (stucco)
 Exterior Window s & Doors         Metal Storefront
                                   front door adder
                                   storm door(s)
 Roofing                           roofing (shingle labor)
                                   metal or copper roofing
                                   electric ventilators installation
                                   sky light installation
 Dumpster Screen Walls             masonry dumpster screen walls
                                   dumpster metal panels (gates) material
 Front Entrance                    concrete
                                   concrete labor
                                   steel decking
                                   stamp and dye
                                   treated lumber porch
                                   framing labor for porch
                                   fill dirt
                                   labor for fill dirt
                                   entrance rail per addendum #1
                                   setting columns
 Rear Porch                        concrete
                                   concrete labor
                                   stamp and dye
                                   steel decking
                                   treated lumber porch
                                   framing labor for porch (wood porch)
                                   screen framing labor
                                   screens and installation
                                   fill dirt
                                   labor for fill dirt

e2a40b98-af3b-4106-a9d0-740437a16fa5.xls                                         Original   11/19/2012

                                   porch rails/step rails
                                   setting columns
                                   wood steps
 Side Canopy                       pre-manufactured canopy system
                                   installtion of canopy labor
                                   treated lumber porch
                                   framing labor for porch
                                   fill dirt
                                   labor for fill dirt
                                   porch rails/step rails
                                   setting columns
 Deck                              labor
 Patio                             concrete
                                   concrete labor
                                   fill dirt
                                   stamp and dye
 Interior Ceiling                  acoustical lay in ceiling tile

 Signage                           interior and exterior signage

 Interior Trim                     interior trim (labor)
                                      interior transom windows
                                      pocket doors
                                      chair rail upgrade
                                      crown upgrade
                                      coffered ceilings
                                      other trim detail
                                      fold-away ironing board
                                      laundry shoot
                                     closet drawers in master bedroom
                                     closet drawers in other bedrooms
                                     window seats
                                     work bench

 Hardw are, knobs,hinges           hardware

 Floor Finishes                    carpet
                                   Porcelain Tile / ceramic tile
 Cabinetry                         cabinets kitchen (stain or paint)
                                   special finish
                                      extras (pot & pan, lazy susan, etc.)
                                   built-in pantry
                                      bathroom / utility cabinets (stain or paint)
                                      raised panel doors, if stained
                                   book cases, painted or stained
                                   built-in desk, painted or stained
 Bathroom Acc./ Show er Doors      toilet partitions
                                   standard bathroom accessories
                                   standard mirrors
                                   shower doors, qty. and cost each
                                   special glass
                                   special frame or framless
 Plumbing                          plumbing: base price
                                   concrete floor adder (1000)
                                     upgraded fixtures
                                     dual shower heads/ body wash
                                      whirlpool/ garden tub
                                   upgraded kitchen sink (white or specail design)
                                   high rise faucet in kitchen
                                      ceramic surround for whirlpool/garden tub
                                      ceramic shower unit
                                     ceramic above tub or shower units
                                      steam unit
                                      gas water heater
                                   pedistal sink
                                   additional water heater if not in base price
                                   recirculating hot water system
 Mechanical                        13 SEER or higher
                                   2nd unit
                                   3rd unit
                                   programable thermostats ($25. ea)
                                   range vent

e2a40b98-af3b-4106-a9d0-740437a16fa5.xls                                               Original   11/19/2012

                                   gas piping
                                   gas water heater venting
                                   extra for slab floor-overhead ducts 1st floor
 Electrical                        electrical base ($2.85/ft.)
                                   bathroom heaters ($200. ea)
                                   switched recepticals
                                   generator connection ($350. )
                                   freezer, 240 outlets, other extras
                                   floor recepticales
                                   recess can lights ($50 each)
                                   under cabinet lighting ($25 each)
                                   extra cable tv outlets ($25 each)
                                   extra telephone outlets ($25 each)
 Light Fixtures                    base for whole house
                                       recessed lights
                                       ceiling fans
 Water & Sew er Systems            Water Utilities
                                   Sewer Utilities
                                       water & sewer tie-in
                                   Storm Drainage
                                   water testing
                                       pump system
                                       perimeter drain
 Paint Finishes                    painting (interior)
                                       wood closet shelves
                                       extra colors @ 200. each after 2 colors
                                      dark colors @ $400. Each
                                      oil based paint extra charge
                                       cabinets (stain/paint)
                                       vanities (stain/paint)
                                       untilities (stain/paint)
                                       bookcase or desk (stain or paint)
                                       slick ceilings
                                      excessive crown
                                      excessive chair rail
                                      coffered ceilings
                                       stair cases $25/tread, $15/ riser
                                       interior columns
                                   exterior (rails, columns, doors)
                                   exterior EIFS
                                   exterior trim & boxing
                                   brick house, caulk windows and paint lintels
                                   porch ceilings
 Appliances                        slide-in range
                                   free standing range
                                   microwave/vent combo
                                   separate built-in ovens, quanity & price
                                   trash compactor
 Systems                           finished security system (wired or motion)
                                   roughed only security system
                                   Xpanda security gates
                                   Structured wiring package
                                   roughed surround sound
                                   central vacuum
                                   elevator or lift
 Drive, Parking, Walks             temporary construction entrance
                                   remove existing asphalt
                                   asphalt paving (parking lot)
                                   fine grading/prep for asphalt
                                   striping, signage, parking stops & mobilization
                                   abc stone beneath paving
                                   remove existing curb and gutter
                                   new curb and gutter construction
                                   driveway: ditch tile
                                       driveway gravel
                                       driveway grading
                                       driveway concrete
                                       driveway detail (brick joints)
                                       driveway concrete labor
                                       curb and gutter concrete
                                       curb and gutter labor
                                       sidewalks concrete
                                       sidewalk labor
                                       sidewalk detail (brick joint and/or perimeter
                                       dumpster pad concrete
                                       dumpster pad labor
 Landscaping & Irrigation          basic landscaping package ($2700.)

e2a40b98-af3b-4106-a9d0-740437a16fa5.xls                             Original                              11/19/2012

                                   special shrubs
                                   extra grading (ditch bank, etc.
                                   irrigation system
                                   drainage systems
                                   lawn maintenance until closing
                                   remove existing silt fence
                                   install new silt fence
                                   remove existing tree protection
                                   tree protection
                                   rip rap
                                   inlet protection
                                   pipe outlet protection
 Construction Loan                 closing cost
                                   construction interest
 Misc. Expenses                    insurance (builders risk)
                                   debris removal
                                   toilet rental
                                   cleaning, construction phase
                                   cleaning, final
                                   joint sealants
                                   termite treatment
                                   Warranty time & expense (0.5)

                                   subtotal                                          $0.00         $0.00

                                   lot cost                                          $0.00

                                   subtotal w/lot                                    $0.00         $0.00

                                   SBI % markup                                 #DIV/0!      #DIV/0!
                                   SBI fee                                      #DIV/0!      #DIV/0!

                                   SBI % MARGIN                                        15%           13%
                                   SBI FEE                                           $0.00         $0.00

                                   TOTAL                                             $0.00         $0.00

                                   Contract Price


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