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									Local Chiropractor Giving Away Free Turkeys to All of Her Patients

All patients of Haque Chiropractic are reciving a free turkey just for
coming in for their treatment. Dr. Anita Haque is providing these frozen
turkeys at no cost and no strings attached as her way of expressing
gratitude to her patients.

Livermore, CA, November 19, 2012 -- At Haque Chiropractic, Inc Dr. Anita
Haque and her office is presenting a turkey for thanksgiving to all her
patients as her way of expressing her gratitude. All patients that come
in for a spinal adjustment and holistic treatment will be leaving with a
8-12 lbs. frozen turkey for thanksgiving. Dr. Anita Haque is doing this
for the second time since last year it was a huge success and her
patients were excited about getting their turkeys for thanksgiving and
their treatments.

"Dr. Anita Haque is always doing things that are fun, fresh and beyond
the ordinary medical or chiropractic office." explains Mary a patient of
Dr. Anita's. After being treated for headaches and neck pain Mary has
been relieved of pain without any drugs or surgeries.

This special "Turkey Day" at Haque Chiropractic is not just for existing
patients. Dr. Anita Haque is also opening this special day to new
patients who are looking to find a solution to their back and neck pain
without popping pain pills. Dr. Anita Haque has won "Best Chiropractor of
Livermore" each year since 2007 and has also won "Talk of the Town"
Awards for the last 4 years.

In addition to providing chiropractic treatment for injuries and pain,
Dr. Anita Haque specializes in weight loss, exercise and strengthening as
she has released with her husband Don their new video, "Finally! Quick
and Easy Fat Burning for Back Pain Sufferers" exercise DVD. These
exercise DVDs can be found at www.safeexerciseforweightloss.com . An
Author of "The Chiropractic Way to Health", Dr. Anita is always looking
for fun and fresh ways to educate her patients and give them help through
natural pain relief and exercise.

Anita Haque
Haque Chiropractic, Inc.
1855 First St. Livermore,
CA 94550

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